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Friday, November 12, 2010

Where You Been Dolce? DolcePaws Fridays

Things have been really busy around our home. There have been men with loud machines, coming and going. Daddy said it will make Mommy happy to have the kitchen and family room completed to a point where we can have our Boxing Day Open House Brunch!!
So, I moved my bed under this chair - but I see I have been found out.

 Daddy and Mommy went to a Gala and there were lots of small Furbaby
items in the Silent Auction. It was like my birthday all over again...
two big packages filled with lots of toys!! 

There was white stuff coming down (see it on my back)
Mommy said it was wet snow. It was cold so no walks for me.

 I had to find ways to keep myself busy inside.

 Socks .. what socks.... don't know what you're talking about!!

Finally the weather started to get nice again ..
Uncle Phil came over to help Daddy blow the leaves
on our property, we have lots of trees.
I got to jump in the huge pile!!

Lots of walks this week...
Come on Mommy, I have to go see my friends!

Where is everybody?

Mr. Frog , are you hiding? Where are you?

More leaves to play in...

Nope... don't hear you .. not ready to go in yet!!

I had lots of fun outside....Mommy says I got really dirty.

My sweat shirt needs to go into the laundry....

Stella had fun being outside too!

She had fun playing catch with her new green toy!!
maybe now she won't eat my outside booties anymore!

Paws & Licks until next Friday!!!


  1. Hahaha that sweatshirt is so cute. I used to have a little dog and I miss taking it out on walks when I see your photos!

  2. Yay! Darling Dolce and Stella are back! Too cute! Hard for me to imagine snow right now! Guess I better get ready for it though because I will be going to Maine soon.

    ~ Trucy

  3. adventures of paws and licks! so cute!!!

    thank you for visiting hailey's blog. your
    kind encouragement will help her so to
    recover from her homesickness.

    bless me, and i am grateful.
    bless my children, and i am BOUNDLESSLY

  4. Aw, I loved the Dolce update. Absolutely adorable. Have a fab weekend!

  5. Hello Sweet Friend!

    Awww....what sweet fur babies! Dolce is adorable!!!

    Thank you Sweet Friend for being so wonderful...I have missed you and appreciate your loyal friendship, it means more to me than you can ever know!!

    I truly adore you and your sweet and gentle spirit! Have a fabulous weekend!!


  6. Dolce and Stella are soooooo sweet....I'll dog sit them anytime. They look very happy with life.

  7. OMG! I'm not even a dog person but this post makes me want to go get a cute little house dog! So sweet!

  8. ohhh you have a lovely dog!!!!!
    he is soo nice with the pullover!! ;)

  9. Great Blog and thanks for following me! I'll be watching yours as well.
    Is your little doggie's name Dolce? She is too PRECIOUS for words!!!!!!!!!!!What a little cutie...
    Have a beautiful day,


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