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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Are You Aware - June 2016 is Brain Injury Month in Toronto?

A brain injury can happen to anyone, it does not discriminate. The life of a person who sustains a brain injury is forever changed - as every facet of their life may be affected; from self perception; ability to earn a living; coping/accepting their "new reality"; physical, emotional and behavioural challenges; often leads to isolation, financial hardship, and a sense of not belonging/ having no purpose. It's also important to understand it is not only the survivor who is affected, family members, friends, co-workers, caregivers, pets and the community are also impacted.

It's also important to note just like everything in life there is a sliding scale of severity, as well as like no two fingerprints are alike - no two brain injuries are alike and the amount of healing (ability) is unique to each survivor. 

As someone who is a brain injury survivor I know too well the struggles that any given day can bring. I count my blessings each day that I have been able to recover from my brain injury and lead a very productive and happy life (though it's different from the one I had ordered). 

AREYOUAWARE.CA is a great website to find information on what is a brain injury, how the brain is affected by an injury, and resources available.

image credit AreYouAware.ca
To learn how an injury affects the various parts of the brain click here.

For Brain Injury Awareness month - the folks at Are You Aware are kicking off their awareness campaign with various adverts in subway cars on the TTC Yonge Line

Spot the Awareness adverts - Help spread brain injury awareness: take a selfie and share it on instagram, twitter, or Facebook using hashtag #areyouaware ... 

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Resilientista Planner - Reveal!!! & How to Get a FREE download

I'm so excited to share The Resilientista Planner has finally come together.
This planner was created from the many adaptations I made to my ordinary planners, over the past few years - to include reminders of self care; inspiring quotes and action steps to achieve my goals for creating the life I want to be living.

This planner is more than just a place to jot your appointments and task lists.

It has daily, weekly and monthly self care tool prompts called HUGS to put yourself in your calendar, and nurture your mind, body and spirit. Providing a place to note what you want to achieve for each month; create action steps to achieve goals; seasonal tools to get a snap shot of your satisfaction in the various areas of your life and how to improve the areas you would like your satisfaction to blossom.

A glimpse at my dreams , inspiration and motivational images and words for the year ...
My dreams for this year, section... Think of this section as your inspiration board on the go ... take a photo of your inspiration board - add additional inspirational & motivational images and quotes as you make your way through the year.

The planner will be available in PDF format on JUNE 1st, 2016 ~ so you can easily download, print and start organizing your day, week, month while making self care a regular practice. The planner can be printed (double sided) on letter size paper, 3-hole punched, and placed in half inch binder or have it bound at your local Staples store. You can also customize size by having it trimmed - cut lines are noted.

The Resilientista Planner, June to December 2016
will be available for download on June 1st, 2016 for $9.99 ~

Sign up to receive The Resilientista VIP newsletter before May 30th ...
The May 31st newsletter will contain a special download link to get YOUR FREE PDF of the 
Resilientista Planner, June to December 2016.

I'm excited to see how you will personalize your Resilientista planner - will you use a binder for the pages or have it bound? Will you use the full page allowing extra space for notes, being creative or will you trim the pages? What fun doodles, photos will you add to your pages? I would love to see how you are personalizing your planner; post photos of yourself working on your planner to Facebook or Instagram use the hashtag #ResilientistaPlanner and inspire others!!

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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Monday, May 23, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ...

1. Foundation Primer - Hydrating - Laura Mercier: This little unexpected gem came as a sample in my Holt Renfrew Spring Beauty Bag. Even though it's meant to go under your foundation, I use it on its own and find that it just softens the overall look of my face. I noticed LM offers one that is oil free and as the weather warms up I may have to give it a try; but for now this primer is doing great. I did use it under foundation a couple of times and was pleased to discover my foundation went on with greater ease and the overall finish was silky smooth.

2. Ombrelle - SPF 60 Face Stick- Garnier: Last summer I used the SPF 50+ face stick and was most pleased to not end up with red nose and forehead (when I remembered to apply it) - this year with the weather man predicating an extremely hot summer I'm preparing with SPF 60. I loved the compact size (think small glue stick)- easily tucks into a pocket as it does a hand bag, for those unexpected afternoons on a patio sipping some cold beverages.

