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Friday, September 10, 2010

Saying Bye to Summer

This week it has been very chilling! Mommy said I had to start wearing my sweaters when I go outside. Soon the flowers will all be gone and it will start to get too cold for me to go on long walks on the grounds. So that got me thinking:

No more Bees to watch on the flowers...

No more Butterflies to chase...

No more pretty flowers in the Butterfly Garden....

No more Mr. Frog Friend to visit...

My sister Stella and I won't be able to stay outside and play...

No lush green grass to chase Daisy in...

Bella and I won't have to wait at the patio door as long...hmm that one is OK!

The sunflowers are still here!!!

Let me think.... hmmm.... maybe I will get to go to Doggie Camp again...

I'll get to see my Doggie Camp Friends ... hmm thats Ok!!!

RUFF! RUFF!! RUFF!!! ... I'll get to see.....

SANTA !!! You know what that means....!!!

OK Mommy I'm ready to go in ... summer ending is not so Ruff..!!

DOLCE PAWS & LICKS  ~ Till next Friday........................


  1. Dolce is too cute! Have a great weekend - hopefully the weather will be beautiful and you and Dolce and enjoy the outdoors a bit longer!

  2. Hello my darling friend
    it's so nice to see you and Dolce (cute cute cute!!!) again. I missed you! Of course I'll share some more about France, moreover, if you need any info just let me know
    Big hugs xxxx

  3. this is way too cute! Dolce...is just so adorable!!

  4. I just love your posts from Dolce! Thanks for making me smile this morning! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!

  5. Dolce is just adorable!! Such a cute post.

  6. I just love this. Your dog is the cutest baby on the planet. I love the picture stories of her days. How very precious.

  7. Haha sooo cute! New follower here. Just wanted to say hi. :)

  8. Love the sunflower picture. There's something about sunflowers that instantly makes me smile. I hinted to my hubby last week about how I wanted sunflowers to put in the kitchen to help remind me to smile everyday. yeah, he didn't get the hint. I guess I'll have to go buy them myself.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I love the top photo in the sweater! Too cute!

  10. Dolce, Spring begins in 191 days. :-)

  11. So cute ... especially the one in the sweater! Have a lovely week-end! Thank-you for visiting me ... my son is in your part of the world at the moment! He is at the Toronto Film Festival for a film he is in and is loving it. I have just spoken with him and he said I will love Canada! He is eating macarons and drinking champagne!
    Bon Nuit

  12. Its been a bit chilly here aswell, soon be Xmas!

  13. OK, forgive me. I am not a big dog person, I like them but I don't gush over them, but I have to tell you that little one in the sweater might be the CUTEST thing I have EVER SEEN!!!!!!

  14. Such a creative and lovely post! Love all of the images and couldn't help but smile the entire time. :)

  15. He is SOOOOOOO sweet and cute!! I love his little sweatshirt in the last picture.

    Oh p.s. Just thought I'd let you know the link to the giveaway isn't working. Don't feel obligated to fix it...I just thought I would let you know : )

  16. I guess your summer is short lived. I can't imagine that although ours was out of the ordinary for us with only a week's worth of the AC. I know some days in the 90's are still to come for us as the Santa Anas blow in. It's my favorite time of the year.

    Thank you for your sweet comments over on my blog. I have yet to catch up on all my reading. I look forward to my routine again. Hope you have been well. :) xoxo

  17. Gorgeous pictures! Your dog is absolutely adorable, I love his jumper. I hope you're having a great weekend xx

  18. Hello there! Thank you for all of your encouraging words about my blog! I already love your blog because my mom calls me in to read your posts with her all the time! By the way, your dog is so cute! I love his little sweatshirt! For some reason my chihuahua's favorite sweaters all have hoods too. Isn't that strange?

  19. Adorable photos!!!!

    I just did my post today on Fall...and how we're no where near it here in Florida...and probably won't be for another month or two.


  20. Missed you on Friday Dolce but so glad I could catch up today! I need to take a hint from Dolce and start accepting that summer is coming to an end. Yeah, that sounds good but nope, not yet... Thank God I live in Florida and can still cling gracefully to summer for a while longer!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~ Tracy

  21. Ruff! haha that's a good one. What a cute sweater!


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