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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gabbana is a big Girl now...

Our youngest little bundle of joy went in for "the surgery" last week. The first night, she was happy to just lay down. Mr. G, was showing more signs of Daddy -sympathy pain .. than the actual patient.

Big brother Dolce, would not leave her side and even let her share his blanket...

By the third day ... Miss Gabbana was back to herself ... well ... herself with a pink cone!!! lol...
Her food bowl, disappears under the cone.

Let me tell you this Pink Cone did not stop her ... I actually think it gave her super powers.

I'm sure at this point Dolce and Gabbana are saying to each other...
  "She has the camera AGAIN!!!"

A better photo of the personalized cone from the Vet. 
Our vet and her staff are super with all their little furry patients.

Turning the faces away from mommy's camera ... and possibly saying...
"She is not leaving..."

Gabbana being her little Princess self, tucks her head inside her castle and places her Diva paw with pink bandage, where the IV was during surgery , out ... Yup, she is fine....


  1. Your babies are too cute! What a clever Vet you have! Glad to hear she is doing well after *THE* surgery.

  2. I knew as soon as I read the title of your post that your little girl had gone for her operation. Glad everything went well, and the head cone is so cute!

  3. Awww! Poor little girl. I hope she's ok.
    Love their little homes! Too cute.

  4. Your dogs are just adorable! Glad she came through surgery ok.

  5. Super adorable! I love that her brother is taking such good care of her!

    We got Patch one of those cute dog houses - it now houses his toys! He won't go in it unless its to dig for a toy!
    Oh well at least it helps keep his toys in one spot!

    Soon she will be her perfectly normal loving self!

  6. Ahh I remember my Chi Bella having her op... she was very dozy afterwards. The breeder had advised me to not have the op , yet my vet said have it because it lessons the risk of disease later in life - can't win really! Elle x

  7. Dearest Celia,

    Poor Gabbana and poor Mr. G. for sympathizing with her discomfort. But this is the right way to deal with it. After that, no more problems and worry free. Wish that more people would take care of their furry babies before they create a problem.
    Love the little homes of them and Dolce was so sweet. Guess that animals do sense very well if the other is in pain. Very sweet!
    Hugs to you all,

  8. The dreaded "cone of shame"!!! Glad she's better! How sweet is it that Dolce looked after her!

  9. I love how expressive their poses and faces are when you dig out the camera. So even if you stole her groove and she'll never get it back, she will remain the best Diva evah!!!


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