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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tribute to an Angel

We never met here on earth, but something tells me we have known each other. When I’ve been at a loss for words to help Mr. G with all the challenges he faces with his family, it’s like the correct and words of understanding are given for me to speak. When I have found myself at a loss with my own challenges and I’ve been ready to call it quits ~ I truly believe it is you who is there telling me not to give up and guiding me to messages, that I have much more work that still needs doing here on earth.

My spiritual beliefs gained strength with my survival of my own accident and what I experienced while in my coma. I truly believe that I am able to hear and see the messages my existing Angels are sending me, because you have partnered with them to help me do so, and in turn help Mr. G. Your love for him continues on and gives him strength – I’m forever grateful that you were in his life. He is able to deal with and help me with my accident challenges, because you believed in him and your belief, love and support made him the caring and loving man he is.

I’ve learned that you were an amazing person during your time here on earth, the kind of person anyone would be proud to call friend or family. Angel P, I look forward to uniting with you (when I have completed all that I am to complete here on earth and not a day sooner .. ;) and finding out why we encountered these horrific events in our lives, and hope that the lessons they were meant to teach us have been learned. Until that day I will do my best to hold onto my faith, ask for divine guidance when I feel lost and continue to help others.

May 28th, 2007 Angel P was involved in a single car accident. For Mr. G life as he knew it was no more ~ this change came without warning. On May 29th, 2007 Angel P’s earthly body completed its journey here and her spirit released home to the waiting arms of God.

I did not know Mr. G during this time; our paths in life had yet to cross.

Please include Mr. G and Angel P’s family in your prayers today as they remember the wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend that no longer walks beside them on earth – but will remain in their hearts and memories forever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How we know spring is here...

Our Angel garden starts waking up..

From its long winter's nap...

shades of green with hints of color..

Our spring residents arrive
ready to settle in...

garden projects start popping out...

Apple bloosms are in full bloom...

The gardening boots are ready at the back door...
Dolce, knows when these come out .. his daily garden walks
are not far behind....

Stella enjoys sitting outside watching Mother Nature
as she wakes up our gardens...

SPRING is finally arrived in  here the country.

When I lived in the city my first signs of Spring having arrived ...
were the people sitting outside enjoying the sun on a restaurant or cafe patio.

what are the first signs of Spring for you?

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Monday, May 23, 2011

When You Care ...make it extra special!!!

The Blogging Community is filled with so many wonderful and creative people, one of those fabulous persons is Suburban Princess, writer of The Life of a Suburban Princess. If you have followed her blog for any amount of time, you already know the creativity this gal has for event planning, hosting and for adding extra special touches, to all she does. So, it was no surprise when I learned that she was giving ribbon the royal Suburban Princess treatment.

Imagine sending flowers to a new mom, with her new baby's name on a stylish personalized ribbon; or how wonderful would your little ballerina feel after a recital , when the bouquet you hand her is personalized with her name and date of recital - you know the ribbon will be treasured long after the flowers have pass their time; how about having your personal saying printed on ribbon (book mark size) that you can add when you send a card, letter, or thank you note. The use of personalized ribbon is endless.

Wondering how to get your own personalized ribbon? Wonder no more, Suburban Princess has just launched  her  on-line boutique Royal Ribbons providing custom, personalized ribbon for every occasion.

Go on over and give her a big BlogLand congratulations!
click Royal Ribbons .

Writing Outside...

Since the warm weather is short where we live, I love to take advantage of it by being outside as much as I can. I also have found writing is very therapeutic, so why not merge writing with being outside. One of the many wonderful blessings of living in the country is that you can just walk outside your back door and find peaceful, inspiring spots to sit and write.

I have a little basket that I pack up with my note book computer, an "old fashion" note book to quickly jot down ideas, 7-year pen my sister gave me, my Chanel reading glasses, a chocolate treat (this time a Kinder bueno), a canteen of freshly steeped tea and my new tea mug - a gift from Suburban Princess writer of The Life of a Suburban Princess.

One of my go to spots is on this bench under the apple tree.

Here I usually sit and make some hand-written notes of random thoughts.

While enjoying the beauty of our Angel Garden.

