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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

Long before IM, texting, emailing, calling , Face Book, Twitter,
and even Blogging ~
The Written Word, was how the world communicated.

Yes, some could argue the written word is what powers much of  modern communication. However, words or parts of words clicked from a key board onto a screen and then sent with the push of a button lack personality. What??? You may be asking yourself. Well think about i,t when you come across an old letter how you examine it; the words used; the penmanship; the paper; and the age of the letter. Take things one step further and imagine the recipient's emotions at having been given such a gift ~ the written word. Something that they can go back and read many times over, when they are moved to ; a memory that passes from generation to generation.

The same cannot be said by today's modern communication methods. How many times have you accidentally hit delete on something in your computer ~ something that will forever be lost. I know have done it at least ONCE with an email that to this day I will never be able to recapture the words. Lets not forget the computer crash that renders everything "gone".. a friend recently lost a couple of treasured poems she had written on her computer .. poof gone. The emotions she felt when originally writing can not be recaptured thus, she may rewrite the poems one day, but they will be empty of the passion and emotions of that original moment. 

Think how you felt the last time you received a letter from a friend, old or new. The smile that came to your face; the gloomy day that all of a sudden became better, just by knowing that someone cared enough to write
to YOU ! And most important ... the time you took to sit and read it. A little moment in your day, just for you.

When you take the time to write a letter, note, or card to someone, the Universe also gives you something back. You are able to take a few moments of quietness into your day. You will feel good just knowing that you are going to gift someone what a few moments of quietness too!

There is also much more that one can gain from writing, especially if they and the recipient live in different parts of the country or world. Each letter you exchange will be like stepping into a different way of living. If you have children they too can become involved in writing and exchanging letters with your PenPal's children. If you want to participate in BlogLand Pen Pals and bring a smile to some one's day, all you need to do before the last of each month is email me your mailing address at fallingoffahighheeledlife@gmail.com ; include your blog address if you have one (you do not require to have a blog to participate) and on the 1st of the month I will email all participants there BlogLand Pen Pal information.

There are no rules to participate ~ all I ask is that you have your first letter out to your new BlogLand Pen Pal by the 15th of the matched month. After that it is up to you how often you write each other. If for whatever reason you become unable to continue writing to your BlogLand Pen Pal, please drop them a quick not letting them know, please do not just stop writing.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? .... One of the things I had to re-learn post accident was how to read and write. I'm still learning (believe me there are days that the simplest post takes days to write, if not longer) for me the written word is something very special. So, if I can do just one thing such as connect people and encourage them to write real words, I feel I'm helping to keep the art of letter writing alive.

Help spread the word ~ Add the button above to your side bar with a link back to this post (link is optional), so others can discover the world of BlogLand Pen Pal and participate. The more the word gets out the more participants from all over the globe will take part and the better opportunity to match people with others from a different part of the world will exist.

3 Days Left to get your mailing information in and participate in
December's BlogLand Pen Pal Match..


  1. Hi Celia (aka HHL),

    I cannot remember that last time I wrote a letter. I would venture to guess it's been at least fifteen years. One of my cousins was diagnosed with cancer and since I no longer lived in Chicago, I wanted to keep in touch with her. I would not characterize myself as a letter writer, but I wanted to give a personal touch to our interaction.

    I think this is a marvelous idea and as much as I would like to say, "I'm all in", I know I wouldn't sustain the effort.

    What I will do is add this button to my sidebar, in the hope that others will take up the mantle and join in BlogLand Pen Pal.

    Blessings and peace.


  2. I love this and have actually started 'writing' my grand kids little notes and having them write back. They love getting 'real' mail!

  3. A great posts. I wrote something about words a few months back. Below is the link.
    it is so true that writing seems to be a lost art!. Thank You for this reminder

  4. Dear HHL .... such a beautiful post and I LOVE the written word. So perfect, so personal and unique ... no one else can write a letter or a note or a thank-you card like you do yourself. I do still write handwritten thank-yous and I feel it is so important in this world .... the delicate touch of humanity!
    best wishes to you
    hugs Frances
    ps I would love to send a hand-written note to you to wish you a Happy Christmas!

  5. I put this on my sidebar and you know I'm in for December!

  6. What a lovely post. I am in for December! When I moved overseas 10 years ago I became pen-pals with my grandmother. She still doesn't own a computer, and even though we're back in the States for now, writing letters strenthed our relationship tenfold. I'm a new follower too, stopping in from Strolling Sunday. I'm looking forward to strolling around your blog!

  7. I miss getting actual letters. Years ago, I used to have penpals and so looked forward to their letters.

  8. This is a great idea HHL. I would participate if I were not so busy but I love getting hand written letters. It really is a dying, if not already dead art.

  9. I love this idea. I was just talking with my daughter's teacher about the importance of actually writing and what it does in the brain... not to mention the connection with others.

    Very nice!

    Charlene (from Relax & Surf Hop)

  10. what a great idea! :)

    Following you from 'Cornucopia of Blog Hops'

  11. My Grandmother used to write me adorable letters.

  12. You are so right. A real letter is such a rare and wonderful treat. I received one today from an old friend in South Africa. I have decided to make an art project with all the letters I receive this next year. Hopefully there will be more than the three I've received so far.
    Just wondering if you received your Chanel dvd? The package was posted two weeks ago.

  13. thanks for joining mailbox monday! i'm here to email subscribe but not finding the option so i'm following GFC


  14. How true my friend about writing. I confess I have terrible handwriting but if I take my time I'm not too bad.
    I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in far too long ... I confess I haven't been in blogland much lately but life is slowly down, just a little.
    But I am off to bed so I can get up at stupid o'clock and work out. We really must get together soon hun. I'll email you shortly.

  15. This is wonderful idea. I love sending & receiving letters. When I was a little girl I would write to the President because I knew that the White House would write back. Wish I had those letters now!

  16. Olá adorei seu blog, é muito interessante. Já sou seguidora. venha me conhecer também, será muito bem vinda. Um grande abraço.

  17. Received my pen pal address today! Thanks!

  18. I LOVE this idea! I'm an avid writer - always sending out little love notes to friends and family. So, when I found this post through someone's twitter feed I jumped at reading it. And I'm so glad I did.

    Human connections can be tenuous at times especially once you add time and distance. They really do require nuturing and effort to maintian. It takes ten minutes to write out a quick hello and its results can last a lifetime.

    Great post, thanks so much for sharing it!

  19. I am a new follower... Loved the blog. Come check my website about penpalling and swapping:
    or follow us on twitter or read our blog:


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