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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pajamas~Sweat Pants

Once home from the hospital, pajamas and sweat pants became my signature look. For almost 4 years these have been my go to items ~ for the comfort they offer and most important not having to focus, waste energy on trying to figure out what goes with what. Over the past 1 or so year jeans have started to make an appearance as part of my look. But I still pull on the sweats or stay in pajamas (if I’m not going outside the house that day) as my first option, again for the comfort and the little thought required.
Although I’m still trying to figure out what my Style Statement (signature look) is/will be ~ I know it’s definitely not the “sweat/yoga pant girl”. This does not mean that I will be giving up comfort and ease of choosing what to wear, so let me introduce the “Athletic Look” which has what is referred to as a “Fashion Pant”. The main difference between the classic sweat pant and the Athletic Look is the elastic at the ankle of the classic sweat pant. The Athletic Look often includes a matching jacket or hoodie to complete the style. Bebe, Juicy Couture and Dolce & Gabbana offer some great options for the Fashionista who like/need the comfort of the athletic look offers, but still want to look fashionable.

 This week the goal has 2 parts:

 a. Determined when the Athletic Look or Sweat/Yoga pant look is appropriate. Pajamas not valid here ~ another week for these.
To help me reach my goal and continue to move forward here is a list that is put next to my closet to help me “think” twice before slipping on the Athletic Look or Sweat/Yoga PantLook.

  •  Medical Appointments:
    • Often you are asked to put on a medical gown; or the doctor needs to look at a part of your body that if dressed in your athletic look – a pant leg can easily be lifted or a sleeve rolled up.
  •  Shopping for clothes:
    •  Comfort is necessary for having a pleasant shopping experience, sweats are easy to pull on and off, no zippers, no buttons.
  •  Grocery shopping :
    •  pushing the cart around the store is a form of exercise, so be comfortable
  •  Massage or Spa appointments:
    • After being relaxed you certainly do not want to put on anything restricting.
  •  Casual Visiting at a Friend’s Home:
    •  kicking back watching movies, doing crafts, BBQ, cottage ~ comfort is the theme
  • Sporting event:
    •  No explanation/description required
    •  Going to and from the gym

    •  Working out at the gym
    •  Attending Yoga or meditation class
    •  Walking nature trails

b. Separate and organize these two looks in my closet. Update and discard as required.

So thats this week's challenge!!! ... see you in a week .. I'll let you know How I did.

What do you wear to exercise, do chores and run errands??


  1. The best place to get cute exercise clothes that are not super expensive is at Target and TJMaxx. I definitely suggest looking there! They have everything! When I go to practices though, I usually just wear college sweats and a t-shirt!

    Have a great day!

  2. Sailor - unfortunately we dont have those store here :O(

    I spend the day in jammies if I'm not going out - I feel very unproductive if I am wearing outside clothes because then I dont want to do anything in case I get messy.
    I own one pair of yoga pants and wear them to yoga and maybe the grocery store on my way home from yoga.

  3. Since my life pretty much evolves around the events you mentioned, I could live in my casual clothes (and do a lot), but I try not to all the time. This summer I have loved wearing sundresses and flip flops. Easy, cool and comfortable. AND you can go almost anywhere in them.


  4. I love LL Bean's Perfect Fit Pants. My go to outfit for running errands/picking up the children is these pants & a fitted tee.

  5. I have never really been much of a sweats wearer. I typically only wear them when I am in Maine and trying to be warm and comfortable at the same time. I do have a couple of pairs of yoga pants. My usual apparel at home and running errands are sundresses or skirts and t-shirts. The skirts are light and full so they are very comfortable and are especially great in the summertime because they are cool. I also will wear around the house and running errands Dockers style pants from L.L. Bean or Liz Claiborne with a comfortable blouse or t-shirt.

    ~ Tracy

  6. man, you pressed two hot buttons for me!

    one, it rankles me to see a woman at the
    grocery story in her yoga outfit! the look
    is inappropriate and embarrassing to the
    rest of us and should be saved only for
    class. if coming from class, why can't they
    put on an oversized jacket, etc.?

    two, i have a uniform myself. sweat pants,
    cami, and oversized denim shirt. the camis
    are darling, ruffly, and colorful, but no one
    sees them but me. the rest looks awful but
    is sooooo comfortable. if i'm not careful i
    will step outside in it and run to the grocery

    i have a closet full of lovely clothes, but
    people in my town probably call me the
    bag lady! even the bag lady would be

    you have inspired me to purchase some
    attractive, comfy clothes.

  7. Comfort is essential.. but also is style.. :)
    I love juicy couture pants they are so flattering, I tend to buy plain subtle colours and the quality is so good the last. The other make that I like is Abercrombie and Fitch. I like a yoga style and having long legs both these brands suit.
    Have you ever tried silk Thai Fishermans pants? they are fabulous in the summer? xx

  8. I love sweater dresses as they are easy to pull on and off and they are very comfy.

  9. I actually go out in public in my pajamas when I am running errands or going grocery shopping. Haha. I started the bad habit in college and it just carried over into my normal life. But I think the pjs are cute. I get the boyfriend pants from Victoria Secret and a little tank to wear with them. They are super comfortable. And I usually put them on with flip flops. But if I am going to be out for most of the day, I just throw on a sundress and flip flops. My favorite are the Ralph Lauren Polo dresses. They look nice but are really easy.

  10. Nice! That picture is hilarious!!!!

    It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized feminine did NOT equal ditzy.... I've embraced fancy make up, nice jeans, and awesome heels. I'm not made up ALL the time but I make an effort to always feel good no matter that I'm doing. If that means lip gloss and eyeliner for the supermarket trip then so bit it! ;)))


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