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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Angels and Miracles

Never did I feel the hand of God and the presence of his helping Angels more than when I lay helplessly in the hospital trying to comprehend what people meant by “You are a true Miracle, doctors cannot explain how you are still here despite the numerous injuries you sustained to vital organs including a closed head injury”. Of course I have always believed in God and his Angels, but to have something so profound occur in one’s life ~ to know with their whole being that God really was the reason they were still alive and that his Angels now were around one’s soul and body, protecting it, willing it to heal and letting me know I was not alone; is something that to this day is magical.
Looking back now and recalling things that at the time I did not connect to God’s protection and his Angels. The orderly that was always around (no matter the shift, it seemed) to give the nurses a hand, each time a difficult and painful event occurred. He would gently stroke my forehead and with his eyes he would let me know that all was going to be fine. I remember at the time thinking ~ this is weird, but at the same time I felt a feeling of being safe. When I was able to speak and asked about him (as he had not been around in some time), I was told that no orderly ever assists nurses. Yet, I saw him, felt his comforting touch and warm eyes.

The Angel's Message (image credit)
I remember hearing a very, very soft voice saying “He will always be with you, he will never abandon you”, this I heard when someone very dear to my heart was visiting me and telling me to be strong, that I had nothing to worry about except getting stronger. I recall thinking you say that now – but you will leave me and I will be alone. At that time I thought this voice was referring to my dear friend. Now I realize the voice was telling me that no matter what, I would not be alone, God would always be with me.

After being home from the hospital almost 6 months; other than going to medical appointments and the very rare time to friends’ homes I had no desire to leave my home. I felt isolated from the harsh world outside. I had no idea who I was now and what life would be like for me. Basically I had given up on living and was settling for existing. Of course HE had other plans for me ~ I just didn’t know it yet.

Growing up Catholic, I have always believed in a higher power, I call him God because that is the name given him in my corner of the world. Many people ask me if I was or am I now, a very religious person. I would have to say that I am a Spiritual person ~ someone who believes in HIM with all her being ~ not for what I have been taught but for what I have seen, felt and witnessed.
May there be a miracle in your life today 
and  may you have the eyes to see it.

A Guardian Angel Prayer for Friends

Guardian Angel,
watch over those whose names you can read in my heart.
Guard over them with every care
and make their way easy and their labours fruitful.
Dry their tears if they weep;
sanctify their joys;
raise their courage if they weaken;
restore their hope if they lose heart,
their health if they be ill,
truth if they err,
repentance if they fail.

Angels are messengers of God in the Hebrew Bible (translating מלאך), the New Testament and the Quran. The term "angel" has also been expanded to various notions of "spiritual beings" found in many other religious traditions. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God's tasks.

According to Kabbalah, there are four worlds and our world is the last world: the world of action (Assiyah). Angels exist in the worlds above as a 'task' of God. They are an extension of God to produce effects in this world. After an angel has completed its task, it ceases to exist. The angel is in effect the task. This is derived from the book of Genesis when Abraham meets with three angels and Lot meets with two. The task of one of the angels was to inform Abraham of his coming child. The other two were to save Lot and to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.[8]

Famous angels and their tasks:[9]
• Malachim (translation: messengers), general word for angel
• Michael (translation: who is like God), performs God's kindness
• Gabriel (translation: the strength of God), performs acts of justice and power
• Raphael (translation: God Heals), God's healing force
• Uriel (translation: God is my light), leads us to destiny
• Seraphim (translation: the burning ones), protects the gates to the Garden of Eden
• Malach HaMavet (translation: the angel of death)
• HaSatan (translation: the prosecutor), brings people's sins before them in the heavenly court
• Chayot HaKodesh (translation: the holy beasts)
• Ophanim (translation: arbits) Astrological Influence
• HaMerkavah (translation: the chariot), transports God's glory

Definitions from: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  1. I am a non believer, I am sorry. I was brought up to be a catholic but have zero faith.

    I wish that we could as humans respect and love each other as much as we love our respective god's.

    Never the less this post is beautiful and I am glad that you gain comfort from it, it must be a wonderful feeling xx

  2. A beautiful story.
    I don't call myself religious either...I believe that is for the Pharasee's (people who put on a facard). I call myself Christian.. as a Christ follower, because He died for me.No one else did. Since God is a spirit we connect spiritually to Him and when we are open to Him, we hear Him...
    It is all a great blessing, I love it. Hugs to you.

  3. love love love this... so awesome!! thank you!!

