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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Books, Awards and Give-away Gift

Book - Great Read

After following Beth’s blog Social Climbers, for awhile and thoroughly enjoying her post topics and writing, I was most interested in reading her book of the same name Social Climbers. Not being able to find it at our local book store (in Canada), I dropped Beth an email and she was most gracious, and I was able it to order it directly from her.
When my book arrived I was excited!!! Beth had personalized it for me, her inscription made me smile. . Thank you – You made my day!

Well, once I started to read the book, I couldn’t put it down. I’m not able to read books for hours at a time, as it now tires me and I have a difficult time keeping the story line straight. But I found this book easy to follow (perhaps because I could relate to her main character) and Hubby was kind enough to read to me when I was starting to get tired – so that really helped to keep the story line fresh in my mind.

What I really enjoyed about this book, is that it has inspired me to start thinking about reaching out within my new community and look at building new friendships. Since moving to the country – though it’s been great mentally and physically – emotionally sometimes it’s difficult as most Besties are an hour plus away by car.

If you have not read this amazing book pop on over to your local book store or contact Beth at Social Climbers. The characters are so realistic everyone will be able to relate. I only have one Question: When is the next book coming out?


It was an honour to receive the “Sunshine” award from Ruth of, Underneath His Wrapping, as her posts, writing and comments always touch me and bring a smile to my face. She is an inspiration to me and if you have not come across her Blog, pop on over there for a visit. She has just renovated her blog look and it looks fantastic!!!

The rule of receiving this award states the receiver is to pass it along to 12 other blogs...whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. There are many blogs that deserve this award - here are the 12 blogs I am forwarding it to;

Getting Fit and Loving It          Life In Quotations            Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

Pink Martinis and Pearls         French Mademoiselle      Bellas Rose Cottage

Bonjour Romance          Barbs Heart Strokes       Hope Filled Living Magazine

Casa Bella                  A Town and Country Life           A Reclaimed Life

Barry from Life in Quotations passed this wonderful award the "You're Going Places Baby", to me. Thank you Barry, your words of support, encouragement and leading by example – continue to inspire and motivate me. Mr. B- is definitely going places, and if you are in need of some inspiration, an ear to listen or a place to express yourself his blog is your sanctuary.
The rules for this one are simple, describe where you'll be in 10 years and pass it on to ten bloggers...

TEN years, hmmm –Blessed with a child(ren), adopted or via surrogate - from our waiting embryos. Know who I am. Have penned my first book and most important to me- Be making a positive difference in people’s lives.

So I'm asking these lovely ladies ,Where will you be in 10 years?

The Life of a Suburban Princess           La Bella Vie            Forty Not Out

Cafe Bellini           Thoughts From Meme's Corner       Paris Pastry

Social Climbers     My Castle in Spain      Lily Lemontree            Susan R.

Give-away Gift

I was the lucky winner of the Coco Chanel give-away hosted by Pink Martinis and Pearls. This past week I received my most generous prize; a copy of The Gospel According To Coco Chanel, written by Karen Karbo, along with a fresh body satin spray - Coco Mademoiselle - by Chanel.

So Saturday evening I decided to pamper myself with a nice warm bubble bath, which I then spoiled myself with the wonderful Mademoiselle - body spray. It left my body wonderfully soft and freshly scented.

While I was in my bath Hubby had brewed me a nice cup of tea – he used the Marie Antionette - tea from Laduree, purchased on our trip to Paris earlier this year.

Now I was ready to settle into bed and start on my new book. Ah what more could one ask for; Silky smooth skin, a special hot cup of tea and a wonderful book!


  1. What a heavenly evening and your bed looks divine xx
    I have to say I love your tea cup too I love real tea in a lovely china cup ... there is just nothing like it .. not even vodka xx

  2. Congratulations on all of your awards! And thank you for passing one one to me!

    I love your bedding colours...you will love mine when you see it! We have the same taste lol!

    Yay for winning PM&P's contest!

  3. Congrats on your awards and winning the give away. It sounds like you had a fab evening.

    And thank you so much for passing this award on to me. I'm so far behind ... this is a believe the 4th one I have to respond to. Such a bad blogger! But life has calmed down and I will definitely respond shortly.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. congratulations on even more
    awards! you are so deserving
    of them all.

    thank you for the great book
    review. i'm sure that the folks
    in your new neighborhood are
    dying to get to know you!

    i'm a terrible networker and
    could really use the help from
    your new book.


