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Friday, September 30, 2011

In Loving Memory of My Father

Growing up my Father was larger than life! 
Strong, disciplined, man of few words, 
and always impeccably dressed.

We were not always close, possibly because we were both independent souls, strong willed and determined to make our own way in life (after all I was raised my grandmother - his mother- for the first 8 years of life). As the saying goes the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree.

Growing up I often felt like an outsider among my family. After all my two siblings had my Father in their lives since birth. It wasn't until I came to Canada that I got to know my Father. My Father's work after I was born took him all over the world ~ there were cards, gifts, letters and rare visits. But no bedtime stories, or days at the park, or words of praise when I did good in school, in the early years when children and parents form that bond.

Like I said I was much like him, a rebel determined to make my own way in life, and that I did. 

As I sit here wrapped in my bathrobe ~ the one that use to be white [now pink, due to my instance on doing a load of laundry, shortly after my return home (post accident) ~ of course not remembering , one must sort whites from colours.] You see this bathrobe means the world to me, it is the last birthday gift my Father bought me [I was in the hospital still recovering December 2006] . As like most old school European Fathers, they rarely go and "shop" instead you get an envelope filled with money. That my Father actually went out and picked it out himself means the world to me and his action spoke the words, he often did not say out loud.

September 30th, 2007 you returned HOME
But not before I knew with all my heart how much you loved and were proud of me!
Thank you Dad, for willing me to keep going after my accident ~ without your love and strength, the last nine months of our lives together would not have been as joyous!

I MISS you more than words can describe and tears can show, but I know one day we will be united again. And you'll probably say to me ...  "What took you so long to learn your lessons and complete your purpose on earth?" then we'll plan a new set of lessons and purpose for the next time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Give- Away Winners, and Writing Letters

Have you ever come across a letter written by your parents, grandparents or another family member ~ possibly written before you were even born. How amazing it must have been to learn a little more about their life, character, with each stroke of their pen; to understand perhaps what made them who they became.

Maybe you have come across a long forgotten letter written to you ~ by a childhood friend or a family member. The smiles, the tears, the laughter you must have re-lived, with each word you read. Unfortunately as more people turn to email, texting, face book and other electronic devices to communicate, the Art of Letter writing and the ability to reach back in time is fading. 

Last year I started hosting BlogLand Pen Pal (there were 65 plus participants) and now that the summer is over I'm hoping you will once again join in and help brighten someone's day by becoming a BlogLand Pen Pal. There is no cost or long term commitment (you exchange hand written letters, notes, with your Pen Pal - for as long or short a time as you both want); just email me at fallingoffahighheeledlife@gmail.com 
with BlogLand Pen Pal in the subject line.

~ Your postal address
~ if you have a Blog - please include it's site address
or say a little about yourself , so that we will match you with someone with similar interests.
~ When there is a pen pal match, an email with postal address will be sent to you (and them), 
the rest is up to the both of you.


To Thank previous participants for their support with BlogLand Pen Pal and for helping to keep the Art of Letter Writing Alive... Congratulations to the lucky past participants:

Set of 8 Treasures by Shabby Chic note cards with envelopes and an ATTEATUDE and Chocolate mug, to hold her tea or coffee as she writes her letters and cards. 

The 7 year pen, for years of card and letter writing, with a set of 6 Wishful Thinking cards and envelopes.

A 16 month, Scriptures of Praise 2012 Calendar to keep track of special dates requiring a card or letter and set of 6 Wishful Thinking note cards and envelopes.

 Congratulations ladies, please email me your info and I will get your wonderful goodies out to you. 
Stay Calm Keep Writing!!

BlogLand Pen Pal will officially start the first week of October, looking forward to past and new participants joining in keeping the Art of Letter Writing alive. Please email your info by October 15th, 2011 if you wish to participate. Open to all around the world and you do not need to have a blog to participate.

Please spread the word by placing this NEW BlogLand Pen Pal button on your blog 

with a link back to  BLOGLAND PEN PALS (link is below)

Don't miss a fabulous Give Away coming up this week to help Keep the Art of Letter Writing Alive!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Princess Wakes UP ... Once Upon a Time

This is the 4th instalment in the Once Upon a Time, a weekly series. 

As the the Angels guided the princess's soul to be reunited with her human body, the knowledge she had gained of events that would or would not occur should she remain Home, was slowly being removed from her active memory. They would however, let her keep memories of her visit Home.

As she continued to sleep the princess, 

felt as if she was floating in a grande bed. Possibly this was at the time her soul connected with it's earthly body.

The feeling of floating was soon replaced with a feeling of pain, a throbbing head and voices. Why was she hearing people in her bedroom. That must have been some dinner party!

As the voices and the words became clearer to her, there was one that stood out from the rest, a very familiar voice. It was that of her sister's ....

