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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give-away ~ BlogFriends are very talented

The wonderful Give-away gift I won from Barb's Heartstrokes, hosted by Silver Strands, arrived this week. My gift arrived carefully and loving packaged; inside was this wonderful wrapping;

the prize jewel - a beautifully hand painted Angel Snowman ! Exquisite, even his magic star is an embellishment giving the art work even more dimension.

Snowmen to me are symbolic of - Faith and Believing - the children so openly believed and had faith, that Frosty came to life! That this is an Angel Snowman and I won him - makes him that more extra special to me, it’s like I received a message from my Angels!

Right now he is resting on my writing desk, where I can enjoy him -while writing cards, letters and drafting my book. Once the renovations are complete, he will reside year round by my desk hung on a wall. Each time I look at him I will be inspired to keep my faith and keep believing!

This will make a great gift for someone or for you. If you have not visited  Barb's Heartstrokes - pop on over for a visit - there are many beautiful and wonderful handmade designs to choose from.

Barb, thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with the world!!! Hugs..HHL

Friday, July 30, 2010

My 1st Lilly Pulitzer Dress - Has Arrived!!!!!

Thank you my sweet BlogFriends for helping me choose the print for my 1ST Lilly dress! I'm so excited to share this with you ...
image credit: zazzle

 My order from Lilly Pulitzer!!!!!!!

Everything was carefully packaged...love the pink tissue!!

I had wanted 2 dresses - but they were out of my size for the Kelsea Dress Printed, in both prints :(
So of course being the cup half is always full kinda Gal, I thought ..hmm... I guess it's a sign to get some sandals to go with my new Lilly dress in the Worth Shift 50s Poplin print. I choose the McKim Sandal in white.

I could hardly wait to try on my new treasures (I had been worried about the size - I had been torn between the 6 and 8 on their size chart.) I went with 6 as I was worried the 8 would be too big around the waist. To my surprise the 6 fit amazing (even up top)! When I slipped my feet into my new sandals, it was literally like walking on air. Why had no one told me about Lilly before? It was you my BlogFriends that introduced me to Liilly and I'm hooked. --- Since Lilly agendas start in August (how clever) I took it as a sign that I must have one to kick off - the creating of me and my new life!!!

Now I have to go off and find some accessories to go with my new Outfit!!!!

Did I mention I was hooked??? The New Fall Collection was just posted ... what should I get next?

Lilly Pulitzer website

Road Trip, Monster Cats, & Dolce Dreams -Dolce PawsPost

Boy did I have a fun week! I went to visit my friend Daisy at her Mommy's and Daddy's new cottage in Huntsville, on the week-end... it was a really long drive. I sat in my Doggie-car -seat and was a really good boy. Daisy was really happy to see me!
We had lots of fun chasing each other...and no leash!!! Mommy wasn't too happy when I came back all wet from the grass. Maybe that's why she was calling me to come back... opps! My sister Stella just watched like a good Big Sister ... she is very calm.

All was going great until we went inside. I was greeted by these great big furry things - I didn't know what they were, I knew they couldn't be doggies!!!

I WARNED you... BIG!!!! I saw my whole doggie life pass before, then Daisy's Mommy came to my rescue. I stayed really close to Mommy and Daddy the rest of the week-end...

After a week-end like that - the rest of the week was a walk in doggie-dream land!
Hmm... if I jump on that chair ... can I jump that high? Lets see what is on Mommy's Computer...
What do you mean I can't pick my own channel? Did you forget, I was traumatized by that Big Fuury Monster ...

Thought you would see it my way... now where is that show with Humphrey? He looks just like me..

The Lillies are starting to bloom ... they smell so sweet!!

The Butterfly garden has so many new flowers too!

Paws & Licks until next Friday!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Chocolate Good For the Skin?

Yes... Absolutely!!!

image credit: 

 With its great detoxifying properties, minerals such as B-6,folic acid, niacin, iron and vitamin C – chocolate has been melting not just in our mouth, Spas are using this gift from the Gods as an exfoliate and rejuvenator for the skin.

 Imagine ...

Being surrounded in a bath of rich liquid chocolate!

A massage featuring warm creamy dark chocolate!
image credit

An edible decadent chocolate facial!
image credit
Your toes have never been treated so sweetly
image credit:
Now it would not be very BlogFriendly of me to tease you with all of this chocolate skin care and not leave you with a little something...