3. Ballet Slippers nail polish - Essie: While I am adventurous with my toe polish when it comes to my hands I like to keep my nail colour neutral/simple and this Essie shade is one of my summer favs.

4. Cherry Blossoms - High Park: Each year I look forward to Mother Nature's show of the cherry blossoms at High Park. This year with the warmer temps, followed by a cold snap in April ~ the show was a little sparse. But, I did manage to find these beauties by the tennis courts off the Bloor street entrance and was tickled pink (punt intended) to take in the blossoming delight.

5. Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers - Converse: These have been my go to for getting around Toronto, whether I'm wearing jeans, shorts, or a casual dress - they seem to go with everything and are tres comfortable. Can't wait to get my white ones in rotation and have been lusting over a red pair too!!

What are you loving right now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ...

1. Crumb Cleaner (ladybug) - Starfrit:
This has become one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, it quickly makes crumbs (or any dry dirt) disappear. I keep it next to the toaster/bread board and when entertaining table crumbs are easily cleared. Ladies this is a must have - thank you Mr. G. for adding it to my Christmas stocking!

Having been blessed with curly hair (though I have not always felt this way), I'm constantly on the look out for products that will help me keep my curls, bouncy, voluminous and not weigh down my (thin) hair. I have been using Kinky Girls shampoo and conditioner for a few months now and have been very pleased with the results. Oh and it smells great too! If you want luscious curls I would say give this duo a try.   

3. The 7 Deadly Zins - Michael David Winery:
This wine had me at its name! Introduced by a fellow red wine loving friend (thank you Ms. Catherine) the smooth, full body taste totally seduced me! A California wine offering fresh ground pepper and an array of spices, thanks to the 12 months in American oak. Dried fruit (cranberries and dates) on the mid palate, with a finish reminiscent to a slice of warm boysenberry pie. This may very well become the summer of 2016 red wine at the High Heeled Life country home.

4. Ambre VanillĂ© Honey Bath - Laura Mercier:
If you are a long time reader of HHL, you already know that this is a staple in my self care ~ but with all the garden work I have been doing at HHL country home and HQ in the city, I'm super loving it right now! Where do I start in describing this heavenly bath treat? The delicate vanilla fragrance instantly comforts, relaxes and transports me into a state of calm; the luscious rich and abundance of bubbles from 2-3 twirls of the wooden wand - leave my skin feeling silky soft, and nourished.

5. Thirsty Buddha - Buddha Brands Co:
Staying hydrated is a lot easier when you have a little flavour - and coconut water is a great alternative to plain "old" water. But not all coconut water is appealing to my taste buds. With the hot temperatures of summer just around the corner, I was thrilled to have recently discovered Thirsty Buddha. Along with being great tasting natural coconut water it's: non-GMO Project Certified, gluten free, zero fat, zero cholesterol and use BPA free cans and resealable tetras.

What Are You Loving Right Now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Toronto - Humber Bay Shores Park

Humber Bay Shores offers amazing views of the Toronto skyline ... 

While there are amazing views, plenty of park benches to sit on ... there are also plenty of grassed areas and rocks. There is a walking path, bicycle path and many little dirt paths through the wildflower gardens. You can enjoy Humber Bay Shores - all year long ... cross country ski, fish, cycle, snowball fights, or just get walk in nature.

The Butterfly Habitat is one of my favourite areas - because it's more than just butterflies - you will find various grasses, wildflowers, and lots of home garden plants. It's a great area to sit and just be in the moment, read a book, enjoy a box lunch, savour a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/smoothie or watch the various birds and wildlife that pass through.

 There are lots of walking paths ... and things to discover tucked in nooks and crannies. On your visit see if you can find some of these:

Red bird feeder ....

Butterfly wall ... makes a great back drop for photos ...

The wanderlust rock ... and some of  other fabulous inspirational word engraved rocks...

What discoveries have you made at Humber Bay Shores Park?
Do you have a similar waterfront park where you live?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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