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Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... What Are Your 2012 Plans?

The clock is about to strike MIDNIGHT ...

Before you know it ...a new year will be here with 12 months, 52 weeks or 365 days of new opportunities, beginnings and a blank canvas to waiting to write this chapter in your life.

Thank you to all the readers and followers of this blog who made 2011 an amazing year in BlogLand. I hope that my writing and posts will continue to inspire, motivate, help you as you face transition in your own life or have a loved one who is facing life detours, and make you laugh at times. 

In 2012 I Plan to ...

~ Help Others -  by volunteering time with local organizations helping people to move forward in life

~ Make a difference in the life of a child- by looking into alternative parenting opportunities

~ Live the second life I've been gifted- by trying to not look at the life that has ended for me but instead to the life that waits to be written/created

~ Get back in shape- by eating healthy EVERYDAY and continue with a fitness program

~  Reduce the amount of toxins (and weight) that medication adds to my body - by looking at alternative methods as and adjunct to conventional medicine for all my pains and aches

~ Get back in the kitchen baking-  by accepting help around the oven/stove 
( I tend to forget when something is on stove/oven)

~ Embrace living in the country - by sourcing local services, activities and social events

and getting a pair of these ...

What Are YOUR Plans for 2012?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa, Christmas Eve and Royal Albert Teacup Winner ...

The presents have been wrapped and carefully placed under the tree. The stockings are hung, in hopes that Santa Claus has us on the NICE list.

Chestnuts will be roasting as we settle in front of the fire...till sleepy eyes call us to to dream land...

via Martha Stewart 
Cookies and Hot Chocolate... have been set out, just in case....
In our beds we'll be dreaming of sweets ....

While outside the snow will be falling (unfortunately not here, this year) and the lights will be twinkling...

While Santa makes his rounds around the world!

Hope you made the NICE List ....

and Now let's remember what Christmas Eve really is all about ...
The world having been given the greats gift of all ... long before we were to make our own entrance onto this earth.

Matthew 1:23
“Behold, a virgin shall conceive in her womb, and she shall give birth to a son. And they shall call his name Emmanuel, which means: God is with us.”

THANK YOU for following and reading my little blog. Your visits and wonderful comments are inspiring, motivating and what helps to keep me writing. You give me the gift of being able to give back through writing!

Here's to Santa being good to you and Wishing you all and your families a 
very Happy and Merry Christmas....from our home to your's!

NOW ... For the Winner of the ROYAL ALBERT Teacup!

Thank you to everyone who participated.There were 61 comments 2 of which were not entrants.

Random.org was used and NUMBER 17... came up.


please email me your mailing address at FallingOffAHighHeeledLife@gmail.com
and I will get your beautiful teacup out to you.

Joining... Spiritual Sundays

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Morning Tea Surprise

Having spent a wonderful day celebrating an early Birthday and Christmas with my family, driving home 4 hours (well Mr. G , drove) waking up the morning of my birthday was very tough!
 Imagine my surprise when I finally made my way downstairs to discover this breakfast setting laid out for me.

Complete with a piece of birthday cake (from yesterday's celebrations), The Mr. felt I could use some energizing.

Using the new teacup from Longquan Celadon Kiln, a gift from my brother and his wife...

What a grand handle! Perfect for holding ...

In case I got some energy and chose to linger at the breakfast table a little, Mr. G. set out some of the tea books I was gifted from my Sister and SIL. I can't wait to curl up with these, over the cold winter months that will be coming.

The teacup comes with its own infuser! Removing the lid I discover, steeping for my birthday tea is Harney & Sons ~ Paris blend, of black teas, natural vanilla,fruit and citrus flavours, my sister knows how to select a tea that will send my taste buds in happy land. 

This particular design is known as Okura Ume Blossom. 
The History of the Ume Blossom on the box reads as follows:

The Ume blossom is the first flower to blossom in winter. When there is snow on the ground, the ume flowers bloom triumphantly, symbolizing HOPE for  the return of spring. Ume trees can live for over 100 years, and their old rugged trunks (resembling dragons) contrast with the delicate young blossoms.

The Longquan Celadon Kiln, one of five famous Imperial Kilns of China, introduced this type of porcelain to Europe during the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D. - 1644 A.D.). The kiln was capable of firing at ahigher temperature (2500 degrees C) to create a finer, more luminescent glaze than previously available.