At Home Chocolate Facial
Servings ~1 ; calories~0
• 1/3 cup dark raw cacao (cocoa powder) – (Available at good health food stores)
• 1/4 cup of dark organic honey
• 2 tablespoons of heavy cream or natural yogurt – plain (Greek yogurt is good)
• 3 teaspoons of oatmeal


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl (porcelain work great) to form a smooth paste. Let stand 5 minutes to thicken slightly.

Apply the chocolate face mask to a pre-cleansed;  face, neck and décolleté, avoiding eye area.

Lightly massage in circular motions with fingertips to help loosen dead skin. Relax. Leave on for 15-20 minutes to let the mask work its magic.

Rinse off mask with warm water. Gently pat dry.

Finsh by applying your face moisturizer.

See you next Thursday, for more Chocolate fun!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Fit “one Day at a time” OR “one Outfit at a time…”

One of the big challenges I face each time I go to put some pre-accident clothes on I think the laundress or dry cleaner must have “shrunk” them on me! Then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror – and I realize nope, the clothes aren’t shrinking, I have expanded. This is usually followed by a good cry and wonderment of where my body went? How is it that I went from a size 3/4 (sometimes 2), well toned 113 lbs, to now a size 8 (sometimes 10) and not so toned 130lbs.

image credit:

The answer is not rocket science, I know, but it does not make it easier to digest. It’s been almost 4 years since the accident and the only source of fitness I have been able to keep up with is the stretching experiences that are mostly completed in a laying position. Last year Rehab Girl and I tried the gym route, I was up to 6 minutes on the recumbent bike (a far cry from the 45 minutes/1hour I was use to) and the exercises Physio had set up on the machines was going well. Rehab Girl even managed to get me in the pool (I’m not a swimmer – probably because I do not know how to swim) - but I gave it a try, and it wasn’t too bad, until I got a glimpse of me in a bathing suit (one piece of course – my bikini days are gone now) and couldn’t believe I was going in the pool. The fitness was interrupted by some surgery and it’s been difficult to get back to it on a regular basis.

image credit
After an inspiring conversation with an old shopping friend a couple weeks back , N- suggested that I take a new approach and to start with a trip to Winners and lululemon for some new work-out clothes. Her theory that if I look good – I will be more inclined to make it out the door. Not being one to argue with a “Well Heeled” fashionista (Gosh I miss those days) - After some discussion this is what we agreed would be appropriate:

- Two sport bras and two T-shirt bras (nude, black, and white)
- 6 workout Ts – some tank
- 2 pairs of flared bottom yoga pants
- 2 pairs of Capri style work-out pants
- 2 warm sweat suits – to go to and from the gym
- 2 light weight sweat suits – to go to and from the gym
- Comfortable workout shoes
- A smart tote to carry my stuff back and forth to the gym

Image credit:
I will go through my existing wardrobe and make a list of missing items from list above. I’m liking this already!!!

This week I’m going to start back – I’m preparing myself – I’m not setting any expectations or making any specific goals other than building up my visits to the gym 3-4 times a week by the end of August. Rehab Girl will accompany me the first few times to get me back on track.

I'll check keep you posted on my progress!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rehab Hospital – Step 4 of 4 to going home - Part of Picking-Up the Pieces Mondays

The day that I had worked so hard for was finally just hours away, I was going to get out of this hospital! What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t going to be a straight trip home. There would be a detour to a rehab hospital which would last a few weeks.

My first day at the Rehab hospital – was welcoming. I discovered that during the day I could wear my own clothes – and in the evening my own pjs. The nurses all seemed very helpful and I was in a semi-private room. This would be home until I was able to achieve: walking with a cane, go up and down stairs - But first I would need to learn to transfer out of bed into a wheel chair (on my own) – and back into bed; I would also have to learn to feed myself with my left hand; and gain some strength and become weight bearing on my right side. My actual stay would be dependent on successfully achieving the above goals.

After an Angel Friend (more on this in future posts), had me settled in my “new temporary” home, he went off to get me some food. In the meantime a nurse came in to get me washed up, she thought it would be best to have me sit on the bath bench, while she hosed me down, gave me a shower. The last I recalled was telling her I was feeling dizzy – then hearing her scream, as I found myself slumped over the side of the tub face planted on the floor blood spurting from somewhere, as the floor was covered in blood. As she approached, she kept saying “I just stepped out to get some towels to dry you”.. yes, in my dizzy state she had left me unattended.

Once I was back in bed, my Angel Friend arrived and the first thing he said was “look at the size of your nose! What happened?” As I filled him in on my first shower experience – the nurse came in and again apologized “I’m so sorry – for leaving her unattended- I just stepped out to get a towel.”

