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Friday, March 19, 2010

Travelling for the Soul … Part Two

"Inspiration is all around us; it is when we are
ready emotionally and mentally, that it becomes visible to us."
~ Celia Maria

Going through our pictures, I could not help but take notice at how peaceful and happy the local people were. Yet, when I was there – all I saw was how awful the living conditions were, that it was difficult for them to find work that provided financial stability, that they had to work very long hours (at the resort you would see the same staff at 8:00 a.m. that you saw at 11:00 p.m.), the irony of such a beautiful tropical back drop for people living in poverty.

Looking back over our days there, we were always greeted with smiles from the resort staff to local vendors on the street. They were always ready and willing to give each other a helping hand, as well as us foreigners. From the street vendor that suggested to me “pretty lady, you should remove your sun glasses, its dark and hard to see once you get in the caves, I would not want you to trip” his kindness saved me a fall, like the person a few feet ahead of me. To the always joyful resort activity personnel reminding you about sunscreen or just giving you a smile – one in particular, no matter if it was early morning or late, evening always greeted you with enthusiasm and “Hola, Hola, Coca-Cola” – no matter how I was feeling it always made me smile!

People in La Romana do not live to work; they have grown up working to live – they embrace life and enjoy it! They do not need expensive cars, elaborate homes, or fancy places to purchase their basic needs (food, clothing, etc.). Traffic jams do not excite them – no road rage here – they just honk to let other drivers know they are going through. They live a simple life and are truly happy!

Rural children in the Dominican do not need a computer, DS or television, to help them develop their skills or to occupy themselves. Instead these children use their imagination and creativity, a stick and margarine container becomes a drum; a stick also becomes a piece of chalk marking the dirt to make a hop-scotch. These children have so little, still they smile and are happy. When you offer them a piece of candy their eyes twinkle – for them it’s a real treat, not an everyday open the cupboard or draw and it’s there.

Looking at the pictures of these children, I think to myself with what little they have, they make the most of it. They accept life as it is – and they are happy.

Acceptance of that which you cannot change ... For me, I need to come to terms -that I am no longer who I was - I have to accept life as it is. I know easier said than done. What obstacle is holding you back from total enjoyment of life? Recognizing the obstacle is step one in healing.
I wonder what I will learn on my trip to Paris?

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  1. I agree with you : easier said than done. I wish i knew the secret to accept life as it is sometimes...
    Lucky you, going to Paris ? :-)
    have a great week end !


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