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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giveaway & Other Fun Things at Falling Off A High Heeled Life


Still time to enter
Marc by Marc Jacobs tote giveaway
ends November 30th..

CLICK HERE to enter Giveaway.

BlogLand Pen Pal

November matches have been busy writing their first letters
and dropping them in the mailbox.
I can't wait to read how you all felt at receiving your first letter.

There is still time to participate and be matched for
December BlogLand Pen Pal.
Just email your mailing address, and blog address to

I will be sending December participant matches on Dec. 1st.
To find out more about BlogLand Pen Pal CLICK HERE.

Chocolate Linky Party

Check out the great Chocolate Recipes other wonderful
Blog Friends have shared and don't be shy ..
link up and share your fav chocolate related recipe!!!

CLICK HERE to check out shared recipes or to link up!!
The above button will remain on my side bar until the end of December ..
So others can find your recipe and your blog!!!


  1. Oh just what I need another reason to have some hot chocolate, done!
    lovely blog, cheers from another high heeler to you!

  2. Just going to indulge in a hot choc I know you have been to see me this morning but I would love you to read the post I did earlier today about my friend who is a psychic medium as I know being a spiritual person that you will really enjoy it xx

  3. Hi Gorgeous!

    I'll have to check out your pen pal link...in the age of technology it is so wonderful to get a hand written letter!

    Still warm here in California but not too warm to indulge in some hot chocolate!

    Thank you for your visit and I know the difficulty you face on a daily basis...physically and mentally! I think of you often and send you love and healing thoughts. Thank you for your sweet comment...YOU are one of my Soul Fillers...Thank You!!


  4. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I bet you're experiencing quite the chill in Canada right now. The Chocolate Link sounds fantastic~I cannot wait to participate and gather some new treats to attempt in the kitchen with the children! I have alot of time on my hands indoors right now, so it's the best time to take those lemons and make lemonade!

    My address is on the way for the December Pen Pal Link. It is going to be so nice to write and be written to.

    A lovely day to you!



  5. dear friend,

    i love all the sweetness you are sowing all
    over blogland.

    your genuine kindness is evident many
    places i vist, and i always want to say,
    "i know her!"

    hope you had a lovely weekend. mine was


  6. Hello Darling!

    I hope your weekend was blessed and relaxing!

    I am glad you posted this, I need to get my mail out the door!!

    Mucho Hugs & Love to you today & always!!

  7. Love the chocolate linky party! I'll definitely be participating!

    I have an award for you, so stop by and pick it up!

  8. Such a dreary, rainy day...think I may go flipping through some of these chocolate recipes to find something to splurge on. ;)

    Have a fab week!

  9. Okay seriously now i am going to make me some hot chocolat right now! Love this post! YUMMY!

  10. Still trying to find a name for my new Mi Ki puppy.........trying to be really clever! It would be positively fabulous if you dropped in to the POP UP, will look forward to your visit. XO

  11. All these giveaways....
    And you are a winner at Fashion is my muse. Please come visit and also email your address so that I can ship your prize.

  12. I love the Chocolate Party ! Such a great idea !
    You like my article ?
    Thank you so much !
    I see you have been very busy too. The Holidays are getting closer too, It's crazy ! Thank you soooo much for saying hi !
    i entered your giveaway already and thank you for posting the giveaway button for Dec 1-8.
    You are the best !

  13. MY DEAR!!! I am making my rounds in blogland since I failed to do so this morning as I usually enjoy visiting everyone early! I HAVE SEEN YOU AT SEVERAL OTHER BLOGS and I meant to click on your link to say BONJOUR!!!! Oh you are so kind to come! Your words of peace and love and BEAUTY just touch me. It is up to each one of us to try to give a word of true friendship, isn't it? It would be a better world if we all tried it instead of focusing on selfish and destructive things. I wish you a wonderful evening my friend! ANITA

  14. Chocolate recipes? Brilliant!

  15. Thank you for checking out my blog, I am following you back.

    Hope you are having a great week.


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