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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Change is in the Air...

Change is something that forces us from our comfort zone.

Change may not always be something we  initiated, and often 
blind sides us. But we can can take back control - by finding the opportunity(ies) in change instead of letting it (change) take us down.

Change comes with its own built in grieving/adjustment period and the length of this period is as individual as we are. I have come to refer to this time as "Life in Transition". Life as we knew it or the person we were no longer fit - in the present; and the future is unknown.

Change makes us look deep within ourselves and find strength we did not know existed. With this strength guiding us we are able to do our personal best and than some. 

Until we are ready to move forward, it may feel that we have been defeated by change. But this feeling will pass and we will conquer change. For one thing is constant with change ... IT will always be there urging us towards our life's purpose. Often in ways that we could not have imagined. 

Change is won when during our "Life in Transition" period we find our self going from surviving to Thriving; the choice to move towards Thriving is ours.  

As the plantings of summer make way for the harvest of autumn, it is the perfect time to look at what changes have been planted in our life and start harvesting the opportunities instead of focusing on the weeds that may also have taken root!

For me post accident, I have found the opportunity of giving to others, by sharing my story and journey. 

What opportunities have you found within changes in your life, that at first you thought there could be no good in it?


  1. Dearest Celia,

    Good question... For me since I became paralyzed I did find back trust in living better days. Finding the strength to focus on positive things and not to worry too much. Enjoying the little things, the day-by day pleasures, together with my soul mate. That's what we call quality time. It might be different from before but we both are grateful that we're alive and well. Pieter is now two years past his open heart surgery and he's come a long way. I admire his strength. Guess we give each other purpose for life, for wanting to climb back on the road forward.
    Hugs to you dear friend + Mr. G.


  2. An unexpected career jolt for my husband five years ago has beautifully morphed into a chance to offer Hope to children at mortal risk. We never saw this coming. We are so very thankful it did! At first we were hurt and struggling to forgive ... but when God opened the doors of Heaven and poured some of Brazil's former street children in our path, we were blessed beyond measure. We continue to be. I only pray we are faithful to share God's richest blessings with them -- and keep working for the millions and millions of children in our world just like them who have yet to receive Hope. ...Always keep moving forward. With God's help, it's possible!


  3. Ahhh change. i am still looking for my groove. And deciding what to do next!!?

  4. I am going through changes at the moment so I would say in my chrysalis state...hiding.. But I adore that photo, I may have to pin it xx

  5. When my dad died, I realized how much help my mom needed. During the 4 years before she passed on, she got progressively worse (dementia), needing more from me than ever. I promised her I would make sure she could stay in her own home and I did that. It was a horrible time and it was a wonderful time. I developed an amazingly new relationship with her, as did my son, who quit his job to come take care of her full time (except for what I had to do, her personal grooming). Between us, we had some of the most precious moments with my mom that I am grateful for to this day.

  6. Dear Ceila, This is a very good post and very thought provoking. Change does happen to us all at some time or another. It is apart of life and make us move in new directions that our Lord wants us to go, if we listen. My family and I have been through many events in life that were life changing with the loss of many family members. When you bury so many you love, it certainly does place you in a new direction of change. For me, I try and just look forward, take one day at a time, don't think too much and be thankful for every little thing along the journey. I feel our experiences, when we travel through them, give us the knowledge to help others. We can't keep them to ourselves. Life is for sharing and helping. Thank you for sharing these thoughts from your journey and God Bless you greatly.

    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you and happy Fall (almost) LOL
    XO Celestina Marie

  7. Hi sweet friend!

    I made lots of changes in the last year... both with my health and exercise and also we moved. It's all good.

    I'm back to blogging! I might not post or visit as often as I used to, but I promise I'm back. Loved catching up with you.

    Life is so good for me right now. I'm loving life and going "full steam ahead", so time on the computer is limited.


  8. I think with the kids getting back to school, it is another time to make 'new [school] year resolutions'. I'm getting back to tennis and some painting classes. I think we continue to explore ourselves to make ourselves the best we can be. I do find many posting about the same topic as you. And I love the morph photograph, BTW ;) XOL

  9. This is so beautifully said. There was a period that I felt stuck for a bit. Then I started moving forward. There are a lot of unknowns ahead for me but I just turned it all over to God. Time to thrive! xo


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