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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Every High Heel Loving Gal’s worst nightmare…

….. (Especially when she depends on heels to give her that extra 2 or 3 inches nature forgot to give her) is being told that heels are no longer a sensible option - when one can’t  get-around without the aide of a wheel chair or cane. Well, that was me at the beginning of my detour.  Now 3 1/2  years later I still turn to flats as my rescue (not saying that I like it ... but hey, at least I'm walking..) and am looking to incorporate a few pairs into my wardrobe - once I figre out my "new" style and thus shoe needs to accompany it.
So what does a well heeled girl do when heels are no longer a sensible option – turn to flats of course? But not just any flats – imagine my delight when an, oh so sweet friend gifted me with 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin flats. I didn’t even know CL flats existed until that day.

Here are some current Christian Louboutin flats being offered at Net-A-Porter (my new favorite internet friend..LOL). I'll be waiting for them to go on sale .... and hope they are still there during the Final Sale.. really liking the Rosella leather flats.

When walking is only required from house to car and from car to destination, with little walking required thereafter, I slip on some heels. It took me some time to adjust to bringing those [flat shoes] along “just in case”. But my fashionable flats remain close at hand and often save me from myself.

What are your go to flats – when heels must come off (kicking and screaming, of course)?

images: Net-A-Porter - current shoes available; HHL-my shoes

Monday, June 28, 2010

God’s plan, the Power of Prayer and a Miracle - Picking up the Pieces Mondays

I can’t imagine what my family and friends must have gone through for 6 weeks, as the doctor’s kept telling them to prepare for the worst. A sampling of the list of injuries my family and friends were given: closed head injury; C-2 fracture; ruptured diaphragm; lacerated liver; severely bruised heart; fractured sternum; multiple fractured ribs; multiple fractures in right forearm; shattered right elbow; crushed right pelvic; bruised kidneys; lacerations to small bowel; bleeding from every cavity – over 54 units of blood – nothing holding. After providing a list that resembled the size of a week’s grocery list.

The Doctors wanted to amputate my right arm, due to all the fractures. Thankfully my sister and brother did some research and jointly agreed “NO” to the amputation – I owe my right arm to their love, caring and due diligence.

The doctors did not hold much hope of survival, especially since as fast as blood was being pumped into me, it was coming out. My family gave permission for a Trial Drug used for Hemophiliacs, to be administered to me. I was given 3 units of this trial drug – and still the bleeding continued. I was not expected to make it to the next day. I was extremely fortunate to have been taken to Sunnybrook Hospital, their Trauma team is second to none in Canada.

Over the next 6 weeks – my family and friends were on an emotional roller coaster ride. Each day that I continued to live was a blessing, then their hopes would be dropped as throughout this time – my lungs collapsed; I went septic; pneumonia would be added to the list, etc. every couple of days their hope was shattered with something new.

My sister stayed by my bedside throughout these weeks, relieved a couple hours a day by supportive friends and on week-ends by her husband, our brother and parents (my family lives 3 plus hours away). In the waiting room she would see families whose loved ones with less injuries did not survive, others with worse injuries were being transferred from critical care to intensive care. In case you are wondering the difference between CC and IC is – “CC you are closer to the other side, IC you are closer to our side” as told to a friend when he asked a nurse.

I have been told prayers were being said for me throughout Europe, Africa, South and North America, Asia – the power of the internet, loving family and friends throughout the world, spread the need of prayer for me.

I was truly blessed to have some many people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and beliefs coming together for my survival.

Each year the Sunnybrook trauma unit, treats more than 1,200 injured patients requiring immediate and often life-saving care. To learn more about the Trauma, Emergency & Critical Care units click here.
images:  world prayer - google search; In God's hands - www.mitchie.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010


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The information shown on on this website is intended to be general information with respect to common Life challenges. Information is offered in good faith - you do not have to use this information.

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Diagnosing psychological or medical conditions is for trained medical professionals (Physicians and Therapists),
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What’s in the box Reveal?

Before I can show you, I must give you a little background and credit to my blog friend at Forty Not Out. What would a girl trying to create herself in all areas of life do without her friends and new blog friends, especially when she is trying to (re)discover her fashion style?

Monday June 21, started off like most days that is until I popped over for a visit to Forty Not Out. There I discovered Net-A-Porter was having an end of season sale! I was familiar with the site – even browsed a few times, but had never bought. Today, that was about to change – I just didn’t know it yet.

