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Monday, November 1, 2010

It's in the mail ~ BlogLand Pen Pals

Thank you to Everyone who is participating in
November's BlogLand Pen Pal!

18 Participants from 7 countries
(USA, Canada, Spain, India, Mexico, Germany and Sweden)

Please check your email for your BlogLand Pen Pal's  mailing address. Where available blog URLs were also included, this is to give you a little idea about whom you are writing to and to help you with writing your first letter. Below are some tips you may also find helpful.

Tips for Writing Introductory Letter to a Pen Pal

The first letter is probably the most difficult one to pen. Here are tips I hope will be helpful.

• Start with basic information about you- i.e. your name, age, and date of birth.

• Perhaps say share something about your family. Do you have Pets; Children; Siblings? Etc.

• If you have a career; are a stay at home mom; go to school. Try to give a little insight into what a day in your life is like.

• Share interesting facts about where you live. This might be especially interesting to pen pals who live in a different country or a different part of the country you live in. How you get around (bus, train, bike, car, boat); do you have 4 seasons.

• Write about hobbies you enjoy, perhaps share why or how you became interested in this hobby. Who your favorite author(s) is, what type of books you read. What sort of music do you listen to? What's your favorite movie? What do you do in your free time – do you volunteer?

• End your letter by asking your new pen pal some questions. As you get to know each other with each stroke of the pen, your letters will become easier to write.

Happy writting everyone!

If you would like to participate in December BlogLand Pen Pal please email me at fallingoffahighheeledlife@gmail.com  before November 28th. Please include your mailing address, blog URL (you do not need to have a blog to participate). Exisiting participants can sign up to receive an additional Pen Pal for December.


  1. I got mine!! Can't wait to go check her out.

    Thanks for putting this together, I know how time consuming this can get!


  2. i got mine... sweet sis, you are just so precious... thanks for the tips on the first letter...:)


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