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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 WELCOME to Hot Chocolate Around the World
Linky Party!!!


Here is how to join in the fun:

~ Share your favourite  Chocolate recipe ... (whether its a fondue, sauce, cake, ice-cream etc.) be creative ~ for warm weather climate cities, countries ~ how about a Frozen or Ice Chocolate recipe!!!

~  add the The Chocolate Around the World button  at the end of your chocolate recipe post... (you will find it at the end of this post) link it back to this post, so others can have fun discovering Chocolate Recipes too!!

 You can add to your side bar (optional)

~ Click the Linky and you are ready to Party!!!

The HCATW button will be left on the side bar of THIS blog until December 31,2010,
with link back to this post, so visitors can discover your recipe and blog too!!
 Linky will be open, to December 31, 2010


Amore for 2
Italian Style Hot Chocolate

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch* or arrowroot
2 cups milk or half milk-half water

Mix the cocoa, sugar and cornstarch together until thoroughly blended.

Add 1/2 cup liquid to a medium saucepan and set over low heat. Whisk in the cocoa mixture until thoroughly incorporated and no lumps remain. Add the rest of the liquid.

Cook, stirring constantly using whisk, over medium-low heat, until the mixture is thickened (it coats the back of a spoon), about ten minutes.

Make It Yours: 
Once the cocoa has thickened, you can stir in a hint of additional flavorings before serving:
1/4 tsp of:
vanilla or almond extract
or a liquior such as Grand Marnier , Pepperrmint , Banana , Frangelco

Serve in tea cups for the unexpected factor. Dust each serving with cinnamon or nutmeg. A small almond cookie or biscotti on the side ...

*cornstarch will not clump like flour.Its smooth and tasteless.




Remember it will be a Linky Party for
Chocolate Thursdays
so don't forget to Link up with with your favourite Hot Chocolate recipe, tomorrow!!...

Winner ~Breakfast at Tiffany Sleep Mask Giveaway

Thank You to everyone who participated!!!

This was an exciting giveaway for me because I love all things Audrey Hepburn and have been searching for the Sleep Mask for years. Having been able to
find it ~ EXCITING!!!
 Sharing it with my wonderful readers ~ PRICELESS!!!

There were 66 enteries in total
Random.org was used to select the winner -
(if someone knows how to capture the Random.org image, after getting results, please let me know)

The number 5 - came up
Congratulations to FLIP FLOPS & PEARLS!!!

Send me your mailing information and I will get this out to you, so you can start enjoying!!

More GREAT giveways to come and check in Tuesdays for NEW YOU ~posting series

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEW YOU ~ Tuesdays

Each Tuesday you can expect to find something related to re-inventing one’s self and creating a new life! So whether you are trying to move forward from a detour in life [unexpected or expected ]; looking to explore ways of becoming a better you, I hope you will find a little inspiration here.

It would be an honor to have you share positive and motivating things that have worked for you personally or for someone you know. If you are interested in Guest Posting or would like to see a post regarding something specific please contact me at: fallingoffahighheeledlife@gmail.com

Like a diamond in the rough~ 
there are many facets you can polish to help
bring out a more brilliant you....

Being at Peace within yourself ~ Spiritual

Taking care of the body~ Health &Wellness

Get it together You are a product of your Environment
Family, friends, co-workers, community ~ Relationships

Domestic Godess, Corporate Wife, Executive, Caregiver,etc. ~ Security & Stability

Interests, Hobbies, ~ Fun and Relaxation

Giving back to help others, Community ~ Volunteer

If you look good you feel good , more motivated ~ Outer You

The clothes no longer fit your Healthy Body & Life ... time to clean out the closet
to make room for clothes that fit the new you and Life ~ LifeStyle


If you are feeling like this...


What Brilliant and Sparkly diamond will you be,
once you have polished all your facets?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Interviews & Red Carpet...

Over the last little while I have been both honoured and humbled by the awards and tags I have received from some of my wonderfully inspiring BlogLand Friends.... I have tried to group things into Interviews (questions to answer) and BlogLand Red Carpet (awards) ... Thank you How I Met Your Father , La Bella Vie , Faith, Hope, and A little Love , Life the Universe and all that's in it  ~ I truly appreciate you having though of me.