So after being excited for FNO– having scored a pair of boyfriend jeans she had been holding her breathe for  and salivating through the great inspiring fashion images, FNO offers up daily ( A must visit site if you need inspiration to building your wardrobe or are crazy about all things fashion FNO's blog click here)– off I dashed to see what other wonderful tempting treats they were offering. As I clicked through – I came upon a Pucci scarf – they were offering in blue or pink – the moment I saw it, I knew this time I would be losing my "just looking" customer status! As I’m clicking through the sales process, I clicked something and my computer clicked off the page. What had just happened? I called customer service to see if they could help me – the girl said that it didn’t look like the transaction had gone through – but the pink scarf was no longer available (if it had gone through I would have been the proud owner of the last pink one in stock). What??? It had to be there I entered my credit card number, I had pressed ok – before the screen disappeared! Then another customer service person thought to look up the transaction by “my name” instead of my email address… I waited for what seemed like an eternity…. “It looks like your email address was miss-entered” she said as she came back on the phone. My order had gone through after all!!! The pink scarf was mine!!! and according  to them I had scored the "Last Pink One".

Well a girl has to celebrate! So, after the good news I went back to clicking through the site and came across every big girl’s dream toy. Barbie, but not just any Barbie – this was a Christian Louboutin Barbie, complete with 4 interchangeable pairs of shoes, shoe boxes and shoe bags!!!

Net-A-Porter , not only had great sales, great customer service they had exceptional fast delivery. Imagine my surprise when the courier showed up a couple days later! If you have not yet ordered from Net-A-Porter , honey you are missing out – take a look at how they package your items; its like opening a gift to yourself - without having to wrap it!!

Even Dolce was impressed with the packaging and wrapping! I haven't taken Barbie and her shoes out to play yet, after all I'm a Big Girl now ... she is going to go on my shoe shelve, where she will reign as Princess of  HHL ShoeLand.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Groomed - Dolce's Friday PawsPost

We had lots of rain this week – which resulted in very little outside time and garden walks – as the dampness is very difficult on Mommy’s bones. So I played inside and kept Mommy warm on the lounger (well her feet … remember I’m very small) and I got to stay in Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed for my naps too!

When the rain finally stopped and the sun had dried up most of the moisture – I managed to get Mommy out for a walk – must have been my puppy dog eyes.

Look at all the water in the hole for the pond. Lots of rain!
.   Wow, Look!!! What a surprise my friend  Frog.


 This week I also went to see my Friend Dave, from "Pretty Boy" Dog Grooming. Dave and I go way back – to when I was just a puppy. He has been making sure I look my best , since I was able to have my first bath. Mommy and Daddy say I smell and look really grown up after my visit to Dave’s. This is me on my way to Dave’s.

This is me with Dave after he works his magic. I look so grown up now. If you live in the Kleinburg area - get your Mommy and Daddy to take you to see Dave.Tell em, his old pal Dolce sent you!

Today, I got to spend the whole day with Mommy – after my grooming we went shopping. I love going shopping – lots of people always stop Mommy and tell her they can’t believe how quiet I am, and that I’m so adorable. I just wish they didn’t rub my face so much … don’t they realize they will mess up my hair (I’m a Yorkie – I have hair).

When we got home, Mommy let Stella and I go outside to play. I love my big sister, we have lots of fun together.

Stella likes to play catch with her ball.


           Can I play too!                                

Hmm...That's a pretty big ball...
While we were outside, a delivery man came. Hmmm…. I wonder what’s in that box?
Mommy seemed to be very excited – I followed her inside to see. As she opened it, the phone rang - ha, my chance to get a closer look… [was that a flash??] hmm something tells me I've been caught with my paw and nose in the box.
To find out what's in the box 
stop in for a visit over the week-end,
Mommy will be doing a look inside the box post!

Paws and Licks until next Friday... Dolce!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bermuda - Girl's week-end ... I did it !!!!!

Mr. G. and I tried travelling in 2008, which resulted in a total disaster – I had crying spells that would pop out of nowhere, usually not in the privacy of our hotel room. My fear of not knowing how I will feel from day to day (sometimes moment to moment) with both pain and mood; anticipation of being on a plane with noisy people; having to have someone travel with me to manage luggage and keep me calm so as not to have an outburst, has resulted in lack of interest in travelling – something that I so enjoyed prior to my detour.

This year I was determined to travel, with Mr. G’s help and support I managed 2 getaways. We tried the beach route and the city route (Dominican and Paris). Although both trips had their challenges, with Mr. G (he has learned to pick up on signs that I’m reaching my limits- before I do, and we have a situation) keeping a close eye on my energy level and surroundings we got thorough both trips with little scaring.

