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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travelling for the Soul … Part One

Getting on a plane always gave me a sense of freedom – exploring new cultures and meeting interesting people from all walks of life. My passion for travel has taken me through Asia (Macau and Thailand were my favorite); Portugal (including Azores); England; various cities in the United States - New York and Miami hold fond shopping memories. Miami the bikinis I bought; of the numerous islands I have travelled to I would go back to Jamaica and Barbados anytime.

My trip to the island of Terceira 4 years ago (August, 2006), was to be the kick off to my next round of travelling. I had planned to visit Lisbon and the Algarve, later that year, to connect with friends and 2007 would be my year to visit Tuscany and Paris. Well, we know that when we are busy making plans, that is when life happens.

After my “detour in life”, all thoughts of travelling became a distant memory. I would not get on a plane again until February 2008. And although Victoria B.C. and the Empress Hotel will remain on my list of places to visit a second time, the experience of travelling was very difficult and the damp weather was extremely difficult on my joints and emotionally it was too soon (I know that now). There have been short week-end escapes to Quebec, again timing of weather is now a consideration, so those experiences, were also not as fun and rewarding as I recalled travelling to be.

It would be another 2 years before Mr. G would be able to convince me to give travel another try. Mr. G started taking about going to Mexico, or Jamaica - I could wear a bikini and the sun and warm climate would do me good. The sun and warmth I agreed, but a bikini, was he crazy, did he not see the road map that was no etched on my abdomen? My bikini days came to a complete halt, not by choice, on October 28, 2006. The thought of having to face another loss of who I was, was too overwhelming. The mention of going somewhere hot and bikini sent me into an internal state of panic for months. Then a couple weeks ago Mr. G mentioned Dominican, I did some checking into and it looked like a great place to visit, sandy beaches, pretty much guaranteed good weather, aqua blue water and the resort he had in mind was fairly secluded (not a destination the loud party crowd would be considering). So when out of the blue, he was able to get a great deal on tickets – I didn’t have the heart to burst his enthusiasm. So with butterflies circling in my stomach and my internal temperature heating up, I braced myself as I packed, for a trip I so desperately had wanted to take but emotionally and physically was not prepared for.

What I did not know, was that this trip would become a stepping stone to healing (more about this in Part Two). For now enjoy these wonderful pictures, may they bring some sunshine into your day.

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