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Friday, November 26, 2010

Earth Angels ~ Everyone Crosses Paths for a Reason ~

Today, I sat and pondered about my life pre-accident. It may not have been perfect, but for me it was pretty much as close as one could hope for. I was top of my game in career; I worked hard and sometimes played harder. No matter how chaotic life became, I always embraced a few moments just for me. Be it after a long day at work, listening to some soft music before crawling into bed or on the odd early evening after work soaking in a glorious bubble bath filled tub (candle light and soft music too).

I enjoyed travelling alone or with friends, being at an airport knowing that I would be on a plane going somewhere, took my breath away and filled my adventurous side. Maybe it was left over excitement/energy from my years working with an Aerospace company. Whatever it was it felt amazing. The summer before my detour in life, I had spent a wonderful time on the Islands of Portugal with friends. It was glorious, perhaps if I had known life was about to end as I knew it, in 2 short months, I would have played a little more.

No matter how busy my schedule became, I was never too busy to give back. One of the ways I gave back was as Chair of Fundraising for a local Homeless Youth Shelter. Just over a month prior to my own detour in life, we hosted our first Fundraising Gala for the shelter. With a modest budget and lots of goodwill from some very generous supporters, the event was a success. That evening I would meet someone whom I had no idea how much they would impact my life in the short weeks to come.

I still recall the feeling that came over me, as I read his words in his first email to me. My career was my focus and there could be no distractions – I had managed to create an Ice-Queen heart (yes, it was solid rock ice). Somehow between, emails, phone chats, I felt Global Warming taking hold. How could this be, we had not even managed to coordinate a time to get together – our schedules were conflicting. Finally, the day came and after some misunderstanding about his car – He thought I would be embarrassed/uncomfortable to go in his car. I thought he was showing up in a jalopy. In the end as we walked towards his very stylish sports car, I think he was thinking I was impressed and had not been in such sporty wheels. Little did he know that a similar sporty car and my association with anyone who owned was that they were a Player ~ been there done that, that’s what created the Ice-Queen heart… I was safe … Global Warming retracting at very high speeds. Through brunch I recall both probably wanting to be elsewhere. The “date/social outing” came to an end and afterwards I felt like so much had been left unspoken.

With our busy schedules we still kept in touch and went out a few times. Perhaps, he was a Player who knew how to activate the Global Warming … for he was doing a good job, being just busy enough to create a challenge, but available enough for me to wonder and not walk away. So here the Universe was tempting me, dangling this Adonis in front of me, his only flaw, ok maybe two flaws ~ like me he hid behind his career to avoid getting close to someone and possibly hurt again and thus he tested me by working too much.

I still recall what could have been our last conversation ever; me not being very understanding and him probably realizing I had reached my limit. A day later I would set off for dinner at my friends solo. I would not make it to the dinner and no one would know whether I would come out of a coma until 6 weeks later. When I was finally able to communicate via a spelling board, I would first have my sister make sure that the turkeys were being prepared for the Homeless Youth Shelter... by sending my sister to calling someone she had no idea why she was calling except … Turkey & call (this I don’t have much memory of) and at some point having her call a stranger who she was confused I was “dating” … I didn’t date.

You guessed it Adonis … interestingly he had been trying to get through to someone via my Blackberry number , but when he finally got through … and after being grilled as to who he was … him responding that we had just started a relationship … the person saying they had never heard of him and that I was basically dead, hung up. Finally, when my sister got through and put him on the visitors list, he came immediately. He would visit and sit by side when his schedule permitted and each visit it felt like he was literally breathing life back into me. Willing me to not give up, keep fighting. I recall during one visit, as he leaned in to kiss me bye, hearing a voice say “don’t be afraid, he will always be here for you”. It was those words and his visits that I believe in my heart of hearts, why I did not give up. I strongly feel that had Adonis not been in my heart, I would not have chosen to come back from that glorious place “Home”.

I'm sure you are wondering who Adonis is and is he still in my life ...till next time.



  1. May i say it is a beautiful love story and am eager to know more.... Something you see in the movies. Reminds me of a movie An affaire to remember with Annette Benning and Warren Beatty....

  2. First I wanted to cry and then I wanted to jump on a plane and come and see you when I read this. What a time you've been through and what a beautiful story (both in its content and writing). I can only say that I really really really hope your story has a happy ending. If anyone deserves it you do.