Just in case ... The chocolate shoe which accompanied the gorgeous Louis Vuitton cake my sister had custom ordered for me (You can read and see photos of cake HERE), was on my must eat for breakfast list... the Mr. kindly added it to the setting!!!

ROYAL ALBERT teacup Give Away - ends December 24th, 2011

click Image to Enter...

Special Thank you to Marriette at Marriette's Back to Basics for creating the above button! 
merci, mon ami.xo

Sharing tea with these wonderful Hostesses!!
Tea Time Tuesday ~ with Sandi 
Martha's Terri's Tea Time Tuesday

Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Christmas Lunch and My Birthday

It was an exciting time this week-end! HHL Sister, hosted an early Christmas and Birthday (moi's) celebration at her home. 

I couldn't believe how much little Matthew had changed, since his Baptism, 2 weeks ago!!
HHL Sister, is a fabulous hostess and the table was beautifully set in a white and silver colour theme with a red Christmas table cloth. It looked absolutely elegant!

She definitely inherited our Father's great cooking skills!!We feasted on a honey glazed ham; turkey; veggies; HHL-SIL made a fabulous corn pudding ( Mr. G. is hoping she will share the recipe); garlic mashed potatoes and the best spinach and pear salad ever!! and if all this amazing food was not enough....

There was one more surprise HHL Sister had in-store for the afternoon...

I think my expression in this photo speaks volumes!! Even Nephew is excited by what is being displayed before him!!!

Dessert was not only my Birthday Cake, my sister had a custom Louis Vuitton birthday cake made for Moi!!

Complete with coordinating chocolate shoe ....

The inside was a melody of vanilla cake, cream and strawberry cream. The fondant was the nicest and softest fondant I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!!

HHL Brother-in-law, introduced me to the perfect complement "beverage" to accompany this heavenly cake masterpiece!

If you have not tried this yet! I say run get to the nearest LCBO and pick yourself up a bottle. Definitely my new favourite. Everyone said it also smelled amazing, of course my smelling sense was not in operable mode; but the smoothness and taste I can say was amazing!

HHL Mother, SIL, Brother, Nephew, BIL, Me and Sister... 
Where is Mr. G?

Here he is with Dolce and Me...

If you were wondering what was distracting HHL Nephew (Matthew) ...He was exploring his option as Baby Hairdresser to Auntie M.

After dinner and cake, we embarked on opening all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts. And for ME our afternoon together as a family celebrating was a gift, I will forever treasure! 

I would like to thank my Sister for hosting a fabulous afternoon! My Mother for bringing me into the world! My Brother and his wife for bringing into the world the best blessing our family could ever have ... MATTHEW!! Of course BIL for introducing me to my newest favourite beverage and to Mr. G. for driving the 4 hours (each way), so we could share this special time with my family!

Do you have to travel a long distance to visit family during the holidays?

Joining these wonderful friends,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Birthday Gift to Me ...

As 2011 comes to the final pages in its chapter, chapter 2012 waits patiently in the wings to be written. Our thoughts turn to the opportunity of beginning  a fresh with the new approaching chapter. Many will sit back and speak of how they want to find themselves and have new life ...

Not realizing a new Self & Life , is not something you can just order up...

You have to not only want it you have to

I was gifted a very similar journal with the same message on the cover, earlier this year. It's been sitting in my night stand drawer for months, untouched. Today, I've decided that on Monday (December 19th) I'm going to give myself a very special Birthday gift of dedicating 2012 to the year I create the New Me, I have been waiting to discover. To do this I must find the strength to leave behind the past Me that I have been holding unto (while trying to build a new me and life), as it continues to no longer be working in the 
present Life I have.

Sometimes when we have been forced off our Heels
we must embrace the change and go barefoot...

We must see ourselves as we want to be not as we are...

and sometimes Our Shoes

Must Change ...

and though we may not want to try on the new ones...
Until we do, we will never know the power they may hold...

Slowly they will start to raise you..

Until You are back on your toes...

Even if your Heels now look like this...

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (and if you are  also celebrating a December birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

and don't forget to enter the Give Away for the ROYAL ALBERT teacup

click Image to Enter...

Special Thank you to Marriette at Marriette's Back to Basics for creating the above button! 
merci, mon ami.xo

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