The next few weeks I was put through extensive physiotherapy, exercises geared to rehabilitate my movements and dexterity and cognitive testing. The food was not much better, here – the staff was friendlier and more helpful. Friends continued to bring me food – now from favourite restaurants, as I was able to eat and magazines that kept me entertained – I couldn’t focus to read but the pictures were entertaining. My hopes of being in my home for Christmas came and went, with New Year’s Eve approaching. So my most favourite celebrations, Birthday, Christmas and ringing in the New Year were spent in the hospital.

I was convinced that home would be a much better place for me, and practiced, practiced walking around my bed with a cane – every opportunity I had. Finally I was told that if I could transfer from the wheelchair to a car I would be a few steps closer to going home. I was excited by the news, but wasn’t sure what all would be involved in this transfer to car business. I was soon going to find out, that afternoon I was taken to the hospital parking lot in my wheelchair, and the instructor set out to demonstrate how I was to get into the car. As I watched him- back towards the passenger seat, sit down –so legs are down, facing the open door-, then slightly turn his back inward and rotate in the seat with legs together until he was in sitting position – back against the seat and legs safely in the car. I knew I would pass this first try … after all, anyone who has had to get in and out of low sports cars knows – this is the first thing a “well heeled lady” learns, so as to not put her panties on display or look like an Amazon getting in and out. The instructor was amazed at how “quickly” I caught on; I just smiled and asked “so do I get to go home now?”

What I want to share with others;

This is perhaps the toughest step for your loved one. They have now been in the hospital a few months and the “novelty” of visiting a friend in the hospital has worn off for most people, as they feel the person has made it through the worst of it. This however is the most important time for “caring” friends and family to really let the loved-one know they are not alone; they have not been forgotten.

Although your loved one is now able to speak for themselves – they are still not able to fully comprehend what their limits are – and that they can voice their opinions. Even if they are telling you so, or are telling the kitchen staff that broccoli has florets and that just the stems is unacceptable. I went through extensive painful rehab on my right elbow – despite the fact that it was “never” going to gain any movement. To this day, I often wonder how this fact slipped through the “physio” people at rehab. Yet, at the time I was not able to question their techniques.

Next Monday we start with being home!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Shopper's Prayer

Hope everyone is having a great week-end! I'm away cottaging in Huntsville -  Hope you have been enjoying the week-end posts; thank goodness for the "scheduling feature" on blogger.

Recently came across this while cleaning out some storage boxes - it was sent to me by a colleague during my corporate days. I'm not sure who penned it - but they were very clever. (Holts is like a Saks and Bloor is like Rodeo Drive.)

Who Art in Holts
Hallowed be thy shoes
Thy Prada come
Thy shopping done
On Bloor St.
As it is in Paris
Give us this day, our Visa Gold
And Forgive those who charge us interest
Lead us not into Wal-Mart
And deliver us from Sears
For thine is the Chanel, the Gaultier, And the Versace.
For Dolce and Gabbana

image credits: google search

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adopt A Horse

Sabrina Olivieri, owner of Klementine Designs Inc. - hosted a fashion show, this past week, in benefit of LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society. LongRun is one of the first adoption and placement programs for thoroughbred race horses in Ontario. To learn more about this fantastic organization click here.
Click Here to learn more about Adopting from LongRun

The event was held on the grounds of  Daniel's in Nobleton, and was well attended by the Horse Racing Community as well as supporters of this wonderful cause.


Some of the beautiful fashion presented

Thankfully flip-fops were available for a small donation, as my legs started to give-out.
Donations went  to help with shoeing the horses.

Guests enjoying the evening
Live & Silent Auctions

Hubby and I had a wonderful time and we had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and caring people in our new community! Looking forward to next year's event!!!

I will be away for the week-end cottaging in Huntsville ... through the technical magic of blogger scheduling feature... I have left you with a Saturday and Sunday post... See you all Monday!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Dog is always waiting - Dolce PawsPost Fridays

Dolce ... where are you?

I'm guarding your writing desk ... Translation: If I lay here you can't sit = we'll go for a walk..

Resting my head ... Translation: You took too long, I was napping = I'm pouting..

Playing with Roover ... Translation: I was bored waiting for you = I'll show you,
Roover is always ready to play...

Just hanging out ... Translation: I'm up to something = If I just look cute, let her take picture, she won't see the electrical tester I scooped from Daddy's tool belt.

Visiting Bella...

 She was so happy to see me..or .maybe its the new pink and brown poka dot dress I bought her, even doggie girls like new clothes!!

We are ready to come in ... Translation: We are always waiting for you!.. = It's tough being a doggie

Paws & Licks ... See you next Friday!!!
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