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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating for a Heathy Glow...

Part Three of  Three
Putting Your Best Face Forward....

If you want to have young and supple looking skin with a healthy natural glow it is important to take inventory of what you are putting into your body. Here are some foods that I am trying to incorporate into my eating habits to help get my body back on track and to get healthy glowing skin.

WATER: The more water we drink, the more we help our system to flush all toxins out of our body and the healthier our skin is going to look.

Green Tea: Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help reduce inflammation and protect cell membranes. It is important to remember to get the most benefit - do not add sugar or milk to green tea.

Berries:  Are rich in antioxidants ... strawberries, blue berries, black berries and raspberries add to yogurt or eat on their own.

Salmon: This yummy food is high in healthy fatty acids that are key for achieving healthy skin... Omega 3s. Flaxseeds are alos great way to get the healthy fatty acids.

Spinach: A fav food of mine is great for clearing up acne and promoting skin repair. Vitamin rich foods such as carrots and broccoli are also part of my veggie increase.

To help achieve and maintain healthy skin I am working on eliminating: sugar, white flour, saturated fats and fried foods from my "LifeStyle" eating.
Please share what food changes you have done to help improve your health and skin!

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  1. Hi! I like your post!I drink many cups of green tea every day and salmon we often have for dinner. I like to eat healthy and have read a lot of books on the subject. It's just soooo interesting!

    What a great idea to have someone draw you in Montmartre. A great memory! Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    Kristin xo

  2. Dearest Celia,

    Well, add Greek yogurt to that... good for a smooth skin and it helps your digestive system too. Use the 0% fat of course...
    You list valuable things that most people ought to adopt!
    Your picture is not showing at all, hope you can fix it.

    Lots of love,


  3. love salmon! glad to know it has benefits for your skin...i also really need to start drinking more water throughout the day!

  4. I'm trying to drink a lot more water as supposedly it helps fatigue, but the skin benefits is a plus!

    I am also cutting/reducing sugar...and processed foods as they make me tired too!

    I drink a lot of rice milk and eat tofu and tempeh with calcium in it too make sure I get enough calcium. :)

    I don't really focus on my skin too much, I am just trying to eat *healthy* in the vain hope it improves my overall health!

    My problem is I'm intolerant/allergic to a lot of fruits...including berries and citrus fruits! lol

    I also find hemp seeds are very good for you as they are full of good fats and proteins and so on!

  5. Dont forget berries which contain antioxidants which fight the free radicals that age our cells and make us look old. Every wonder why I look like a mere child even at 40?

  6. I don't drink green tea or coffee actually and i eat meat in moderation.
    I exercise and it is good for my skin.
    Drinking a lot of water.
    The funny thing is that the pill gives me great skin. I am off right now...You know the baby thing.
    I agree 100 % with the elimination.
    In France we don't eat fried very much and i still do that. I replace white by wheat flour...Love ya !
    Have a great day !

  7. I agree with Greek yogurt. We eat them a lot in France. Organic too.

  8. water is alway my beverage of choice

  9. Except for the coffee and sugar in my diet, I am doing pretty well, (according to this )..
    We don't eat red meat ( I haven't in 40 years)and we almost always have salmon and lots of good veggies here in BA.
    I go on fruit kicks.. right now it is apples. A few weeks ago it was blueberries and rasberries and cherries.

  10. You know, I needed this. My skin is not looking great at the moment. I have not been sleeping well, eating great or working out much so it really does reflect on our skin. Off to drink some water. Go Bruins... ( I don't care about them but I'll cheer them on so your hubby is happy!) xo

  11. Great tips...trying to eat healthier!!

  12. I am a new follower via GFC, I found you through Blog It Forward Tuesday.Hope you can stop by my new blog and follow back

  13. i am loving this post and next I am going to read the facial post. I am following from blog it forward tuesday.

  14. Celia - I've been too long and too out of touch with you. Hope all is well. Wonder if you got my postcards? Will be in touch. Take care.

  15. Following you from the Tuesday blog hop!

  16. i loved this post!
    i need to do more of everything you suggest.
    it's just that a busy life gets in my way!!

    thank you

  17. Hi Celia!!!

    Hope this comment finds you well!

    Come and visit me! I have a surprise for you!!!


  18. I love each of the items on the list! Even my boys love spinach salads!


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