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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Buenos Aires

May 2011 be all that each of us dreams and hopes it will be!

Hope to get voltage convertor soon.. So I can catch up on your wonderful blogs!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buenos Aires ~ Love their furbabies

We have made it to Buenos Aires and will be here through the remainder of our time in South America. Originally we had planned to venture out to Mendoza or Mar Del Plata after new year's eve celebration, but unfortunately we don't think the travel to either will be easy for me. I have been extremely exhausted and there chaos of the city does not help.Nonetheless we decided to stay and take in the city, just spreading things out over more time.

If Dolce, knew this was going on just down from our hotel.. he would certainly be woofing as to why he is not here. Like Peru, the people here are becoming very passionate about their FurBabies... this is a FurBaby Sitter in the park with his little precious students.

The hotel's WIFI is terrible here and I need to get a voltage battery charger. We are off to explore the areas of Recoleta and Puerto Madero, tomorrow. More pictures to come from Peru too! I miss reading your blogs!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peruvian Family Afternoon

Our friend's family invited us to spend a traditional family afternoon. We were delighted to attend!! The food was amazing and plentiful! There were relatives from all over the world; Italy, Canada, USA. Between English, Italian, Spanish and some Portuguese everyone was able communicate.

Trying some local delights!

Everyone catching up....

Its amazing to see how children interact, language is no barrier...

In Peru , most families have a "Nana" who helps with the household chores, raising children and companion. This Nana has been with bestie's family for more than 25 years. She will remain with the family for the rest of her life.

Peruvians really enjoy life and love to celebrate! Musicians are often hired to play music during special celebrations. The music fills the house and before you know it everyone is singing along or dancing.

Just like North American's, Peruvians love their furbabies. This is bestie's mother's little furbaby Chiquita. Dolce would have had a great time playing with her.

The gardens are starting to go into bloom.. The roses were brilliant!!

Imagine having an olive tree in your backyard!!!

The day ended with another beautiful Peruvian sunset!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day in Peru

We arrived in Lima Peru on Christmas Day morning! Even at 7 am the weather was already letting us know we were no longer in Canada. The local people and tourists were starting their day with a sport familliar to many pof our American friends, especially those who surf California!! Yes ... surfers getting in their morning dip was a wonderful way to be greeted, as our driver made our way along the coast line to our hotel.

Once settled in to our our hotel, and after collapsing in our bed for the next few hours, from pure exhaustion!! Mr. G and I set off to explore Lima’s Miraflores District, which we will call home for the next few days.

On our stroll through we quickly realized the commercialization of this time of year, had been left behind like the snow. Here a tree or the many Santa related decorations we have come to associate with this time of year, were not present here. Instead the real meaning of celebrating Christmas was everywhere....

Once joined by our friends, who have been here since early December visiting their family, we were ready to tackle the market of artisians.

Thankfully my bestie was born here and was a great at making sure we got the best value, without insulting these fabulous artists!! Yes, I couldn't resist the tempting feel of hand woven scarves ... 

Ah see, there really is a tree where gifts grow on!!!

Our surfer friends and beach goers, could be seen late into the day..

Another facisinating past time is hand-gliding through the air. Seriously something that I would have "jumped " at doing 4 years ago. Now I will be remain an on ground spectator.

After an afternoon of taking in the sights of our district.. our friends had orgainized dinner at a restaurant right in the ocean!!!

The meal started off with the traditional Pisco drink!!

Follow by some of the best food ~ seafood I have tasted!!

Our Christmas day 2010 came to an end with this fabulous sunset!!!

Hope you enjoyed our Peruvian Christmas Day... today while many of you will be battling the Boxing Day crowds.. we will be spending it with our friends and their family in the rural area where they live.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas The Night Before ....

We finally get on the plane....

Time to pack...

Get a goodnight's sleep

Break it to Dolce that he really is not coming, this time

Add some extra goodies to my carry-on bag
courtesy of my friend Suburban Princess!

When visiting this week, along with the many birthday and Christmas goodies she ,
the Suburban Prince and Little Prince bestowed upon the HHL household. SP, added a little Bon Voyage Care Package, consisting of reading material ( What's Your Next Chapter - in O magazine.. can't wait to read it!); and delicious handmade- by SP herself - chocolate delights; notice the missing one? Couldn't wait to get on plane... and oh my so glad ....SP also armed us against germs, with appropriate airport regulation size hand sanitizers... SP is one of the most thoughtful people I have the pleasure and privilege of calling friend!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Letting Go ...Easier said than done

Some regular readers have noticed (and enquired ~ thank you for your kind and supportive words), my writing has been a bit scattered these past few weeks and my visits to your wonderful corners of Blogland not as frequent. Mostly it’s been my lack of energy that has contributed to both, along with the one thing in life I am not able to accept or seem to be able to shake ~ having lost parts of me.

