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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fridays with Dolce

Yesterday, before the rain started again, I decided to take Mommy for a walk  down to the stream. She tried desperately to put on my rain boots – but I would have none of that.

Along the way we stopped at the gardens to see how her other "babies" are doing. The cutting garden is popping colour everywhere.

 I was trying to make a new friend.
Mommy wouldn't let me play with Mr. Garden Snake - see a challenge.

No butterflies to chase today.

Finally we arrive at my favourite area - the stream.
There is always a new friend to discover.

Did you spot Mr. Frog above in the water.

Taking a rest before setting back to the house.
I'm really not tired but Mommy needs a rest.

Look at the pretty pink wild flowers.

Hmmm.... looks like Daddy better weed his vegetable garden.        

Maybe I should have listen to Mommy, and wore my boots.
But I'm not going to let her know that and
you don't tell her either, it'll be our little secret.

I hope you enjoyed my walk today- see you next Friday!
Paws  for now- Dolce


  1. Ack that snake would've had me fleeing back to the city!

  2. Looks like Dolce had a blast. LOVE the flowers!

  3. Those pics are wonderful! And your dog is a cutie!

  4. please tell your sweet little dog,
    "thank you for the lovely walk!"

  5. Cute dog and the scenery is so picturesque.

  6. love the pics. He is so cute. I enjoyed very much the walk


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