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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mommy's Time Out ... You deserve it!

found this on line and had to share it. You can purchase it here.

Whether you are a mommy of  young children, older children or four legged children ~ all Mommies need a little time for themselves. This week-end marks the official start to Autumn 2012!!! What better way to welcome fall, than with a few hours (or afternoon or evening or whole day!!!) just for YOU!!!

Me Time
Me Time by fallingoffahighheeledlife 
To give you some inspiration I'm sharing some items that would make my Time Out ... so much fun!! Of course a nice relaxing bubble bath; while enjoying some tea. After applying some luxurious body lotion and slipping into a comfy pajama, soft soft slippers and curling up on a chair with a great book or an issue of Tea Time or Town & Country magazine.

Fall into Autumn ~ with some Me time
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If you are thinking of making it a two day adventure (after all YOU have earned it!!!) How about curling up with some soft inspiring music and just sitting or laying down and enjoying a little nap.

The change of season is inspiring me to take some time to prepare for the days of being indoors and enjoying time with loved ones, baking and preparing for the holidays that the next few months are filled with!

Will you be inspired by the change of season to enjoy a little YOU time this week-end ?

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  1. Dearest Celia,

    Maybe not yet this weekend but hope soon! Great post and indeed it is well said. That is the change of season and this is exactly what we need for trading in the sunshine... Let's hold on a little longer to summer. At least for here it still works.
    Sending you love and hugs, to both of you!

  2. Oh I really dont mind this extravagance. Only reason I say is because I hardly take a time out from kids.

  3. Oh I certainly wish this for myself! I might like to stay at the Park Hyatt...go to Stillwater...a little shopping on Bloor.

  4. Your 'time-out' sounds just divine!! With 3 (yes I said 3!) kiddie parties and a wedding this weekend, I doubt that I will even come close to a 'time-out' for myself but a gal can always dream.... :)

  5. Celia, I agree!! I love the Laura Mercier body body and scrub.. yummy! and those slippers.. love it all. If Mom is feeling food then it filters down and everyone benefits :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. You're speaking my language pretty! I live, breathe and play with pampering potions all day long in our beauty lab. Fabulous post!!! Everybody should have some pampering time for themselves. Happy Fashion Friday. :)

  7. yes and yes. i plan to relax this weekend too. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams stop by im hosting a $100 shopbop giveaway!

  8. the laura mercier line is so luxurious - i once had some of the honey bath stuff & the smell was so divine!

  9. My time out might occur starting tonight, if the Offer we expect to get is good enough :)

    There will be much laughing, dancing, a drink or two and then packing to be done.
    besitos, sweetie ! C

  10. Love it - you have the perfect elements. Funny how different a man's collage would look :) Today the weather is beautiful, so I'm catching some rays. Tomorrow we will feel the remnants of a hurricane - so Ill be prepared with a roaring fire, crockpot chili, and some US football - sounds like Fall!

  11. Thanks for sharing. I need to do this!

  12. What a FABULOUS idea Celia!I am envisioning my time out on that RER in Paris :) with champagne and some girlfriends like YOU! Love the leopard jammies, I am off to check them out ~

  13. Took your advice the other day and spent one lovely evening relaxing, soaking, reading and having a full day of quite me time!
    I can't say how much it lifted my spirits!
    Fall seems to be a time (for our family at least) of never ending chores, projects and a rush to complete things before winter.
    Taking a moment to relax and breathe, was wonderful!

  14. aaahhh. great advice...something I so need. Thanks for this...hope your have a gentle day....

  15. You already know my desire to live in the tub permanently! I've heard great things about the Laura Mercier product. I might just need to treat myself! xo

  16. DEAR ONE!!!!!!!!

    How nice to see your comment this morning! ARE YOU WELL? ARE YOU ENJOYING THE NEW SEASON????

    I love a good spa treatment even if I have to do it myself.....and it doesn't have to cost me much. But taking that well-deserved time out for yourself is necessary for others around you!!!!!!! When you are at peace with yourself I find, then you are much more tolerant of others!


  17. Love this! So glad I take a little time to ring in this season with ME time. So happy I found you!


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