  3. oh, you are to cruel . . . to keep us hanging
    on like this! my sister in law reads your
    stories every week and asks me, "do you
    think this is all true?"

    i have to admit, i never expected your
    adonis to show up at your bedside. shame
    on my judgmental spirit. i pray the Lord's
    sweetest blessing on him for being there
    for you.

    i am thankful for you and wouldnt' wish
    high heels on my best friends, but would
    love for you to get back into some kitten
    heels someday.


  4. Hmmm now I want to know more! LOL!
    I was just sitting here thinking we havnt hung out since October 12th! We need a girls day out! SOON!

  5. Oh, do tell more....you left us on a cliffhanger...not fair!

  6. That is so sweet, and I'm happy to hear he is still in your life!

  7. I will be waiting for the next chapter in the story!

    Have you ever considered a book or a series of essays about your experience? You are a terrific writer - from the heart - and your story is an inspiration...


  8. What a beautiful post...I hung on every word and you have left me wanting more!

    Sending you a big hug my friend!


  9. ahhh!! waiting to hear more! what a great post. can't wait for the next one!

  10. You may have lost a lot from your terrible tragedy, but it did not effect your writing and memory. I was glued to my computer the entire story. Sometimes it takes something bad to find something good. Hang in. You are going to be just fine with or without Adonis.

  11. Arrgh every time I read one of these posts I have a cocktail of emotions bubbling inside! Sadness, understanding, horror, relief, happiness, curiosity!... You know my friend who collapsed about a week ago? she had to undergo surgery but she seems to be doing ok... I heard the relief in her husband's voice when he told me that it wasn't a tumour, at least...

  12. I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for signing up for the [Life of Meg] Mitten Mixer!

    Registration closes on Tuesday and I would love any help with spreading the word! I figure the more the merrier! :)

    Thanks again!

  13. God I love the hope in this story.


  14. Bless your heart to share this haunting,and lovely story. I had flashbacks of a traumatic asthma attack that left me hospitalized and thankfully alive due to my beautiful pet pitbull Lana who alerted a neighbor with her frantic barking. I still have the notepad of all the nurses and family and doctors recounting my story to me so surprised that I had lived. I love to tell the story more so to enlighten others about the gift of animals in our lives and also because of all of the terror stories of my beautiful dogs breed. (I also remember the cute firemen trying to recover me as I was going down!}

    Wishing you a healthy recovery,

  15. What a story...and way to leave us hanging!!! i love it and can not wait to read your next post.



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  17. Like everyone else, I'm waiting to hear the end of the story. I'm glad you're sharing with us on Spiritual Sundays.

  18. I will be following as well. I love a good love story. Even the ones that end sadly....

  19. Hi HHL,

    Two people consumed with careers, unafraid of life's challenges, save one; intimacy. In the midst of a vibrant life, tragedy occurs.

    Like the others who commented before me, I look forward to reading the next installment of what appears to be a beautiful love story.

    In this story, I can also see what God wants with us all: A relationship defined by intimacy.

    Blessings and peace.


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  22. I really hope your story has a happy ending! I am just over a year in recovery from a terrible accident and I know I have my prince!
    I am a new visitor and follower from Over 40..


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  24. So touching. Beautifully written. You show such courage in your willingness to share all you have been through. Sounds like a very special man. xo

  25. I am your newest follower from spiritual sunday and I just love your post! Life can happen out of nowhere and everything you once thought, doesn't anymore. We can never imagine what could be around the corner for us, which is why God is so important in our lives.
    Bless you~Heather

  26. I pray that the Lord will guide you with this relationship.Your story touched my heart.
    God Bless,

  27. what a touching story! Thanks for sharing with us.. can't wait for the next time!!

    Love and hugs,

  28. Hi My name is Sue, and this is my first visit here,a beautiful story, and am looking forward to hearing more.Thanks for sharing

  29. This post left me speechless... thank you for sharing...
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  30. G'morn ~ What a magically romantic beautiful story ...

    Hope you had a lovely holiday celebration.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  31. I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel!!
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!
    Bon weekend, B

  32. Our good Lord does work in mysterious ways. That was a precious story. Have a blessed day.

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