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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bermuda - Girl's week-end ... I did it !!!!!

Mr. G. and I tried travelling in 2008, which resulted in a total disaster – I had crying spells that would pop out of nowhere, usually not in the privacy of our hotel room. My fear of not knowing how I will feel from day to day (sometimes moment to moment) with both pain and mood; anticipation of being on a plane with noisy people; having to have someone travel with me to manage luggage and keep me calm so as not to have an outburst, has resulted in lack of interest in travelling – something that I so enjoyed prior to my detour.

This year I was determined to travel, with Mr. G’s help and support I managed 2 getaways. We tried the beach route and the city route (Dominican and Paris). Although both trips had their challenges, with Mr. G (he has learned to pick up on signs that I’m reaching my limits- before I do, and we have a situation) keeping a close eye on my energy level and surroundings we got thorough both trips with little scaring.

So when a good friend suggested we go away for a girl’s week-end, I was both grateful to be asked and terrified. After much discussion with Mr. G – it was agreed I would give it a try. Mr. G felt confident this friend would be able to handle a situation if one should arise. This would be my first trip away without Mr. G. Since we were only going for the week-end, we decided it would be best to just relax and limit any sightseeing to close to the hotel. My friend L is more of a sun and food connoisseur than shopping so this was just fine with her.
There were only a couple of situations – one right after we arrived at the hotel – with some confusion about a chair with a waiter, so we could enjoy afternoon tea by the windows. My friend L was great to travel with – since she is a foodie, reminders to eat were always received positively – the drinking of water, well (but, I was very grateful that she stayed on top of the water intake). L’s attention to my energy level was amazing and at the end of each day – she did not mind that it was early nights to the room. L’s two daily showers – where great prompts for me. She even sat through a few hours of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s .. :) Thank you my friend … for giving me the opportunity to travel without Mr. G. I’m sure he was happy for the break as well.

We were a little disappointed with the Afternoon Tea, it is listed as a top 10 - but it fell short of our expectations (definitely no comparison to The Empress -another Fairmont hotel). The bread was some what on the stale side and the sandwhiches were too big (actually more like mini bun sandwhiches). The banana sorbet at the end of tea, was the best part.

we had a great harbour view from our patio and sat out there every morning to enjoy our breakfast. Each morning and some evenings we were visited by a Yellow belly bird.

The beach was a quick ferry ride to the Fairmont Southampton location. Where we were introduced to the most amazing Pina Colada ice-cream float. Literally Bermuda coconut rum with vanilla ice-cream - heavenly!!!

hmmm. Nice Garden ...
Something told me these stairs went nowhere
so L- went exploring ... Nowhere... :)
One afternoon - when the mood was perahps a little less than postive about the future. I looked up to see this... are my Angels sending me a message?

 Miles Market - discovered last day of trip :( ... It is very similiar to a Whole Foods or Pusateri's. It is less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel - and offers a great selection of FRESH DAILY prepared foods (and much more budget friendly than eating hotel food), that you can take back to your hotel room or enjoy by the pool.

Sunset at Fairmont Princess Hamilton,
pool area.
Although there were many people at the resort; couples, family vacationers, even a wedding, and some local residents the resort was very peaceful and realxing. We meant many wonderful women - who were there for girl's week-end  and mother-daughter getaways. If you are looking for a quick getaway - 2 hours from Toronto and from speaking with some Amercian visitors - the same from most USA locations - Bermuda is your place!!!
What is your favourite or dream - Girl's or Mother-Daughter week-end getaway Destination?

images - High Heeled Life


  1. I have never considered Bermuda before but now I will!
    It looks like a very nice place and I like knowing there is a little market - I get so tired of eating out all the time!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Good for YOU! It looks like you had an amazing time. It was very brave of you to face your fears and jump right in--you did it and it looks like you had a wonderful time : ).

    Those pina-colada floats looked SOOO good. Mmm. Banana sorbet sounds delish, too. Can you tell I really like food? haha

    Hope you're having a wonderful morning. God bless you, sweet friend!

  3. Glad to hear about this fabulous vacation - and especially that you have amazing people in your life. What a good friend!!!!

    A few years ago I was a jogger. (yup - no longer) I was out for my morning run (in January - yes ... also a little stupid) when I stepped on a patch of black ice, went flying into the air and caught myself with my head. The result was a bleeding brain that caused me to be medivaced to a major hospital with a neurosurgeon standing by. Anyway, I tell this to you because many weeks later when I was nearly reuperated, a good friend came over and insisted we go for a little walk together. Outside. It was still winter-ish and she knew that I was SCARED TO DEATH to walk outside. This amazing friend popped me into her car, took me to a nice little trail, and then grabbed my arm, linked it through hers, and walked at a snail's pace with me for 1/2 hour on the trail. She was instrumental in helping me climb over the mental obstacle.

    Many prayers of thanks for truly good friends!

  4. Bermuda looks gorgeous! So glad you made it, something to be proud of, well done you!

  5. Wow this looks totally incredible...good for you! What an accomplishment...this is only the beginning I can see. It is nice to get away, but even nicer when you return home after I think :)

  6. One of the girls from my book club is from Bermuda.. I can never understand why she lives here ???
    I am so thrilled for you, I bet this has given you such a confidence boost and what a wonderful friend you have, actually a good friend is just the best thing as there is no "issues" like there are with your man.. and women not so great xxx

  7. I'm so glad, my angel, that you had the opportunity of going for a break and did it by yourself!!!
    See how you're improving..!!!!!
    Sounds that you had a great time and inside you felt really happy, big achievement lovely you.

    Tons of love


  8. The pics are great! you have a gift... I hope I get to Bermuda some day (SOON!) Thanks for sharing what looked like a DREAM weekend :)

  9. Girls weekend getaways are always so nice and refreshing! Sounds like you have a great friend and travel companion! Love all the pictures. Makes me want to go on vacation!


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