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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Versatility Blogger Award ~ I have been tagged

I am both humbled and honored to have been tagged with the Versatile Blogger award by Living Well (LW). For those of you not familiar with her wonderful Blog, you must pop over for a visit, she is newly engaged, so be sure to leave a congratulations comment. LW will be sharing the planning of her wedding – so I encourage you to follow, so as not to miss any of the fun and excitement!

OK … the award came with the following rules:
- 7 things about myself
- then pass the award on to seven other bloggers

Here are my seven things:

1. I’m a city girl in living in the country… but I’m loving nature and enjoying a simpler life!

2. I fell in love with Paris, on trip earlier this year and can’t wait to return and explore the South of France next year!

3. I love receiving cards and letters from friends & family via snail mail

4. My favorite champagne is Veuve Clicquot ~ not only for its taste; I love the story/history behind the creation of the iconic yellow label.

5. I adore having afternoon tea when I’m in the city. I am trying to make afternoon tea a new part of my daily life at home.

6. Growing up– I had the privilege of taking ballet – something to this day I have fond memories of.

7. I’m working on writing book ~ about re-inventing yourself and creating a new life after losing yourself.

Now I pass this on to these fabulous bloggers:

5. My letters to Emily
6 .Ms. Bake-It
7. Miss Janice


  1. I think I kinda like that idea of tea in the afternoon....just taking a break, having a sip and a snack. Fun to get a glimpse of seven random facts about you!

  2. An afternoon tea sounds wonderful....I may have to think about doing that....slow down...enjoy! Great idea!

  3. Congratulations on your award! Well deserved.

    I enjoyed reading your answers and loved the cartoons. I think your idea of a book is an excellent idea.


  4. So well deserved, I love to hear more about my blogging friends too xx

  5. So well deserved, I love to hear more about my blogging friends too xx

  6. congrats on the award! that red show pic is a piece that i once owned...love it.

  7. Paris is gorgeous. Good luck with the book too.

  8. i'm a new follower.. thank you for writing and for bravely sharing your story!!
    i loved reading a bit more about you!

  9. Congratulations on your award! You deserve every single one of them!

  10. Aw thanks for the sweet shout out! I think afternoon tea sounds delightful as well!!

  11. congratulations, versatile blogger! i
    would add inspirational blogger!!!

  12. oh my! i just saw my name on your
    list! what a brilliant surpriseA!

    thank you, sweet friend.

  13. Love getting to know you through the little things in life that make you the lovely person you are. :) xoxo

  14. I nearly missed this! Oh dear, I am so behind on my awards - thank you so much and I promise to do these award posts when I've got my life sorted out again!


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