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Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Most Important Thing I Learned in 2017: and 17 Other Things

The last six months of 2017 have been the most challenging of my life so far, and if you have been a long time reader of this blog - you would think, like I did, that nothing would top surviving what should have been a fatal pedestrian/car accident; or the death of a soul friend. When my life did a 180-degree turn in July, it numbed everything within me, even breathing seemed impossible. Surprisingly my body managed to carry on the motions of  day-to-day life. For weeks I kept reliving that moment, when my whole world collapsed beneath my feet, not able to process the pain, hurt, betrayal. It felt like a cloak of darkness pushing me down to the deep bowels of mother earth, where I would be buried, discarded and forgotten - like the plans that had been made at the beginning of  the year. 

I always say it is not what happens to us that defines us - It's whether we choose to let it keep us down or use it to spring board us towards the path we are meant to be on. I'll be honest lovelies, it was a lot of hard work to get to that point this go-round but, with the support, patience and caring from long time and new friends, along with lots of journaling, reflecting, self care, and yes copious amounts of bubbly may have been involved, at times. Here are 17 things and the most important thing I learned, which helped get me through to the end of 2017 in one piece. 

17. Love is not always enough.

16. Furbabies are affected by life changes as much as their human(s).

15. Sometimes you will never get the answers or know why; have faith the universe has your back.

14. Your thoughts really do create your reality. Think positive.

13. When you think you can't go on, Meditate, you will discover you can.

12. Your tribe of women friends will appear when you need them most. You know who you are!

11. Letting go is crucial to moving forward.

10. Another's actions are a reflection of  who they are, not you.
  9. If your libido goes dormant - don't assume you know why - get your hormones checked!

   8. Every Life Chapter comes with an ending, and not all characters will make it to the next.

   7. Your environment directly affects your productivity and state of mind.

   6. Some friends truly are extended family. 

   5. You become the average of the people you surround yourself with. Choose carefully!

   4. Time is the best healer.

   3. Have no regrets, each experience teaches you something. Learn the lesson.

   2. There is such a thing, as a hurt so great - that you literally can't breath when it hits you. 

   1. The importance of taking a solo break - to re-connect with yourself mind, body and spirit.
The most important thing I learned in 2017: It's not whether the glass is full or empty... it's that the glass is refillable! Sometimes, the best thing that happens is when the glass falls over, and it's contents are entirely spilled. Pick it up, rinse it out and REFILL IT with the best things in life.
Heidi Allen - Founder The Positive People Army

I had this AHA moment after listening to Heidi share it in a video, earlier this year. She mentioned it again in the above video. Lovelies this was truly a game changer for me. There will be times in life when no matter how positive, forgiving, understanding or optimistic you are (try to be), the best thing you can do is empty the glass, because it can be refilled - with confidence, self growth, self love, and everything you need to live the life you want to be living! AND with a POSITIVITY great than anything you could have imaged.

Learn more about the Positive People Army HERE and discover more inspirational videos by Heidi HERE.

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Yes, at times life can really knock us down so hard that you for a moment remain quite 'dazed', but as soon as you see the positive changes that affect your surroundings AND you, there is new hope! We always move on and stronger than before.
    So happy to read this kind of philosophy of yours towards the end of a very difficult year.
    Wishing you a very serene and peaceful ending, with some bubbly and a Happy New Year in good health!

  2. Welcome to your shiny new world, glittering, hope-filled and guiding you to new adventures, new dreams and best choices, ever. 2018 has the possibility to be your very, very best year ever. Embrace it - live it loudly - laugh and sing and play. You got this!!


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