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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating me – with a little help from my friends

It was recently brought to my attention by a couple of dear, dear friends that I was letting myself go and they were concerned that I was sliding back into a “frustrated state (code word for depression)”. Even in the hospital I was beside myself that I had no colour on my toes. Yet as one observed, your colour is there but you can see the new nail growth; then they went on to the hair- and the root garden that was growing; the clean, but un-manicured nails- also did not go unnoticed; nor that some waxing was long over-due; and the track-suit had to go. You get the picture.

So, after explaining that I had noticed all this, it just seemed that I was forgetting about it until I had to go somewhere and then it was too late (explaining the pants – in the heat we have been having); mind you with the sun – no one was questioning the hat; and non-opened toe area sliders- kept toes out of sight. The thing is that lately it seems even my lists are not helping to keep me organized, and when hubby brings something up – I’m very defensive. Also I have been more tired and head aches, which does not help.

Being the great friends that they are – they made sure appointments for all the necessities to bring me out of my Cinderella (not at the ball) self were booked before they left. By the end of last week, I was my groomed self again! So, all though on the inside I was really feeling things - on the oustide I looked re-freshed.

I received an email from one of the N's today that made me both cry and smile.

We know that you are a butterfly trapped in the cocoon you have been put in! There are many things we cannot help you get back; – but the impeccably groomed lady you were, we can certainly help with that. We will be checking on your grooming appointments weekly – hope that’s ok.

Sent with Love, Respect, Caring and everlasting friendship.


I am truly blessed with the friendship's God has sent my way!
So, after my appointment with Shreko today, I made my way to the Chanel counter where the girl who always helped me, before my detour, was happy to get me started back on the basics. -

Powder blush -15 Orchid Rose; Rouge Coco in- 09-Organdi Rose and 05-Mademoiselle; Le Crayon Khol - 61-Noir and Natural Finish pressed powder 30-Natural.

I already have, mascara - I like Hypnose Drama by Lancome - black. I find the wand to be easier than other brands to apply with my left hand - and even when I have to bat my eye-lashes on the wand to apply, - when I'm having a non coordination day - the clumping factor is very minimal compared to other brands. I still have been unable to coordinate with left hand to apply eye-shadow, so I do not use - unless someone I trust is around to apply it on me.

We went with very natural colours - So - I guess this is the start of the new me; caring a little more about my every day look.

Image credits: Chanel cosmetics-HHL; messy hair - fotosearch.com


  1. What wonderful friends...to gently remind you that you need some self-care and to notice that perhaps you are depressed. I'm so glad you're on your way back up...and have done something nice for yourself. Thank you for always being such an encouragement to me.

  2. Good friends will tell you when you need a kcik in the butt and I think your friends are the best.!

  3. What lovely friends you have. We all feel better when we have been to the salon had our hair done, waxing, nails etc and no matter how we feel on the inside, so long as we look groomed on the outside, we can cope with anything! xx

  4. Are we going to get to see a picture of your makeover??!!

  5. HOw lucky you are to have such good friends. Sometimes those little things have a way of making us feel marvelous! I am positive you are beautiful, inside and out!

  6. OMG I was so touched and happy to know that you have such great friends that love you and will not let you go down with your image.
    Because, believe me that's very important to do things for us to feel pretty and groomed.
    Like Mimi "I am positive you are beautiful, inside and out!" but you'll feel glamorous ;-)
    Much love my dear friend


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