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Friday, September 28, 2012

Creating A New Style ...

Most people are aware the clothes they put on each day silently speak volumes to the world, about their personality; how they see themselves; lifestyle; where they are in life and the social group they are (or want to be) part of. So, each day they are careful and meticulous about there wardrobe choices, regardless of their economic standing. This is of course "assuming" they are living life with no major detours, crisis or drama in sight.

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Looking back on my days working in the corporate world; I would be considering these options for my autumn wardrobe update. With a change of shoes and accessories this outfit would easily transition from day to an evening out, for cocktails or dinner with friends.
This outfit however, is totally impracticable for the daily life I now live and have lived for almost 6 years.

I can't speak for everyone going through a life detour, crisis or drama filled life... but I can tell you that my wardrobe went from the look above to this:

... day in and day out with little if any care for how people saw me. Yes in the early months post my accident this may have been understandable ... but this look was only up graded by sweat pants and t-shirts with runners for the following few years. Attending functions that required more than what I had become comfortable in, became a nightmare of anxiety, which only added to my already depressed outlook of life and this kept me in the catch 20/20 - until I found the strength to create a new wardrobe style I was stuck in my new "acquired style" and until I created a new wardrobe style, the strength just wasn't coming.

Lilly Pulitzer website click here
When I started blogging I was introduced to Lilly Pulitzer dresses which were a great help for creating a summer wardrobe of more than sweats. Being a dress no thought was required to match and upper or bottom piece; and they were super comfy.Unfortunately, not so practical for our Canadian autumns and winters. Being out of sweats, gave a little lift to my flat shoe wearing days.

It would take a couple more years before I would start creating a style that would better fit my new life. It than took me another year to actually transition to it. And this my friends is the  inspiration look I've designed to be my practicable look :

Working from home-office
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I may no longer require clothes for a corporate career ~ but I still have the need to look polished and presentable for myself. Coordinating pieces of my wardrobe remains a challenge for me ~ my brain can become exhausted, quickly trying to figure out what goes with what. To make getting dressed easier with the help of loving family, friends and a devoted care team, we have come with strategies to help me put my best foot forward in the wardrobe area. I'll be sharing these strategies in future posts.

For now I just hope to inspire anyone who finds themselves lounging around in their pajamas or sweats day in day out, to see how with just a pair of khaki pants, white shirt and loafers they too can give their day a lift.                               

Looking at this inspiration outfit I created, I  think I would  add a scarf! 

Would you add a scarf?

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  1. Loving that red bag!!! Happy Friday!!

  2. Yes, I would add a scarf never the less it's such a cool and stylish casual look, my dear friend.
    In another way you create a look that doesn't need to be business, but yet it's modern, elegant and proper for your way of life and you'll be looking gorgeous!!!!
    Hope everything is great with you angel!! Have a nice weekend
    Lots of blessings and love your way.
    Kisses from the midle of the ocean :)

    (By the way did you made a comment on L'affaire Cashmere Facebook page? It's mandatory......)

  3. What an awesome post! I too went through a transitional phase. After a tramatic event, I hid in sweats hoping no one would look at me, hoping to be invisible. Now, 10 years later I spend my days helping others look their best. Fashion is a wonderful form of artistic self expression.

    I love how cohesive and detailed your outfit is. It's a gorgeous look! And that hadnbag...it's on my bucket list!


  4. I might add a leopard print scarf! I've been all about scarves these days.
    I love both of your looks. And, I think that you could easily adapt look #1..no need to not pick up that stunning watch and handbag! Add dark denim and a plain white shirt and you are fabulous.
    Which you already are.

  5. No scarf if I'm just around the house; possibly when going out. I used to wear them all the time. I had to recently jerk myself up and clean out my closet and only keep clothes I actually wear. My many dresses are all calling me so they might be added back in, slowly, slowly. Maybe not daily - don't want to freak myself out by not recognizing myself in the mirror. I actually will have to force myself to get rid of the slouch clothes but this post has inspired me. I WILL get rid of them and take more pride my myself!

  6. Yes a bright scarf to flash some color. Maybe a white with matching pink flowers - something fun and bold.

    I think of you going from NY work fashion to English village. Comfortable, workable, functional, but still well made and nice looking.

    I used to live in my sweats - pregnancy, babies and depression did nothing for my desire to get dressed.
    I have learned how differently you feel after showering and changing into something nice.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful choices!

  7. Yes I would add a scarf or a chunky style necklace or earrings. Even a vest would look really awesome when going out. Love this post my friend and it looks like you are well on your way to finding the perfect wardrobe for the place you are at this point in time.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and prayers for my cousin and family. Blessings to you dear one.
    XO Celestina Marie

  8. A scarf would be pretty. This is very inspirational to me too, you are an inspiration. I find that from time to time i have to find my style too. Now after a baby i have no idea. It will come back i am sure though. Thanks so much for linking. XO

  9. Dearest Celia,

    Love your last set a lot more. Practical and still very polished looking. Funny that yesterday I wore about the exact pants, with a cropped silk top with short sleeves and loafers. For the shirt I would for your region surely add a vest or nice cardigan. A scarf, yes, you can match those shoes. But that's it. Less is more and you have your own beauty that you should not cover up with overdone layering of anything. Show your true self and only underline your beautiful character.
    Hugs to you,

  10. I do know what you mean - I now think there are times for everyone to varying degrees where we need to get our mojo back.... clothes are a real reflection to our inner self aren't they..

    Lovely outfit with or without a scarf - I always try to add a scarf if I can - not easy mixing hermes with a baby though! Elle xx



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