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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Curly vs Straight ~ Hair Raising Discussion

I was born with curly hair. As a young child hair brushing often ended in long streams of tears, both from me and my grandmother. Then came my move to Canada ~ where it seemed no one except " us immigrant" children had curly hair. And well children being children, came up with some not so nice words to describe our [curly] different looking hair. So, it was no wonder when I discovered the flat -iron in my twenties, that I became a convert ~ straight hair.

I then discovered not all hair stylists know how to work with curly hair, this had been part of the challenges with my hair struggles. Once I found a stylist who knew just how to cut  (yes, curly hair needs to be cut a certain way) and work with curly hair, I started to learn how to properly manage the tangled mess and embrace the versatility curly hair offers. I learned over time to do my own blow outs and to maintain my preference and confident look of straight hair. I reserved the curly hair for beach, when most of the time it was under wraps with a hat or pulled back/up in a bun.

These days, no longer being able to easily wash my hair on my own; straightening  it on my own is definitely no longer an option. Mr. G. has tried ~ and bless him for it, but it often resulted in the tears of early childhood and a tangled mess. Luckily I discovered a fabulous stylist in the small town near our home ... who is a curly hair expert. She has truly been God sent ... the challenge has been getting my lion's mane to her shop on a regular basis, thus curly hair (which Mr. G is able to help with styling) has been the "norm".

Recently during a rare outing in the city with one of my besties, the subject of my curly mane as it blew around in the wind, became the subject of our discussion. Bestie feels that my lion's mane may be part of whats holding me back and that if I get it under control it may be what I need to feel a bit more like "Me". I responded the "the old me?" ...  a stern and firm "NO" ...  was her response followed by "there is no "old" or "new" ... only modified ... straight hair was/is your preference ... so why not make it part of your lifestyle again... except now someone else has to do it for you." After more discussion, I agreed to look at this is a challenge/experiment and for the next couple of months I have committed to getting my lion's mane in for regular taming.

What do you think? Curly or Straight....

I'm interested to know do you have curly hair? Do you straighten it? And does straight hair make you  feel better, more confident?

A little trivia: Even Cleopatra herself, was born with curly hair. But the Egyptian priests; specially prepared a unique straightening hair formula which left its mark in our memory of Cleopatra, with straight hair.


  1. I have wavy hair, so much of the time I straightn it. Sometimes I like to use mouse and scrunch it up for fun!! Right now it is in a ponytail!

    Art by Karena

  2. Straight hair is mine. Easy to manage, just wash and go.

  3. I have straight hair, but I think I am getting a curly perm. Just wash and go....easy, and these days, I need easy.

  4. either way is fine with me as i always pin mine up

  5. This post is ringing bells for me!! As a child, I had straight hair. As I got older, my hormones must have done something and my hair kept getting curlier and curlier. I used to have an amazing hair stylist in Va, but I moved 2 years ago (to Ohio) and have not been able to find one since. I do my best to straighten my hair every few days. EVERYONE always tells me how great it looks!! And every so often I get complimented on my curly hair, when it's fixed right & looks perfect. Curly hair is so much harder to maintain and style though. Ugh!! Plus, I have to wash it everyday. Humidity makes me look like a hot curly mess.
    I do like being able to have both though. But, until I can get these curls easier to work with and maintain, I'll just stick to straight hair ;-)
    Good luck!!

  6. I have wavy hair that is extremely curly after I wash it and falls pretty straight by the second day after a shower. I've actually found my life is much happier when I accepted the fact that my hair does have curl in it (I always wanted straight, straight hair) and started having fun with it! I found that Aussie's "Catch a Wave" leave-in conditioner/mousse has been an absolute God-send for my frizz problems!

    Good luck with your curl battles. I definitely feel your pain.

    Stopping in from one of the weekend blog hops! :D

  7. Hi!!! I think curly hair is really beautiful. Especially as you say, when you find a person who knows how to cut it, you always look fabulous. My hair is straight, but not completely. I use my hands to create curls just before it dries. I really think curly is better than straight - have always thought so! Have a beautiful Saturday!


  8. I have curly hair. All through high school and pre-kids I would grow it super long and take the time to really do my 'do. Long curly hair that everyone was envious of.