Suddenly, the princess's eyes opened (had she not had them open already ~she thought~ as the light hurt her open eyes). The princess tried to lift her head , but it felt like it was being held down; her legs were not moving either; her arms felt like lead weights and something was preventing her from turning her neck. As she went to speak, she realized no sound was coming out. Not that it would have mattered the words floating in her head were making no sense any ways.

 As she felt her eye lids getting heavier ... she heard her sister say
" You have been in terrible accident, but you are going to be ok "....

What do you think will happen next? Will she remember what happen (Her trip Home or the accident)? What is holding her down, so she can't move?Tune in next week for a continuation ... of

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Have Mail ~

One of the great things about living in the country is that you have a mailbox with a little flag, letting you know [when the flag is up] You Have Mail ..

Before the time of telephones a written letter was the only means of learning what was happening around the world or in the next town. Letters were sent via ships across the oceans, by trains and horse carriages or sent with people who were travelling to the letter's destination. Depending on its place of origin, it could take months to receive word from loved ones. With the introduction of the telephone not only were you able to learn of world events and happenings in a loved one's life, in a timely manner, you could enjoy the sound of their voice.

Fast forward to today, and both the handwritten letter and telephone seem to be slowly replaced by email, texting, and various other electronic communication devices. Actually many young people will look at you with a terrified look when you speak of writing a letter ... they would sooner [hide behind technology] text than actually put pen to paper [they would actually be required to think, spell out words - correctly].
As for speaking on a phone - though many young people have cell "phones", these are used to play games, text, take photos, play music rather than actually being used to talk to others. 
What our young people have not realized is much of this form of communication is not saved for future trips down memory lane [or if a device crashes before proper back-up - the information contained within is lost], unlike a letter or card that can be safely stored and easily accessed.

Don't get me wrong I love the options and benefits that technology provides, after all if it were not for the internet many of us would not have been given the opportunity to get to know each other. What I'm saying is let's not forget  the "classic, elegant, timeless art of handwritten letters"  because "trendy abbreviations, instant response, less thinking" can be achieved with clicks on a computer. After all you haven't stopped wearing your Little Black Dress because wearing a pant suit is fashionable now. No, you wear both....

When was the last time you sat and actually 
put pen to paper, to compose a letter?


Friday, September 16, 2011

In the UK ~ For a Book Launch

I can hardly contain my excitement!! I'm off to the UK in the morning for a fabulous Book Launch!! 

So I've been busy picking out a wardrobe from my virtual closet.... I think these would be great ... since the book title is MINI SKIRTS and LAUGHTER LINES.... and since its virtual I'll have no problem styling these gorgeous heels!!! Don't you just love the hat?

Now that the wardrobe is sorted out, a gift for the hostess.... 
one should never show up empty handed.

World’s most expensive champagne - Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam
It was sold to commemorate a New Year ... 
and this is a wonderful new chapter  in our Carol's Life!!

To me Carol is a rare find of a friend, inspiring and 
polished to a brilliant literary! So these were a perfect choice. 
Adorned with 1,700 diamonds—both white and a rare argyle pink—
these glasses were hand carved from a pair of 8kg blocks of quartz crystal. 

So, in your BlogLand travels I hope you'll join me over at  Carol's blog FACING 50 with HUMOUR to celebrate the launch of her First Novel ~ MINI SKIRTS and LAUGHTER LINES!

There are some fabulous events taking place (PRIZES too!) all day ... 
and you can even chat live with Carol!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

BlogLand Boutiques ~ Heard at the Tea Party ...

BlogLand's citizens are not only inspiring, supportive, witty, compassionate but also very creative and enterprising. Recently the Tea Girls were all a buzz about some fabulous finds by High Heeled Life and would no give up until they too were in the know about these boutiques.

Discovered a little over a year ago, French Bleu Vintage has been a regular source for wonderful vintage finds among the many treasures acquired from here, this little box is a delight.

Sorry .. having problems with my camera and cannot access photo.

The box is a vanity gold lace scroll bottom with a glass lid , which sits perfectly on my bathroom counter as keeper of face clothes. I will update this post, soon as I figure out what's wrong with camera.

The Blogger behind FRENCH BLEU VINTAGE Boutique is Dee whose blog by the same name is a wonderful stop on visits through BlogLand . Be sure to stop by and say hello FRENCH BLEU VINTAGE Blog

If you appreciate beautiful things DOLCE DREAMS Boutique is a must visit. When HHL Brother and Sister-in-Law welcomed baby Matthew into the world, there was no doubt he was going to be gifted one of the gorgeous baby quilts from Dolce Dream Boutique. When the quilt arrived it was gift wrapped in the most sweet tissue adorned with little Angels. But the contents was beyond magical, you can see the care, love and pride that went into every detail of this ustom hand-embroidered treasure.

