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Monday, June 28, 2010

God’s plan, the Power of Prayer and a Miracle - Picking up the Pieces Mondays

I can’t imagine what my family and friends must have gone through for 6 weeks, as the doctor’s kept telling them to prepare for the worst. A sampling of the list of injuries my family and friends were given: closed head injury; C-2 fracture; ruptured diaphragm; lacerated liver; severely bruised heart; fractured sternum; multiple fractured ribs; multiple fractures in right forearm; shattered right elbow; crushed right pelvic; bruised kidneys; lacerations to small bowel; bleeding from every cavity – over 54 units of blood – nothing holding. After providing a list that resembled the size of a week’s grocery list.

The Doctors wanted to amputate my right arm, due to all the fractures. Thankfully my sister and brother did some research and jointly agreed “NO” to the amputation – I owe my right arm to their love, caring and due diligence.

The doctors did not hold much hope of survival, especially since as fast as blood was being pumped into me, it was coming out. My family gave permission for a Trial Drug used for Hemophiliacs, to be administered to me. I was given 3 units of this trial drug – and still the bleeding continued. I was not expected to make it to the next day. I was extremely fortunate to have been taken to Sunnybrook Hospital, their Trauma team is second to none in Canada.

Over the next 6 weeks – my family and friends were on an emotional roller coaster ride. Each day that I continued to live was a blessing, then their hopes would be dropped as throughout this time – my lungs collapsed; I went septic; pneumonia would be added to the list, etc. every couple of days their hope was shattered with something new.

My sister stayed by my bedside throughout these weeks, relieved a couple hours a day by supportive friends and on week-ends by her husband, our brother and parents (my family lives 3 plus hours away). In the waiting room she would see families whose loved ones with less injuries did not survive, others with worse injuries were being transferred from critical care to intensive care. In case you are wondering the difference between CC and IC is – “CC you are closer to the other side, IC you are closer to our side” as told to a friend when he asked a nurse.

I have been told prayers were being said for me throughout Europe, Africa, South and North America, Asia – the power of the internet, loving family and friends throughout the world, spread the need of prayer for me.

I was truly blessed to have some many people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and beliefs coming together for my survival.

Each year the Sunnybrook trauma unit, treats more than 1,200 injured patients requiring immediate and often life-saving care. To learn more about the Trauma, Emergency & Critical Care units click here.
images:  world prayer - google search; In God's hands - www.mitchie.com


  1. What a living nightmare you and your family have been through. You are truly an inspiration to us all ...
    What ever they pay these wonderful nurses, doctors, carers is never enough, they do a wonderful job and its lovely to see you recognise them .. sending love xx

  2. I know this was not easy for you to share and relive in thoughts. You are indeed proof that miracles do happen. Blessing to you and may you have a good day.

  3. Oh my. oh my.
    love and prayers,

  4. What a moving post today...THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure it's hard to even think about somedays, let alone open your heart to so many people about it. You are a MIRACLE.

    God must have BIG plans for you, my loving friend. I am thankful for all of the loving people who sent prayers up on your behalf. He listened and answered : ). I am blessed by your story and strength!

    Positivity, love, humility, and strength bubble out of you naturally.

    So, so much love to you.
    Laura : )

  5. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family...I truly believe in the power of prayer. What a miracle....I am so happy that you are here :)

  6. OMG! All that you have endured. What a miracle! And how very strong you are.

  7. I think the reason God kept you here is very, very simple. It's so you could remind us how precious life is, that the small things really aren't worth worrying about, and that there are still many beautiful people like you left in the world.

    Every time I comment I try just once not to use the word 'inspire' and it's really difficult, because you...I don't know how to express it. You just add a lot of light to my day.

    I'm blessed to have met you, and I'm sure it's safe to say we're all very lucky that you're still with us.

    Love you, admire you, respect you always.


  8. Brava, Bravo to you and all the other Heroes who are seeing you through this---and out the other side to total victory.

    Every day is a step; every step another win.

    I look forward to your journey---it's an honor just to be looking on and cheering.


  9. This is so horrible!
    I am so glad you made it!
    Thank you for sharing! Your journey was not over. You are a great example of faith!
    You are so blessed with your family too.:)

  10. Wow! What a terrible experience. I´m glad you can speak about it like this like something you went trough and made it in a very positive way.
    You and your family are very brave.
    Thank you for stoping in my blog and for your lovely comment.
    Have a nice week.

  11. So amazing and such an inspiration!!

  12. My brave friend...
    I'm soooooo glad you can talk about it now, it means you walked a long way strugling and you won. Eveyday you win something.
    Keep your faith, you're here for a reason, your work isn't done yet.
    So it says your second chance (as mine).
    I admire you and respect you for what you've acomplished. And thanks God for your family.

    Tons and tons of love and God bless you.


  13. What an ordeal you and your family went through...your recovery certainly is miraculous...praise God!

  14. Wow, you went through a lot. Living to tell about it is a miracle. God must have a very special plan for your life.

  15. wow....I'm so glad your family prayer...believed...knew Him and the power of His touch to do the impossible.....Stay strong...

  16. What an amazing thing to have to many people praying for you. I just love when people around the world pray for people they don't even know.
    God Bless,

  17. More proof that God alone is in control of our lives and praise God he saved yours to testify to us who sometimes take life for granted. May you live a long and happy life.

  18. When man has done all that can be done, then it is God who does His work of seemingly impossible things. You are a living miracle of God. No living person can dispute that. What a testimony. God bless you, Dr. Bobbi

  19. Wow, how blessed we are that you shared this with us today. It is a real testimony to the power of prayer. I'm so glad they decided not to amputate your arm. I can't imagine the fear and anxiety you and your family went through.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. My wife, Charlotte commented that God must have very special plans for your life. No doubt! We are seeing part of that plan live out in this blog. You are touching the lives of many for good. God bless you as you live for Him.

  21. WOW! I can't begin to imagine! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  22. I don't know what to say...so thankful for your recovery.


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