    Now I have kids and problems with my neck where if it gets too heavy and I pull it back I get major headaches. And I decided if I was going to pull it back everyday I might as well get it cut.

    I now have above-shoulder length hair that is bobbed in the back and longer in the front.

    I can go curly and it takes half the time to actually style than when I had long-long hair.

    OR, I can go straight because it is easy to blow out/straighten because it isn't super long.

    I can also go mid-way by blowing out some of the top and then scrunching the ends for another look.

    So, maybe what you need to work on is the length of your hair. I can control mine much easier now.

    Love it! And love the versatility of having curly hair.


  9. I like both. My hair is massive, I have to let it dry naturally, if I blow dry it, it gets even bigger. It is wavy when naturally dried, then I straighten it but put curls in with ghd's if I'm going out.

  10. Dearest Celia,

    Mine is curly but it is more manageable in summer when the humidity makes it tameable! I hate it when in winter's dry air from the heat it becomes frizzy... It hurts and one dreads to shampoo it as it takes about two days to tame down... At the time we lived in Indonesia for work, my hair was behaving at its best; very soft and painless brushing. High humidity there and high annual rainfal. But we don't live in paradise! Very limp hair is not my favorite. When I fought back after being paralyzed my hair was without any volume and I've taken collagen supplement for hair/skin/nails... it works after about 3 months. As my grandmother always used to say: the hair is so much a reflection of your general condition.
    But yes, I prefer curly hair above straight!

    Lots of love,


  11. I have medium length very straight hair that Im wanting to perm. I want curls. I hate this. I go back and forth so when it is permed I want straight. Dont figure. GHuess we are never happy with what the Lord has blessed us with.

  12. Hi! I'm on the blog hop trail. Following you, hoping you'll follow back...



  13. I have naturally curly hair. When I was a young girl, it was somewhat wavy(not much tho)and as I grew older, the curlier I became. I hated it curly(back then)it was when I attended Beauty School, I learnt new ways to manage my long curly locks. As years went on, and straightening irons became "the must have" I decided to start straightening almost every time I had to shampoo(i only shampoo once a week)I do love my hair straight...but, I have to have the right kind of tool(GHD iron) and the right type of product to give it the sheen after doing so. Today, I wear it straight AND cury...and NOW I feel blessed to have such option(s). When I was young I remember always wanting thin, naturally straight hair...not anymore. If I want straight, I take the time to straighten the day after I shampoo...If I want to wear cury, well I make sure I shampoo the night before, put type of product in and let air dry then next morning I use more product/water and diffuser to enhance my curls.
    Either way, hair can be beautiful...I guess I find it all depends on my mood as well~lolol But to answer if straight hair makes me feel more confident? No...for me, it all depends on the outfit, the mood and the time I have to achieve a nice do anyway. lololol

    I'm sure you're beautiful straight OR curly!!

  14. I don't even know where to start with this one! I keep my Black coarse hair to an eighth of an inch because of all the issues I had growing up.

    Then I had a daughter her hair is, to be kind, completely impossible. I often say her hair is payback for cutting mine.

    She's had hers straightened but it's so stubborn that it lasted all of 6 hours after taking the same amount of time in the salon chair.

    Generally, it's beautiful but it's a lot of work. She gets tons of attention and she often says how special she feels since she's the only one with hair like hers in her class. I'm proud she loves it!

    If you'd like to see a photo, visit my blog and search on "Audrey". I post about her hair all the time LOL!

  15. I'm a mommy of 3 girls- 1 has straight hair like mine, 1 has extremely curly hair, and 1 has a mix of both (straight on top, curly in back). I like to straighten mine sometimes since it can get a little wavy at the bottom. I think in the pics you posted, the first 2 look better straight and the last one looks better curly. :)

  16. I have curly hair. While it's fun to straighten it now and then, it takes a LOT of work. I say if you are embracing who you are, then your hair is a part of you that should not be ignored. As frustrating as our hair can be, i think you'll find most people will compliment you on it. If you're interested, there is a site called naturallycurly.com that is all about learning how to work with your particular curl pattern and has tons of product and salon reviews, as well as a huge community.