  4. What a glorious testimony! He does have His angels all around us...I'm so glad He allowed you to see & feel yours to help sustain you in your greatest trial. Miracles abound...even simple ones. Hugs ~ Merana

  5. This is truly the coolest thing! I'm glad He has chosen you as a miracle. You have know idea the impact you've made on so many people, witnessing to others. And just think of how many people they're telling your miracle to. So so neat! My family friend's good friend just had cancer, and when she went in last week, the doctor was dumbfounded - it was completely gone without chemo having even started yet! Miracles are everywhere! :)


    I have no doubt that was an angel by your side!!
    Give me tears and chills!!

    I pray for you nothing but blessings this day and always!

    So glad we crossed paths.....
    Much Love my sweet friend!!


  7. Great post! You know my views but I do believe in angels :O) They are always around us hard at work keeping us out of trouble :O)

  8. Praise God for your testimony!!
    As I read your post, the song 'Miracles' by Newsong popped in my head. I do believe in miracles. And I definately believe in angels. They are all around us. Have a great week!

  9. My dear angel on Earth, your words gave me tears and chills and smilles and happiness and lack of words.....
    You know my thoughts and a bit of my experience to know how I feel so related to your words.
    I also grew up Catholic, but now I too consider myself more of a Spiritual person, believing in the power of the Universe, that we can can also call God.
    Yes, I believe you were and are surounded by angels and that the Universe has a major plan for you.
    But no matter what challenges come your way with the Universe on your side you have what it takes to make it through. I KNOW!!!!
    Thank you for this post and testimony. You had to be so brave to had the courage to talk about this.

    Also thank you so much for your last comment on my blog, you're so sweet and kind with me. And you know what? I was thinking about telling you that probably I will spend Christmas and New Year in Toronto, with my sister and family (because I can't see myself staying here just me and Hubby and the pain of mother's loss).
    And that I would love if we would have the chance to see each other in person and yes, give you a big hug! We'll talk about that....

    Hope you're having a lovely sunday.
    Much Love

  10. Beautiful...and so touching.
    Thank you I need that today!

  11. G'morn ~
    Emotional & touching write. TY for sharing.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. I love this. For you yesterday's test is today's beautiful testimony! :)

    I think these personal experiences are the most powerful. That is the whole point- to connect with God our creator in prayer, in worship and in circumstances that are beyond our control so He can show Himself strong even when we don't understand why it's happening. In the end, he makes all things right for His glory.

    I too have had people ask me if I'm a 'religious' person based on my many personal experiences. I think people are conditioned to believe that if you love God that it equals being religious. The truth is that God is a spirit, He did not bring us religion, He brought us relationship with Him and the ability to have everlasting life.

    It appears that many here may have been wounded by the Catholic church, I have many personal friends that have been. They feel they have to do things to please God and prove themself righteous.

    No amount of 'good works' can get you to heaven. You don't need to DO anything to please God. Jesus said, "It is DONE" when he died on the cross and was raised again. Love Him,Trust Him and believe that He created and loves YOU-that's it! :)

    A good book which clears up the difference between religion vs. relationship is 'God vs. Religion':


    BTW-Thanks for stopping by to comment on my recent blog post! :)


  13. Beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing.

  14. This was beautiful to read...i do believe in angels or rather in our capacity to acknowledge their presence.
    I wish you a very happy sunday and send you a big hug...

    ps : thank you for your lovely words on my Paris trip...now about this hotel, you have to know that the rooms are quite small and there is no lift...it can be a drag !

  15. What a wonderful testimony of God's healing power in your life. Thank you so much for sharing it...and reminding us to see all the miracles that God brings into our lives.

  16. What a wonderful post. I have only recently started reading about angels and using angel meditations. So this post was really interesting for me, and re-affirmed by belief in the power of angels.
    I was brought us a Catholic, but like of think of myself as more "spiritual" than "religious".
    A very comforting post for me.

  17. What a beautiful post. There have been times in my life, & I have heard of times in my family's lives, that seemingly impossible-to-have-been-there angels have appeared without an explanation. Miraculous, to be sure.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog during my difficult few days. You have such a kind heart! =)

  18. I believe the Lord works in mysterious ways. He puts people and/or angels in our lives right at the right times.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. beautiful story...And I too know the touch when nothing else worked. He is soo soo real.

  20. I certainly believe in angels. The Bible says they are ministering servants. I'm happy they ministered to you. I do not believe as some do that the universe is God. God created the universe. The universe is God theory leaves out the fact that God sent his son to the earth to die for our sins. The Bible teaches that very plainly. I suppose if you believe the universe is God you wouldn't believe the Bible. It has stood the test of time though and I definitely believe it.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with us.

  21. I have always had a deep love of Angels and all that they bring to our lives...

  22. I believe in them both: Angels and Miracles. Finding your blog has reaffirmed that belief. Thank you.

  23. Wonderful post. I've always believed in angels & that God has a plan for each of us. I think you were saved in order to complete your life's work as an angel here on earth.


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