  5. Congratulations on the awards and the give away!! You so deserve them. and thanks so much for the kind words...

    Underneath His Wrapping

  6. How lucky you are to have won those fabulous gifts! Thank you so much for the award! I have no idea where I'll be in 10 years, but I hope it's close to Paris ;-)

  7. Hmmmm.... I think I'm green.... yes, green of envy about your fabulous evening and that wonderful bed ;-)

    Congratulations angel on your wards and win!!!

    I love to read and usually on holidays I find time to read at least one book... not on these :S

    Tons of love

  8. Oooh it looks like you had a LOVELY evening : ) You deserve it!

    Lots of love,

  9. This looks like heaven!
    Oh i need a bath, tea and good book :)

  10. Thank you so much for the award, but especially for what you wrote... ("if you are in need of some inspiration, an ear to listen or a place to express yourself his blog is your sanctuary").

    Honestly, you couldn't have written anything more perfect because this is EXACTLY how I hope people will see me.

    It's indescribably rewarding to have forged the relationships I've been able to. I feel very fortunate to count you amongst those with whom I feel most comfortable and safest. I know we'll only get to know each other better as time goes on, and I look forward to it.

    I also want to thank you for all the kind words you've given Sandy. You've been tremendously supportive and uplifting, and we dearly love you for it.



  11. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards! And thank you, thank you, thank you so much for passing along the award! Ten years?? That will be an interesting one, I will get on it right away!
    Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend!!!!

  12. Lucky girl! :-)
    and yes you deserve it all...the lovely bubble bath and the divine Coco body spray...
    Congrats on your awards and thank you for thinking of me..Gosh ...in 10 yrs, where shall i be?
    Have a great monday!

  13. Congratulations on all your well deserved awards, and thank you so much for sharing with me along with these other wonderful ladies.
    Looks like you had a marvelous evening, and a sweet honey.
    Thank you again and Bon week,

  14. Hmmm. I thought perhaps my original comment did not go through because I didn't see it. Oh well, another chance to visit. :) Thank you for my award and congratulations on yours! It was thoughtful of you to think of me. (xoxo) So glad you liked the give-away and what a tres chic tub to make it Coco's new home. I have a tea cup that is very similar to yours. I think this means we are meant to have tea together someday. Have a relaxing week with Coco and your Prince Charming! Definitely a keeper, that one. ;)

  15. Congratulations on your awards! Thank you SO much for mine, it was so sweet of you to think of me! You have to let us know how you like the chanel book - I am really curious because I love Chanel so much!

  16. Well first let me say congratulations on you awards, if anyone is deserving of it, you are! If not for any other reason other than your inspiration to me to be to be better in my own life after all you have gone through. Secondly, you are deserving of it simply because you DO have a wonderful blog!
    Now to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me along with all these other inspiring blogs. I am honored and happily surprised! Never in a gazillion years would I have expected such a nice compliment!
    And what a great question...
    "where will I be in ten years?"
    Hopefully retired from my current job and doing event planning instead:)
    Thank you again my dear friend,
    Terry B.

  17. PS you deserved to be pampered by hubby too! in fact, you should have that once a week!...doctors orders!

  18. At least a few good things rolled your way. You received some very worth awards and a great gift. See what happens when you blog. I appreciate the award you honored me with. Thank you very much and will feature it next week. Take care till we meet again.

  19. congratulations on the awards! and love the channel!

  20. What a wonderful day you had! A good book bath and tea... makes for a wonderful evening:-) Congratulations on the award!!! Thanks for mine, what a nice shout out!
    Hope your luck continues!!

  21. Congratulations on your awards. Your bed looks fantastic. It looks like a perfect night

  22. You deserve the awards!! So congratulations!
    You have a great writing style and hopefully one day I can aspire to that. It is always such a joy to read your blog.
    Thank You for thinking of me and passing along the award to me.
    So new to blogging and have an award!! Will be posting about it soon.
    Thank You,
    Enjoy you day,


  23. What a lovely way to spend an evening.. sounds divine. And congratulations on your awards... very well deserved! Ooh thats a great question.. ten years from now? I'd like to be healthy, happy, still in love, watching my daughter flourish as a teen and making a great living out of writing about fashion! Not much to ask hey?! xxx


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