  17. I have amazingly naturally curly hair -- and I love wearing it that way. My hair looks great when straightened, but I just feel like it doesn't fit with my personality and I just don't feel like "me."

  18. Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have. I have straight hair and I always wanted curly.
    I know they do have this stuff that my neighbor gets done to her curly hair to make it straight and it looks awesome.
    What every you decide I am sure you will look beautiful!


  19. Like you I have a mane of curls that I blow dry daily.. I love the photos of the girls you have posted all with their hair curly.. but when it comes to me.. I feel confident with it straight..
    Maybe we use our straight her as a mask something that gives us the confidence to me more than we are.. yet really the curls are fabulous ..
    I also think its about colour.. mine is blonde great on the beach ..and thats it. Dark hair shines xx

  20. 34 and ringlets here! I don't like to straighten anymore... Just doesn't feel like my REAL self.


  21. I am a huge fan of curly hair because it's so easy! When you have stick-straight hair like me, you run the risk of looking like a drowned rat all the time. Popping by from the blog hop!

  22. I have crazy hair. I'm never happy with it. It's thinned so much over the years I feel like I have this flat look all of the time. I tried a perm last year, I liked it but, I lost hair from it so no more. ughHopping over to say hello, leave some hugs and follow along!

  23. I have long, waist length hair that is borderline, curly wavy. I love it for what it is.

  24. I have curly/wavy hair. So when the heat is unbearable in summer here in Spain, I leave it in it's natural state, and I always get lots of positive comments. In the winter months when I don't mind spending time using my hairdryer without the risk of passing out from the heat, I blow dry it straight. So why not just go with how you feel? When you feel like having sexy "just got out of bed" hair", go with it, and likewise for when you feel like being more sleek. You don't have to choose, enjoy the fact that you can have either :-)

  25. I have huge big curly hair. I admit- I do straighten it when I have to look professional and sleek- because as much as I try when it is curly- it looks like a poodle. But personally, I would never permanently straighten my hair bc I love my big mess of hair. I'm known for it and it makes me smile- even though it gets in my way most days haha

  26. I'm a proud curly girl. I find it's not worth the fight or the time to straighten it to end up looking unlike myself. I've had people tell me it's unprofessional and boys I've dated ask me to try straightening it for something different. I'm just so used to the body and shape of my curls, that while I do feel sexy and exotic with straight hair, I think it also looks flat and kinda boring, plus I love getting ready in 5 minutes flat!

  27. I used to have very curly hair. all my kids do and hubby too. I did not know how to style it until i came to the states when i was 21...I like it straight because i think i look better but i like to be able to go curly for a look i want...i feel like i have more choices.
    If you really want straight...You can go to a black hair salon and straight it up. Some of my friends did that in France...Thank you so much for your visit. Happy Sunday !

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  29. My hair story is somewhat similar to yours. As a young child my hair was golden blond ringlets (think Shirley Temple), then it grew straight as a board and dark, then it went curly again for a bit, and now it's this weird mixture of ringlets underneath and wavy on top. I straighten it almost every day, because it's just a mess otherwise. I found your blog through the Sunday bloghop. I'm a new follower. http://journeyforabetterlife.blogspot.com

  30. I would give anything for your hair!!!

  31. I have the curliest hair on the planet, naturally. In fact, I'm writing a post on the topic now, but I've lost a majority of my curls through keratin treatments, pregnancy, etc.

    Albeit, I feel more confident with straight hair - like I can be the real "me" (similar to what you made mention of)- I miss my curls. My husband does, too.

    I suppose we always want what we don't have!

    Newly following through the Relax & Surf Sunday Hop!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  32. hmmm..i have naturally straight hair that barely will hold a curl! while it makes taking care of it easy (i usually let it air dry), i sometimes wish i could have some whimsical beautiful curls! i love that you have the versatility to be wild and curly at times but also sleek and straight. so i say mix it up-- go with your mood!

  33. My hair is wavy. I tend to wash it and go ... drying it is too much work.

  34. I wear both ~ my hair naturally has a 'beach wave' and although I love it, I straighten it at times.
    What is your preference for you? If you prefer straight hair, have you considered a Brazilian Keratin Treatment? This is done at my salon and it looks fabulous. As you mentioned, finding the right stylist is key.
    xoxo, B

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