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Friday, July 2, 2010

Surprise for Mommy - Dolce PawsPost Fridays

As we enter into summer, the weather is suppose to get hotter – this week started out not too bad. We had a day of nice warm weather – and I got to take Mommy for a garden walk; I got to wear my sandals.
The rain and sun have been really helping the flowers to grow ... this makes Mommy very happy!

Daddy and I have been working really hard to set up a sitting area by the stream for Mommy. She can go there to write, read , just sit and enjoy all the nature around her and of course bring me for nice walks. Daddy and I are going to reveal what with have been doing, I'm so excited - Come Mommy hurry!

It was a little cooler today so I had to wear my Juicy sweater and running shoes. This is a great view of the stream!!!! So quiet, all you can hear is the birds singing, and Frog friend jumping into the water. Look I think I see the little fish... Mommy looks really happy!!

Is that a treat ??? Daddy said I was a great helper and a good boy ... I love treats!

Dolce Paws Until Next Friday!!!!!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Friends!!!!!!
Happy Fourth of July to all my American Friends!!!!!


  1. Hello darling
    thanks for stopping by my blog ,I'm very happy to meet you!
    Love your blog and love your puppy, sooooo cute!
    P.S. I live in high heels so you're the girl for me :-)
    Happy weekend and see you soon

  2. Love them shoes !! That is so cute.. we must have a telepathy today.. I have been taking photos and videos of my pampered pooches will post over the next couple of days .. Son home tonight from Army camp will need lots of attention :) xx

  3. Love them shoes !! That is so cute.. we must have a telepathy today.. I have been taking photos and videos of my pampered pooches will post over the next couple of days .. Son home tonight from Army camp will need lots of attention :) xx

  4. Sorry I double clicked .. so good I commented twice ..love your dog

  5. I've never seen any cuter sandaled paws!!
    I'm so glad you're having your little retreat by the stream...so perfect for day dreaming and meditation...

    I send you a big hug and wish you a wonderful week end!!

  6. Aww this is such a sweet post! Love the shoes... and beautiful pictures.
    the sitting place by the water... i'm coveting..:)
    Thanks so much for visiting me...you are so sweet and always leave me the sweetest comment that warms my heart... i love your blog!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Love the puppy sandals! Too cute. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  8. OMG!!!!!!! Just when I think that there can be no cuter picture of Dolce you go and put that precious puppy in shoes. ADORABLE!!!!
    Happy weekend to you!

  9. It's official- your dog has cuter sandals than I do :)

  10. Happy Friday to you too, precious friend : ) Your sweet little pup is too cute for words. His outfits...simply adorable!

    Blessings to you too!

  11. OMG, my dear those running shoes are sooooooooo cutie!!!!!
    I love these friday's posts you always manage to amuse me. Have you already thought about writing a book?

    Hope you had a nice Canada's Day!!
    And have a fantastic weekend, my dear friend.


  12. P.S. That surprise from your babes was so touching. How thoughtful and loving of them! You deserve it : ) Wish I could come sit at that beautiful spot with you, chat, and visit awhile. How nice would that be?

  13. Wow, no wonder mummy is happy this is such a stunning setting for a summer love in, I can almost here the bull frog and see the lily pad floating past!Sweet doggy friend! Glad mummy is soo happy. Back soon! Sharon xx

  14. In all my 80 years, I have never seen a puppy in shoes like this. They look just like some that you would make for child. Ia not sure about you dog lovers. My niece, Coloradolady, has three and they mean more to her than her own kids.

  15. Oh my goodness I just love Dolce! The shoes - too cute! Dolce and your honey made a wonderful sitting area for you! It looks so peaceful there.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  16. Your pup is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! What a beautiful garden you have...Happy Canada Day to you, and have a wonderful weekend. Did I ever tell you that I am Canadian also, although I have lived here in the States my whole life. Most of my family is in Canada though.
    Best, and thanks for the weekend wishes (my boys are American so we will celebrate the red white and blue way!)

  17. Those tiny paws in sandals and running shoes are just adorable. So cute!

  18. I bet mummy was happy with her lovely seating area, you are such a good boy for helping daddy!
    Anyway, have a great weekend relaxing by the stream! xx

  19. First, thank's for your comment in my blog. And second, you may know already, but just in case... I saw in /pinkmartinisandpearls.blogspot.com/
    you won the giveaway, so you better contac her.
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  20. Oh my dearest, sweetest friend! WHat a darling canine, and so fashionable! THE CANINE FASHIONISTA! Thank you for coming to visit me upon my return home; this has been a fabulous summer filled with much love and memories. Now that I am home, my husband and I are going to build two rooms to our home and we are so excited. This is actually my first summer where I am not working extra. I am a teacher so I have summers off, but I used to teach summer school and also attend courses for my Masters. It is all over now and I can actually have fun! I wish you a marvelous fourth with all those that you love and that precious little puppy! Bisous, Anita

  21. prettyboy dog groomingJuly 3, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Dolce, buddy.......screw the sandals, barepaws the only way to go........



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