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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Morning Walk in the Country - & Give-away Winner Announced

When I'm at our country home ... my morning routine changes a little. After getting dressed I head outside for  a walk around the gardens, and paths - before starting the rest of my day. Coffee in hand, a little mosquito repellent, sunglasses and I'm off to explore what surprises Mother Nature has in-stored for me to discover. 


 My first destination .... the small bridge. The gurgling sound of the stream, the birds chirping makes the perfect spot to stop, sip my coffee ... and watch for fish as they swim by.

Then it's a walk along the path to the big bridge that connects to the forest on our property ... here I usually pause to take it all in... the sounds, the view, the morning freshness of the greenery around me, before making my way to the gardens.

The peonies have been the star attraction in the garden ... but their performance is coming to an end and soon the other gardens will be blooming into a symphony of colour throughout July. 

and when you take the time to connect fully with nature ... 
to keep your eyes and ears open for the slightest little movement and sound 
~ you will be delighted with a little darling..,
Comfort and light weight are key to staying cool as the sun shines its hot rays down, even in the early morninf. I accomplished this with: white Capri pants - Counterparts ; grey/white T-shirt - Banana Republic; sneakers - Converse; accessories: sunglasses-Gucci; orange H bangle - Hermes; beaded bracelt - Pandora (Essence collection).

Congratulations Michelle M. M. ~ you are the winner of the Resilientista & High Heeled Life gift pack. Please check your email and respond with your mailing address - and all these goodies will be on there way to you!!

How does your morning routine change throughout the summer 
or are you able to keep it the same?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ...

1. Hydrabio Sérum - Bioderma: This little gem came to me by way of a swag bag I received at an event hosted by Cocktail Crawl. I had been considering trying a serum for some time - and since I am a huge fan of their product Sensibio H20 make-up remover (especially for the delicate eye area), I thought why not give it a try. I was surprised at how light it feels on my skin, no stickiness, leaving my skin feeling completely hydrated. I have used it alone and under my regular moisturizer. For the short time I have been using this about a month I am truly impressed.

2. Shayne - Shayne Stolz: I first mentioned Shayne and his angelic voice here when I heard him sing while out for dinner with Mr. G. at the beginning of 2016. Since then Shayne's self title CD has been released. I have been listening to the CD non-stop (I kid you not) ~ I've had it as soft (low) background music for writing, relaxing in the bath and I've had it cranked as I get ready for an outing or doing some chores around the house. Lovelies if you are looking for some easy listening music pick up a CD.

3. Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion Racinne: Another product that came by way of the Cocktail Crawl swag bag ... and definitely being added to my regular skin care routine basket! The neck is often an over-looked part of daily skin care routines - I know I certainly have been over looking it - yet our neck is just as likely to show those tell-tale signs of aging we strive so hard to minimize in our complexion.  Since I started using this on my neck regularly - I have noticed the skin feels and looks smoother and the scar left from when I was trached (after my accident)is visibly diminishing.                 

4. Biological Peeling Gel- Guinot (at Elmwood Spa): If you have been reading HHL for  some time you already know how much I encourage getting a professional facial - even if only seasonal. Our skin changes - due to climate, what we eat, and yes - as we mature; so it is important to have an expert give our face a good check-up (just like the dentist for our teeth). I recently discovered that my skin is becoming sensitive - especially around my cheeks - who knew me with combination skin. Regular exfoliation is important - especially as we age - but I have been staying away from grainy facial scrubs because they often feel rough (of course not knowing my skin was also sensitive probably didn't help). This product was used during a recent facial at Elmwood Spa - and I was impressed at how smooth it felt as the aesthetician massaged it over my face...it gained a little texture when she add a little water - but still no harsh grainy feel. I'm using it twice a week and am seeing my BB creams going on much easier with no occasional eraser shavings (as I refer to the dry skin build up you see after you apply BB cream or foundation to skin that is in need of good exfoliation). 

5. Power Source for Women - Susan Sommers: I recently meant Susan Sommers, one of the authors of this book through a women's networking event, at 71 she is an inspiration for getting fit and staying fit. As, I read the book my head kept nodding in agreement - with the tools and strategies sprinkled throughout the book. A must have book to add to your self care basket.

What are you loving right now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Keeping It Cool - What I Wore

If there was any doubt that summer has arrived - the extreme hot temperatures in Toronto this weekend clarified - Summer has arrived!!! temperatures reached high 20s and feeling more like low to mid 30s.

On days like this one of the many things I enjoy doing is grabbing my camera and heading out for a day in the city snapping photos for future note cards and inspirational photos.

Of course wearing comfy shoes while running around the city and choosing light weight Clothing is key to staying cool in the hot temperatures.

Outfit details: sneakers - Converse; pants - Ann Taylor (Loft); top- Ann Taylor (Loft); back pack - Swiss Army; sunglasses - Gucci; camera - Nikon

How do you keep cool, when the temperatures begin to rise?

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You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,
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Seasonal Reflecting, Shifting, Refocusing and Giveaway

scroll to bottom of post to Enter give-a-way- good luck everyone!
(give-a-way open world wide)

At the change of seasons I like to sit down with my Satisfaction Blossom and Vision/Inspiration Board. I have been using these two tools for years - they help me to get a snapshot of what areas of my life I'm feeling great about, what areas could use some TLC and a little refreshing on the action steps I need to taking to achieve my goals for the year.
When we were working on the design of the Resilientista Planner I knew these two tools had to be incorporated into it. There are 4 Satisfaction Blossom pages with space for noting action steps and setting intentions for that season. By spreading your action steps and intentions throughout the year - makes it less overwhelming to work towards your yearly goals/dreams. 
This year with my Resilientista Planner - adding action steps for my goals/dreams into my calendar has become a lot simpler; as I keep a photo of my 2016 vision/inspiration board (top left photo image) in the My Dreams For This Year section - along with additional inspirational words, images that I add throughout the year.  
Setting action steps and intentions that align with my goals/dreams, each month in my planner, makes it super easy to ensure they get added to the weeks ahead. The key to achieving your goals is planning and knowing even small steps add up.

Whether you review your goals/dreams - weekly, monthly, or mid year,

4 questions to ask yourself:

What am I able to check off as achieved? 

Am I taking action steps to achieve my goals? 

Do remaining goals/dreams still resonate with me? 

Are there new goals/dreams that I want to set? 

Now to help you get started on adding more self care on the daily, setting action steps to create the life you want, staying organized and having fun too! 
ENTER To Win  Resilientista and High Heeled Life Gift Pack - Give-away!!
The gift pack includes:

High Heeled Life note book 
(use as journal, write/paste inspirational quotes or affirmations)

Resilientista Planner June -December 2016 
- Pre-printed and bound 
(filled with inspiration and motivation for practicing self care on the daily, creating your best life and staying organized too!)

High Heeled Life - are you living yours? mug 
with Nina's Paris - Marie Antoinette tea
(inspiring you to take action steps in your day to achieve your goals and 
create the life you want to be living)

High Heeled Life note cards
(make someone else's day ... send a handwritten note)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you take time throughout the year to reflect on your goals/dreams?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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