So when a good friend suggested we go away for a girl’s week-end, I was both grateful to be asked and terrified. After much discussion with Mr. G – it was agreed I would give it a try. Mr. G felt confident this friend would be able to handle a situation if one should arise. This would be my first trip away without Mr. G. Since we were only going for the week-end, we decided it would be best to just relax and limit any sightseeing to close to the hotel. My friend L is more of a sun and food connoisseur than shopping so this was just fine with her.
There were only a couple of situations – one right after we arrived at the hotel – with some confusion about a chair with a waiter, so we could enjoy afternoon tea by the windows. My friend L was great to travel with – since she is a foodie, reminders to eat were always received positively – the drinking of water, well (but, I was very grateful that she stayed on top of the water intake). L’s attention to my energy level was amazing and at the end of each day – she did not mind that it was early nights to the room. L’s two daily showers – where great prompts for me. She even sat through a few hours of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s .. :) Thank you my friend … for giving me the opportunity to travel without Mr. G. I’m sure he was happy for the break as well.

We were a little disappointed with the Afternoon Tea, it is listed as a top 10 - but it fell short of our expectations (definitely no comparison to The Empress -another Fairmont hotel). The bread was some what on the stale side and the sandwhiches were too big (actually more like mini bun sandwhiches). The banana sorbet at the end of tea, was the best part.

we had a great harbour view from our patio and sat out there every morning to enjoy our breakfast. Each morning and some evenings we were visited by a Yellow belly bird.

The beach was a quick ferry ride to the Fairmont Southampton location. Where we were introduced to the most amazing Pina Colada ice-cream float. Literally Bermuda coconut rum with vanilla ice-cream - heavenly!!!

hmmm. Nice Garden ...
Something told me these stairs went nowhere
so L- went exploring ... Nowhere... :)
One afternoon - when the mood was perahps a little less than postive about the future. I looked up to see this... are my Angels sending me a message?

 Miles Market - discovered last day of trip :( ... It is very similiar to a Whole Foods or Pusateri's. It is less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel - and offers a great selection of FRESH DAILY prepared foods (and much more budget friendly than eating hotel food), that you can take back to your hotel room or enjoy by the pool.

Sunset at Fairmont Princess Hamilton,
pool area.
Although there were many people at the resort; couples, family vacationers, even a wedding, and some local residents the resort was very peaceful and realxing. We meant many wonderful women - who were there for girl's week-end  and mother-daughter getaways. If you are looking for a quick getaway - 2 hours from Toronto and from speaking with some Amercian visitors - the same from most USA locations - Bermuda is your place!!!
What is your favourite or dream - Girl's or Mother-Daughter week-end getaway Destination?

images - High Heeled Life

Monday, June 21, 2010

Victim to Survivor - Picking Up the Pieces Mondays

The one thing that I have learned by watching people in waiting rooms at medical appointments (trust me I’ve seen plenty, more than I ever imagined existed or that I would be in), speaking with people who have gone through various detours in their lives (be it accident, abuse, job loss, etc.) and my own personal detour, is that we all go through a grieving process. Most professionals have told me there are 5 stages; Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Factors that may affect these stages are physical injuries, head injuries and the person’s outlook on life prior to the detour in life.

For me I seem to bounce back and forth through this maze of stages. When I have really bad days, as I sit on the floor, back against the wall – I wish that I could be given a set of gifts to open, and that opened in the right order I would end up at “acceptance” and know who "ME" is now.

Prior to my detour, I had a great and almost perfect life (if it was completely perfect it would have been boring); my career was going amazing – I worked for a fantastic company with an amazing team- was well respected in the industry by both co-workers and competitors; socially my life was very active – lots of friends, lots of functions and dinners to attend; loved entertaining friends at my home (I loved cooking and baking); I was Chair of Fundraising for a homeless youth shelter; I was very fit and loved travelling, shopping – shoes, clothes, handbags; had recently meant someone who I felt would challenge me to be the best I could be; most important to me I was INDEPENDENT. Then in a blink of an eye it was all gone!

Aside from the scars; lack of energy; out bursts (ok - perhaps some would call it tantrums); and when I’m really tired, stressed or anxious - my child like voice and mannerisms that appear – If you saw me you would think - I was OK. What you wouldn’t see is the amount of energy it takes for me to stay focused in a conversation, the preparation that goes into making it possible for me to go out on my own, the results of having attempted to do things – usually a few days in the house/bed and the extra pain that results -, the emotional disappointment/frustration/depression at not being able to do the things I use to do independently, without much thought.

