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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Package in the mail - Blog Friends

Ah... Wednesday- started out pretty good - the weather was great, not too hot or cool- I was feeling a bit tired but determined to get some work done on the Angel garden when Rehab Girl (she is really helpful at making sure I don't over do it and pace myself) arrived. So as we were going through what the "plan" is for today - the mail man arrived with a package for moi.

As I opened the package I recalled the cards I had ordered from  French Bleu Vintage  Shop. Adrienne's  blog  French Bleu Vintage, had been featured on Frenchy's blog Le Chateau des fleurs , which I read daily. I couldn't wait to open the box and see my beautiful cards. When I opened the box inside nicely packaged and protected were my cards.

I'm quite certain, by her facial expression Rehab Girl - thought I was having a "moment", taking pictures. I quickly explained I had to; "look how carefully and beautifully everything was packaged" -  It was like receiving a gift!!!

But there was more ... inside the box...

Tucked inside was a beautiful gift tag (which I'm going to use for my writing desk) and a token of merci from Adrienne; all held together creatively with beautifully hand embellished in white with silver accents a  Paris theme clip .


All this beauty and we had yet to reach the prize ... my Cards.


Recently we brought my writing desk from our city home. Much to hubby's dismay - since as some of you may know, we are under some major renovations and space to set things up is bascially non-existent. But I missed my writing desk terribly and of course the only place to set it up, offering me a great view of the gardens - ok I digress, I'll save the desk for another post. But I couldn't resist taking the cards over and placing them on the desk. These will be the cards I use for the next note-card I need to write.

If you have not had an opportunity to visit  French Bleu Vintage or  Le Chateau des fleurs - I do suggest you added them to your "need to check it out" list. These ladies elevate the word creative to a completely new level. After all, we can all use a little creative inspiration.

We did make it out to the Angel garden and my excitement about my wonderful cards, gave me a little energy boost, the garden is almost ready. I need to write a Thank you card and also acknowledge their birthday... I can't wait to sit at my writing desk and use my new cards! 

P.S. Thank you Blog Friends - who share great finds. Had it not been for Frenchy I may not have come across French Bleu Vintage - Merci mon ami Frenchy XO.


  1. Hello HHL,

    Thank you so much for the award! It really meant a lot to me.

    I love your new cards and I am definitely bookmarking both sites to check out in the very near future. Your desk is gorgeous!

    ~ Tracy

  2. lucky is the one to receive one of those
    lovely cards! i hopped over to see both
    of those gorgeous blogs. can't imagine
    why you take the time to visit my
    humble abode.

    if i had a writing desk as beautiful as
    yours, it would follow me around the

    alas, i seem to gravitate to my kitchen
    table, which has to be cleared each
    evening for dinner. :)

  3. Hi.. What gorgeous cards! Don't you love it when someone goes the extra MILE to make your package a special gift? I will have to go check that site out! Happy writing on your lovely desk!

  4. I have the matching box! I use it to hold my stationary!!

  5. Beautiful cards... and yes, dear the way things are presented can make a lot of difference.

    Your writing desk is sooooo lovely.

    Take care sweet darling.


  6. Bonjour ~ HHL

    Thank you sooo much for your extremely humbling post. Wow! Talk about receiving a gift. There is nothing better than the gift of a happy customer. Frenchy's Blog is so wonderful and diverse ~ I have a blast reading her musings. She is quite a doll and I am so happy I found her. Making my orders "pretty" is one of my happiest delights in life and I sincerely thank you for your very kind words. Adrienne (Dee) xo

  7. You have such a great taste! Love the cards!
    You are such a sweet woman. You make my days. Your comments are always so dear to me.

  8. I love cards and can you believe I have 2 1/2 chest of drawers full of boxed cards in my studio

    It is so fun to get a package in the mail even when your expecting it
    I haven't been over for a while glad to her your getting outside in the flowers and weeds
    I like your black desk also I have 3 pieces of black & gold furniture it always looks so charming in any room



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