Little Miss of How I Met Your Father ~ For the awarding me the Lovely Blog award
Though I'm a fairly new follower I am very much look forward to when a new post from LM pops up on my blog roll!! If you are needing a dose of sunshine and postive reading pop on over for a visit!! Did I mention she has a great writing style too!!

Passing this award to the first 4 comments on my last post.

Terry of La Bella Vie ~ For awarding me the Versatile Blog award
Terry's blog is extremely inspiring~ this lady sews (you must visit her and check out the FABULOUS sewing room she has created for herself); hostess; amazing photographer and truley a genuine and wonderful person.

This award required you list 7 things about yourself ~ just did for another award so To spare this from being a huge post - if you are interested in learning a bit more about me click here.

Passing this award to the next 4 comments on my last post

Now for the Interviews
NEW TAG RECEIPIENTS ( you'll find the names ~ under the respective answers)...

Jacklyn of Faith, Hope, and A little Love ~ Tagging me with random questions...
Jacklyn is new to BlogLand so if you have not had the opportunity to stop my for a visit .. click on over there and show some Blog Love.

Ruth of Life the Universe and all that's in it ~ Tagging me with fashion questions
I have been a follower of Ruth's blog for some time now. Her witty humour, passion for fashion, love of her family and furbabies, and life, not to mention the pesky construction crew - all provide for some interesting adventurous in her day to day life. I am never disappointed when I visit her ... she will either have me laughing or really thinking and everything in-between. Definitely a must visit!
8 Tag Questions:

If you could go back to school, without money being a factor in your decision, what would you study?

International Law

Cats or dogs?

Dolce & Stella would be hoping I say dogs!!!
Though kittens are really sweet.

How many pairs of shoes do you own, and which ones are you absolute favorite?

Counting heels, flats, boots approx. 50+
(Mr. G. often refers to my shoe shelves as his Harely )
My absolute favourite are a heeled slipper pair I got a couple years ago by Rene Caovilla.

What’s in your purse – right now?

Nothing I make it a habit of empting out my hand bags in the evening.  I have not gone out today so have not needed to use one. I do keep a spare keys, and small wallet with emergency funds  in cross-the-chest Coach pouch in case I need to go out quickly.

Be honest: How many times a day do you check Facebook?

ZERO ~ I'm not on Facebook

What is the farthest place you’ve traveled outside of your hometown, and why?

Hong Kong 22 hour flight ~ after college trip to Asia

If you had to limit your beauty routine down to only 2 things, what would you keep?

Skin care and Mascara
What is your favorite quote?

I have many but this is a good one to remember

I'm Tagging:

Fashion Tag Questions:
What's your favourite fashion accessory?
they go with everything.

Who are your fashion role models?

Audrey Hepburn - for simplicity

Jennifer Lopez ~  after she became a mother
she always looks stylish !

Eva Mendes ~ she reminds that everyday
dresses are great!

How would you describe your style?
Smart Casual ...
though SP of  The Life of a Suburban Princess came up
with a term I considered may also be appropriate (I just can't recall it)

What's your favourite? Jeans, sunglasses or heels?

What inspired you to blog about fashion?

I blog about life in general - fashion just happens to be part of life.

What is your favourite fashion store?

I can find all my fav designers under one roof!!!

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
cashmere , cotton and silk (or combinations of)

Who are your favourite designers?

Dolce & Gabbana

Elie Tahari ~

Tory Burch ~
Who or what inspires your style?
Classic movies, Fashion Magazines

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?

I would say purchase... I can't sew a button ..
besides its fun to go out to the shops.

I'm Tagging


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Healing Begins ~ Mondays...Part Two

As the physical healing continued on my body the emotional damage was yet to rear its ugly head. Things were progressing both with the renovations we had started on what would be our home and our relationship transitioning from friends to a couple. There was no doubting that Mr. G was a most caring and loving man. But could I possibly be falling in love with someone who represented on many levels a person I would not have considered as a life partner, pre-accident? This question haunted my thoughts. Were my feels genuine or were they gratitude for all he was doing in caring for me.
The next few months would answer my questions and indeed my feelings if they had started as gratitude had now evolved to genuine love, caring and seeing a future with this man. But how could this be? I had always seen myself with a career driven corporate type, who wore suits and worked just as hard as he played; someone who appreciated the arts, culture, fine wine, travel etc. Then a friend of many years reminded me God gives us what we need and not want.

