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Monday, April 4, 2011

Putting your best face forward ~ Part One of Three

As women, we tend to focus on whats happening to the skin on our face ~ after all its visible 24/7 not just to our self , but to the world.

When time becomes short or financial budget requires tweaking, we women seem to put our needs to the bottom of the priority list, and this often includes taking care of ourselves. Or perhaps an illness or injury keeps us from regularly needing to venture outside of the safety of our home ~ and after awhile the little things either from lack of energy, desire or from having to depend on others for assistance start to fall to the side.

So, when the day comes that we [and we all have; are seeing it now or will] actually see those signs of aging, neglect or side effects from stress or medication., instead of rushing to the nearest cosmetic counter for the latest "Magic Potion" that will bring back the skin of our youth take a look at how you are caring for your skin. Evaluate your eating and lifestyle habits. Are you drinking enough water; eating healthy; exercising; using SPF ~ OR are you filling up on soda and caffeine; sugar based foods are a food group to you; exercise is something you watch; and who needs SPF is your motto.

You will also want to be certain of your skin type and what it may be lacking (ie. dry vs dehydrated *) it is worth the time to seek the advise of a professional. Many skin care companies offer complimentary consultations to identify your skin type and needs. If your concerns are medication related you will want to seek the advise of a certified dermatologist, as they understand the side effects medications can have on the skin and how to combat them.

*most people misdiagnose their skin because both feel tight, rough, and uncomfortable. Dry skin is cause by not having enough oils in the skin, and dehydrated skin is from not having enough water in the skin. We require both moisture and hydration for a healthy, radiant glow.

  What small things have you changed in your lifestyle
 to help improve the look of your skin?
In Part Two ~ we'll take a look at the benefit of facials...


  1. So true!! I turn 30 in October and have always been big on drinking tons of water, never sleeping with my makeup on, and having a skin care regimen.
    Once I became a mom, all that went down the drain. I'm slowing getting back to doing (making time) for those thing I used to do. Taking care of me.

  2. water and SPF are an easy standard for me! however, I do love the caffine, sugar and soda. UNFORTUNATELY!!! I think I would be a completely new person if I cut those out of my life!

  3. I fall hook, line and sinker for the latest and greatest. What gets me for instance, is 4 eye creams from the same maker. How can they all be so different and are they really or do they feel the need to have a new product out? So confusing. I had my first micro-derm a few weeks ago so I can't wait to read your follow-up post! And thank you for your nice comment. Hearing from you always makes me day. :)

  4. Best thing I ever did for my skin was to stop smoking and stay out of the sun.. now I need to stop drinking as the difference in a week off the booze is amazing .. xx

  5. I try to take care of my skin by drinking plenty of water, not eating fatty or sugary foods and keeping it protected whenever I am out in the sun. I have been using Mary Kay products on and off for about 20+ years but I am not a slave to facial cleansers or moisturizers. As a matter of fact, I generally use Dove soap to clean my face. I will admit that there have been plenty of times I have gotten home late and was too tired to cleanse my face even though I know it is bad.

    ~ Tracy

  6. I have been really trying to take care of my skin, dringing more water, vitamins, taking off my makeup every night, lotions... I do feel prettier!
    Can't wait to hear more about facials!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. so true! i try to make sure to keep my skin moisturized more than anything..and GET SLEEP! sleep can do wonders for the skin and just about everything else!

  8. I'm addicted to skin care, I could be a professional! lol

  9. i've never been much into skin care and makeup but then i've been blessed with pretty good skin

  10. I do very little ... I tend to drink a lot of water, though.

  11. Great post friend!!

    I tend to try everything, LOL.

    I think the best thing is drinking water. I have seen major improvements over the past few months & I know thats why.

    Hope your having a great evening.

    ps- I dropped you something in the mail last week :)

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  13. Bonsoir, mon amie ~
    wonderful post! I've had the same routine since my 20's ~ 60oz of water per day, SPF 55+, glycolic acid in the a.m., Retin A Micro in the evening (both with a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream). I'm very pick with my products. I've only had one peel and it was 10 years ago.. however, I just purchased one from Platinum Skin Care. I get compliments on my skin all of the time so it must be working ;) I also eat very healthy, no smoking ~ ever.
    I'm horrified of any tweeks so I'm taking care of my skin.
    Wishing you a lovely week! xoxo, B

  14. Stumbled upon your blog, I love this, look forward to reading part two. This is exactly the kind of stuff I am looking to do more of for myself.

    Stop by and enter my giveaway!

  15. I have just started to run and I feel like sweating like that makes my skin look better. At least that is what I keep telling my self as I am tempted to stop!

  16. Boy I understand how with time we let ourselves be at the bottom of the list. I'm guilty as charged. New follower from the Blog it Forward Tues. By the way, I read your Bio I'd love to know what you do now. Kinda the before (career, and now career). Looking forward to being a new friend. Come on by and visit.

  17. I've been genetically blessed with good skin, but since moving to Spain I upped the ante; I now use a high SPF (50)every day under my moisturiser,and I am venturing more with organic brands such as Weleda, Liz Earle, Decleor etc. I also drink about 2 litres of water a day.

  18. Oh well. I had a perfectly fine skin till about mid-last year when I went off to Ladakh, India for a trek. i came back tanned, and went to this "Skin Specialist" to get some "professional" help in clearing my skin. And my nightmare began. My skin broke out in boils and they left ugly scars. I had to stop the treatment mid-way, and am now living with the ugly aftermath.

    I wish I had just used my regular skin care routine and let time mend the tan. Well, have learned my lesson now.

  19. Ahhh, H2o!!! It's so true, water is so good for your skin! Now that I'm 31, I'm always looking for ways to keep my skin healthy! Thanks for this post!


  20. Great post! I am always looking for ways to better my skin!


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