I am still here and breathing, despite the doctors, for 6 weeks, telling my family the outcome did not look good, as I lay in a coma. So I guess I am a survivor – but will I ever be the me I adored, the me that felt so comfortable in her own skin, the me that was never afraid to speak up for herself or anyone that needed someone to stand by them, the me that was so independent, the me that could see anything through to the end - be it work project, social function - without tiring out?
Now that you know a little more about how I got here, I hope you visit each Monday for "Picking up the pieces" posts. I will do my best to share the past 3 ½ years and what has helped to keep me alive and moving forward. I hope to inspire you to stay positive and together we will get there. I encourage you to share your thoughts and what has worked for you - your comments may also help to inspire others.

images: google search - Jupiterimages and Shutterstock - wording added to gift boxes me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

EXTRA ! EXTRA ! READ All about it ....... Give-away

Suburban Princess is launching a new business!!!

My dear friend Suburban Princess has  been busy making lots of Fabric Flowers. These creative hand-made lovelies will look great and add personality to  jeans, jackets, hats, a pillow, the uses are only limited by your imagination and individuality!

Hurry on over to her FLOWER SHOP BLOG and be one of the first to own an original Suburban Princess Fabric Flower. You can purchase any of the ready made flowers or design your own! And there is more...
Here are a couple of my fav's:

.....Visit her THE LIFE OF A SUBURBAN PRINCESS blog, and find out about the GREAT Give-away she is having ... and you could WIN your own original Fabric Flower!!!

SP is a wonderful writer, who will keep you wanting to read more about her adventures and life in suburbia. She an amazing woman, mother, wife, and friend. And now CREATIVE DESIGNER ...Pop on over and congratulate her on the launch of her new business.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Dolce PawsPost - Mommy is back

I am so happy that Mommy is back from her trip. I have forgiven her for leaving me behind; after all she has been taking me for lots of walks in the garden this week.

With all the rain, the cutting garden is blooming with lots of colour. This makes Mommy smile alot.

The Angel Garden is looking really good. When the paths are filled in with pea gravel Mommy says I can go for a walk in it. Hopefully it will be finished soon!!

Looks like Mommy has some projects to complete - this would be great sitting rest area -if it was stripped down, painted and more cushions added. I thought the gazebo was going to be moved closer to the stream - a sitting area added and climbing rose bushes planted. Hmmm, maybe Mommy should not go on any more trips until her summer garden projects are finished.
 No, Frog friend to see today.

Hmmmm.... What's This?

 Wow!!! I Can see the stream really good from up here!
I'll just rest here ... maybe my friend the Frog will show up...
Paws and licks , until next Friday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Award & 7 New Things

What a surprise, I received this Award button from the very inspiring Sandy of Getting Fit and Loving it. Reading her posts is both inspirational and her wit always brings a smile to my day. I recently had the privilege to give this award to Sandy – and that she would honour me with it as well, was very touching. I hope I continue to inspire Sandy as she does me, and that anyone who stops by for a visit finds some inspiration.

The rules of the award are; the recipient list 7 things about herself: so here in keeping with the rules - I’m submitting 7 “new” things – for the original 7 click here.

7 – things about me:

1) I miss the my Father dearly

2) The rebel in the family (I’m the eldest of 3)

3) Carmel is my favourite ice-cream topping

4) If I could only eat one type of food – it would be Seafood (all shell fish)

5) Oysters and champagne are my all time fav.

6) I’m not a fan of spicy food

7) I have been to Hong Kong and Thailand

Then pass the award on ...
These blogs certainly are versatile - the authors cover lifestyle and all its bits... I present to you ...
The next recipients of the Versatile Award:

Trying to Look Fab in your Forties - Your fashion finds and witting writting both inspire and make me smile.

French Mademoiselle - Your look of the week posts have been a great inspiration in rebuilding my wardrobe... your food blog Paris Pastry - can't wait to be able to start trying out the fabulous recipes you share.

Champagne & Macarons - I can't help but feel uplifted when I visit C&M's Blog ... love the music! and your images always inspire me in fashion, interior design or just life.

Castles Crowns and Cottages - Anita, the images and beautiful music on your Blog bring a sense of peace and simpler time - often forgotten. Your writing is exquisite and you are most inspiring.

I would also like to take this opportunity to award Life in Quotations with a very special award for reaching 101 followers!!! Congratulations my friend!!! His blog has inspired me to open up more in my own writing, in hopes that it will also help others. No topic is taboo with this exceptional, thought provoking writer - emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sexual, philosophical, social, physical - he and his readers cover it all, in a respectful manner. Take a moment to explore Life in Quotations and congratulate him on breaking the 101 bench mark - we all so eagerly hope to reach.

Of course every award comes with a little extra work, so my friend - you are required to list 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today. Then as blog sites that inspire you, reach 101 followers - you are to pass it on.

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