Yes, I‘m grateful to be alive ~ but there is an emptiness inside of me that I can’t identify, since the accident. I have for the most part been able to smile my way through and keep the Yellow Anxiety monster from sight. But, I have to admit that it has not been easy physically, mentally nor emotionally lately. This year in particular I find I am questioning many things, which once I either did not give much thought to or just accepted as being.

This in part has been a motivating factor for our upcoming travels to South America during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. I’m hoping this trip will somehow breathe life back into me, so that I can find the answers/direction I need to be going in or at least the strength to keep my glass half full at all times, until life directs my next turn.

I don’t think I will be blogging during my time away ~ but I will be trying to write and hope to come back with a refreshed outlook and better focus.

I’m still around most of the week and will try to make my rounds and visit before I leave. Please know if I have not visited as frequently I have not lost interest in your writing, life just has been happening on my end and leaving little energy and time for me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week ~ plus of Birthday Celebrations

My birthday this year started 4 days early when my good friend from Paris ~ now living in New York came for an over night visit with her hubby. V is also a fellow Sagittarius, her birthday is Dec. 5. After a wonderful home cooked meal consisting of Chateaubriand, sweet and roasted potatoes, Italian flat beans and lots of other tasty foods courtesy of Pusateri's and our functioning stove and oven.

we celebrated our birthdays with some bubbly V had brought for the occasion.

V (on the left) and I waiting for our glass of bubbly...

First gift I opened for my birthday was from one of my friend's little one.
I think those are shoes ... possibly the next Manolo designer in the making!!

And how special is the bag she picked..

Hubby out did himself this year ....

We celebrated with a few friends my birthday TODAY!! more pictures of cake and future celebrations this week to follow!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Official ~ Dolce PawsPost

Dolce's World

For more Dolce adventures in the snow come on
over and be one of my fisrt FOLLOWERS....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Festive Floral Arrangements

I have been wanting to participate in the Home Tour Tuesday linking parties our friend D. over at Flip Flops and Pearls has been hosting. Unfortunately decorating this year has been defeated by the delay in renovations to our kitchen and family room. Thankfully we are now at the point where we will be contractor free for the next 3 plus months and though things are not quite complete (like no-kitchen counters) it is manageable (we now have a functioning stove with a real oven ~ many posts to come in 2011, on this alone).

So, I'm finally able to participate in the Christmas cheer via her Semi Wordless Wednesday! Thanks D. for creating and hosting fabulous blog parties.

I picked up 2- half dozen each of  these beautiful white and just a hint of green roses (my father was a master rose grower, his garden was always in bloom with fragrant delights) some greenery and red berries, from a local floral shop. Once home I snipped and went about grouping my lovelies into 3 arrangements.


I made a little one to go on my desk , it looked great next to my inspiration Snowman, I won in a giveaway at Silver Strands earlier in the year. To me he reminds me to not give up~ if you believe all things are possible. after all the children believed and that's how Frosty came to life. You can find a similiar (as it's original art work) magical Snowman and a wonderful selection of other equally magical art work, over at the wonderful creator Barb's Heartstrokes , blog.

In the Master Bedroom ensuite a fuller arrangement was added
between our sinks. Adding a hint of the season, I love seeing fresh
cut flowers first thing in the morning.

In our guest bathroom, I added a similiar size arrangement ,
perched above our musical Angel.

Participating in ...

Semi Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Flip Flops and Pearls

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Nativity ~ True Meaning of Giving!!

image courtesy of The Beautiful Life blog
I had planned on sharing images of the Nativity I had purchased, unfortunately my camera was not cooperating, so I borrowed the image from my friend Ruth over at The Beautiful Life. These pieces really are a work of art. The detail exquisite, pictures truly do not do these pieces justice. Mr. G. could not help himself, when are Nativity first arrived ~ he remains in awe of the precision in the details.

Of all the Nativity scenes I have, this one though the newest ~ for me is filled with magic. It start out in raw materials in Uganda ; each piece delicately and lovely created by caring human hands. When my sets (yes I had to order 2... something just told me I would want to share this treasure with someone special) it was a wonderful feeling to know that I was holding in my hand a unique one of a kind made with love and care by human hands piece. But more than that through my treasure I was helping these women in Uganda to become self reliant.

For full details please visit Ruth at The Beautiful Life  you will not only want to help, but you really will want to own a special gift, that truly reflects the meaning of giving and helping others, especially at this time of the year.

at Happier than a Pig in Mud
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