Another of my go to spots and possibly my favourite is the
Muskoka area ~
named for the Muskoka chairs that oversee our stream.

After pouring myself some soothing tea  I can sit back and enjoy the
sounds of nature, while clicking away on my notebook.

Today ... outdoor writing time was cut short by the rain ...

Where is your favourite spot to write?

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mats and Bands = Shaping Up

Like many women, being fit is very important to me, unfortunately like many women I have encountered limitations with exercising. I have stood by unable to do much while my body fat over the past 4 1/2 years went from 13% to the now 30%.  Though exercise is only one component of the contributing culprit, it is an important one.

Before my accident I used kick boxing; volleyball; some weight work-outs; yoga and my hectic corporate lifestyle to keep me in shape. Well things have changed - and these are no longer fitness options.

A few months back I discovered a local Yoga Studio - here in the countryside, which specializes in Theraputic Yoga ~ poses are modified to accomodate my balance; weight bearing limitations on my right arm; lack of flexibilty in my lower back and hip. The instructor goes at a slower pace - and encourages us to rest and go at our own pace. Things were looking pretty good , then I had a huge energy and emotional crash, so I had to take a break. Though I continued to keep up with daily theraputic stretching, my body started to show the "signs" of fitness interuption.

Finally, with some new energy monitoring strategies in place I have started to return back to yoga. And was excited to learn The Studio recently introduced a toning program that relies on bands and balls to tone and strengthen your core - which mine is quite weak. As with the yoga instructor this instructor is very aware of each individual's needs and modifies things accordingly.

I'm happy to say ... I'm back on track to getting in shape. I may not get my pre-accident body back, BUT I am determined to be in better shape than I have been the past few years and closer to reaching my goal of going bathing suit shopping at the end of June. Sandy over at Getting Fit and Loving It is working on the bathing suit shopping goal with me... pop on over and give her a big blog land encouragement!!

Are you working towards getting back into a fitness routine?

I'd love to hear what has worked for you.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gifts from Dolce and Stella ...

Dolce and Stella were happy when daddy decide to open his gifts!!

Dolce wanted to be up close to catch daddy's expression
(ok.. maybe he wanted the wrapping paper..lol)
That's from Stella and me....

Mommy says daddies like treats too!!!

See we even got you a treat bowl!!!

Stella was camera shy ... or as Mommy says too fast to be captured on film !!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


They are a huge PRINCE fan....

 Their favourite color is PURPLE ...
(the cake was purple - but it looks blue in the pics)

They adore CANDY ~ more than a child ...
(this little birthday guest was over the moon
happy to discover the Candy table)

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY ... MR. G!!!!

Though his birthday is officially May 16th,
we celebrated with family and friends over the week-end.

So, if you were wondering where I have been this past week ...
I was up to my elbows in birthday celebration preparation.
I will do my best to catch up on blog visits this week!!! As, my energy replenishes itself.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Love...

As a small child living in Europe, my Mother
would always treat me to a toy from the Aristocats,
on our trips to the market.
When I came across this image...
It brought back many wonderful memories.
Happy Mother's Day , to my mom...

Mom's are truly like flowers.. they come in many shapes, sizes,
colours and all have a unique scent ...
But they all LOVE their children, unconditionally!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in the world!

What brings your mind back to childhood memories of your mother?

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Miss the Party...

Daphne and Julie , writers and editors of Flip Flops and Pearls; and  Brown Eyed Belle, respectively ~ are hosting a fabulous party for Kori.

Who is Kori and why a party? - So glad you asked...

Kori is writer and editor of Blonde Episodes, AND is now a published AUTHOR!! Yes, this wonderfully talented gal is launching her FIRST (of many to come, I'm certain) Novel!!!!... Kindle edition is now available through Amazon..

Hmm... now what what shoes shall I slip my freshly pedicured toes into???
These sensible Christian Louboutin's
 or maybe I'll through caution to the wind and choose these fabulous heels ....

or maybe...

 Well I'm off to look for a dress ... maybe I can find some inspiration over at Kori's

Linky Blog Hop

Hope to see you at the novel launch party
for invite details visit Daphne or Julie...

you are a fabulous inspiration!!!

What shoes would you choose???
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