( this is not the actual quilt. Though HHL brother and SIL know they are receiving one they do not know what it looks like - they have to wait till the next visit.) ~ image via Dolce Dreams

Need a few minutes of relaxation? Then you'll want to have one of the Lavender Eye Pillows with custom embroidering on hand (actually over your eyes). I cannot begin to express the wonderful added peace one of these adds to a a few minutes of closed eye relaxation...

Thank you Nathalie ... it is wonderful!!!

DOLCE DREAMS Blog is written by Nathalie and on a visit you will certainly be inspired by the fabulous images and wonderful discoveries she shares.

MARIETTE'S BACK to BASCS Boutique is the place to go to for all things divine and for adding a little luxury to life, while keeping it simple and elegant. Each item is listed with some information about its history. As you make your way through this boutique you will become aware of the thought and consideration that has been given to each item selected for the boutique, everything has a purpose. A fabulous source for  French items such as Christofle Silverware; Limgoes porcelaine; Giovanni Raspini Charms & Co Italy~ silver 925/000 items and Lampe Berger (HHL favourite).

Rare, Cherub Cameo Angelot lampe 

Since becoming the proud owner of this beautiful item, visits to this boutique have not disappointed. As Mr. G has said "I think you have found a personal shopper in Mariette. Each item is equally unique and beautiful, please leave some for other people."

For all things, travel, garden, etiquette, art of penning a letter you will not be disappointed with a visit to MARIETTE'S BACK to BASICS Blog

Personal gifting is taken up a step by the recent opening of ROYAL RIBBONS Boutique. Image receiving a gift with a ribbon that has your name on it!! How extra special would you feel!! or if you are entertaining sending your guests home with a little Friendship gift that has a ribbon imprinted with the celebrated occasion.

Chocolate Canadian Dollar coins, wrapped and secured in place with Royal Ribbon personalized ribbon to celebrate Canada Day BBQ.

The creative mastermind behind this wonderful idea is blogger Suburban Princess who writes THE LIFE of a SUBURBAN PRINCESS Blog. For wonderful musings of living in a small town, while trying to hold on to her city ways, you will be delighted with each post. 

What wonderful shopping spots have you discovered 
through BlogLand? Please share...

On the next - HEARD at the TEA Party .... 10 Reasons to visit Paris ...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boarding the Boat ... Once Upon A Time

This is the 3rd instalment in the Once Upon a Time, a weekly series. 

The thought of returning Home, filled the princess with a warmth that she could not describe. With each movement towards the waiting crowd, the thought of Home became stronger and all sorts of visions started to appear in her mind's eye. Don't be afraid, she could hear voice (in thought of course) but it was not that of the figure shrouded in white. Suddenly before her and the crowd she had now joined, was a beautiful vision. The memories of lives lived are becoming accessible. By the time you finish crossing over you will recall all you have learned in those lives.

As the awaiting crowd continued to grow in 1000s ... what resembled a boat appeared through the mist. Guided by 3 white doves. As they boarded and took their spots, it was as if they were being stacked like sardines. Packed in tightly, the sense of balance was as if they were packed in side ways. Once again the beautiful vision before them communicated in thought. 

You will be given insight as to the affect your choice to return Home will have on the souls that are continuing their earthly journeys and lessons. 

As the vessel moved along ... shades of white, blue and a faint golden began to fill the space around them. 

Some of these souls you will recognize and others you may not (as you have not yet crossed paths on earth)  ... but you will see how your choice will affect them. When you chose Home , you did not know all of this ... so again you are free to choose.

The space around the princess was suddenly golden and she was surrounded by souls who having taken Angelic form would accompany their charge back to earth and care for her soul until it once again was reunited with the human body it had come from. The princess remained in a deep sleep and was not aware she was no longer on her way Home, but back to an earthly journey.

What do you think will happen next? Why was she going back to earth? Tune in next week for a continuation ... of

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Day that Changed the World

9-11 On this day that changed the world and especially North Americans, when so many lives were lost; lives of families, friends, strangers were forever changed ~ to an attack that remains incomprehensible ~ a horrific attack. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that were affected by this, and especially to those who lost loved ones.

Remember not only today ... But everyday the Precious Gift of life that was STOLEN on this day.

Pray also for the lost souls to find peace within themselves ~ for then they will be able to see PEACE, and LIVING in harmony will create a better WORLD for all.

There will be many images of this horrific attack , so I've chosen to focus on PEACE ... for a better world!

I think Mr. Lennon had the right idea ...
Lennon rehearses "Give Peace a Chance" in Montreal, Canada, in 1969

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you;  not as the world gives do I give to you. John 14.27

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