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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dolce PawsPost - Mommy is back

I am so happy that Mommy is back from her trip. I have forgiven her for leaving me behind; after all she has been taking me for lots of walks in the garden this week.

With all the rain, the cutting garden is blooming with lots of colour. This makes Mommy smile alot.

The Angel Garden is looking really good. When the paths are filled in with pea gravel Mommy says I can go for a walk in it. Hopefully it will be finished soon!!

Looks like Mommy has some projects to complete - this would be great sitting rest area -if it was stripped down, painted and more cushions added. I thought the gazebo was going to be moved closer to the stream - a sitting area added and climbing rose bushes planted. Hmmm, maybe Mommy should not go on any more trips until her summer garden projects are finished.
 No, Frog friend to see today.

Hmmmm.... What's This?

 Wow!!! I Can see the stream really good from up here!
I'll just rest here ... maybe my friend the Frog will show up...
Paws and licks , until next Friday!


  1. What an adorable pal you have! Found you at Surburban Princess - nice to "meet" you! Until next time, my best,

  2. That little hound is adorable! I love the gardens!!!

  3. Oh I love this post, the way you wrote it... it gives me a mix of tenderness, a smile on my face....

    Your dog is so cute!!!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend, dear


  4. Thank you so much for your really sweet comment! What can I say, you are the kind of follower I want! I'll follow you, too! Hope we can inspire and learn things from each other! Have a lovely Sunday!

    Kristin xo

  5. OH i love your cute dog!
    Beautiful garden! This is a lot of work! Good Job!
    I love the sitting bed and gazebo! So pretty. All so pretty!
    Thank you for your visits. You always make my day :)

  6. Beautiful garden... and oh my what a cute dog. I found your blog through Just for Love. You have a beautiful blog..!!


  7. I love your garden... I love your dog !
    If we didnt live here Canada is where we would love to head, we have spoken about it many times. xx


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