Though some pieces of "Me" pre-accident would emerge from time to time, the reality was I was no longer that person. The memories of my dreams and hopes for my life remained intact, but that life no longer existed. The challenge was that I had no clue who I was and desperately missed “Me”.

My support system had dwindled down to ½ dozen people from 20+, partially due to friends who also missed pre-accident “me” and weren’t sure how to be around this “new person” and partially to having moved out to the country (almost 2 hours outside the city). Friends who remained by my side would often comment that I certainly would not have tolerated Mr. G’s family’s, judgmental behavior of either myself, Mr. G or our ability to together manage to stay alive and move forward ~ pre-accident self.

Mr. G’s family served as a constant reminder that I was no longer “Me”. This became extremely evident during August of 2008 while spending a week-end at Mr. G’s farm. {Farm is owned by Mr. G, one of his cousin’s and 3 uncles} During this week-end the uncles’daughters’ and each of their respective husband and children, along with 2 of Mr.G’s sisters and respective family also came up to the farm to enjoy some summer country air.

This would be the first time the cousins would be meeting me and one of the very few Mr. G’s sisters would be in the same space as me. With all these people in one house, and having had so much to say about me without knowing me ~ one would think they would have taken the opportunity to get to know who I was. Well … lets just say it was a very quiet for me as only 2 of the 12 something women actually tried to include me in conversation or spoke to me.

This was  so clear that even one of their husband’s apologized to me for his wife’s behavior ~ when I said what for his response was “ I am not blind, I see what is going on – I’m embarrassed” Mr. G and I were surprised that among these “animals” there appeared to be someone who was human. We informed him we had decided it would be best that we left. His remark to us telling him we were leaving was “no we should leave Mr.G is an owner, we are guests!” That’s right these people were and until their parents pass their respective share of ownership will remain guests at the farm ~ Mr. G is one of 5 owners, yet we left, so as to not cause any problems.

I can assure you had it been pre-accident we would not have been the ones leaving. This event brought to light just how much of me I had lost in the accident … I hated this spineless person I had become, this door mat I was allowing people to use me as.

The next few months of settling into our new lives would test our belief in family, faith and relationship.

What I want to share with others:

It has taken many months and sessions with various Shrekos (psychologists) to understand that it was not my limited ability to speak and stand up for myself, that enable these animals people to act as they did. Though I do need to build my confidence and learn how to express myself in this “new” person.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s venomous tongue without cause, PAUSE take a moment, and feel sorry for them. Imagine how awful life must be for them, how unhappy they must be that they waste their energy on spreading gossip, lies, and negative thoughts.

Now, if you find that you are in therole of Creative Director spreading gossip about someone based on “what and how you would do things” without even knowing them or the facts or are on the Subscriber end and taking in every word as Gospel truth; look deep in your own life and spend that energy on discovering what is missing within you and find the peace you obviously are missing in your life.

If you find you are judging someone ~ is it really them or are you reflecting what motives you would have in a given situation.

Remember “If you don’t have something good to say,
 say nothing”.

If you are repeating something that is not about you,
BUTcauses pain to someone else

Have you been in a situation when someone was verbally or
emotionally attacking you for no reason? How did you deal with?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doggie Autumn Walk ~ DolcePaws Fridays

The rain finally stopped... so my sister Stella and
I got to play outside lots this week!
FurBabies at play when they think no one is watching
(pictures taken from inside~ excuse the bluring)

 We even got to play in our 
 our outside house!!
We chased each other around...and played tagged.
It was easy for me to hide .. I fit under
Mommy's garden wagon!
I wonder if she knows Daddy left it in here??
Stella I don't think you should go in there... besides I can't
 jump in there to tagg you.. no fair!!

No rain coat or boots for my walk today!!

Daddy whats's that...Can I play too?

I'm a BIG BOY! Daddy ...

Hmm... Maybe I don't want to play that's dirty...
I don't want to get my Juicy Couture sweat shirt dirty.

Ah this is better .. relaxing by the stream...with the sun..

Look how blue the sky is ..That's a hawk,
we have to be careful!!

Its a beautiful Fall day!!

Oh!Oh! .. the path still looks
wet from all the rain.
This was a great walk!!

But my paws got really dirty ... so Fall means sweaters & 

Hope You enjoy my walks this week!!

Paws & Licks until next Friday!!

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