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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Story ... It all starts somewhere

On October 28, 2006, my day started out like most Saturdays; wake –up, chat on phone with friends, plan the day. The day would go something like this; run some errands, early afternoon meet Elsa for coffee at Timothy’s Cafe, then home to change and relax, late-afternoon meet with Janice for a quick girl’s catch up at Sassafraza in Yorkville, before heading to Rogner's and John's for dinner, to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday.

The day went pretty much as planned. I made it to Rogner's and John’s sort of…

As I attempted to open my eyes, the light was blinding … I didn’t recognize my surroundings. Was I dreaming? I tried to focus … “she’s awake” I heard someone say– then a flurry of questions from all directions. My head, my body felt like it had gone through a meat grinder. Where was I? “you have been in a terrible accident, you are going to be ok” I heard a voice, a familiar voice, my sister – what was she doing here and where was I? What accident?

Over the next few days, I would learn, I had been struck by a car while crossing the street to Rogner’s and John’s house; that I had suffered serious life threatening internal injuries; had multiple broken bones; my right elbow was destroyed; sustained an ABI (acquired brain injury); had received over 54 Units of blood, been given a trial drug- had not been expected to live; the list of injuries went on and on; and that it was the end of November.

The next few months would become a blur as I went through various rehabilitation processes. I had to learn to speak, eat,walk and my head (thoughts) was not cooperating – it was difficult to recall things and usually what I wanted to say was not what came out of my mouth.

Returning to my home, it felt strange like I no longer belonged there. The person in the mirror was a stranger to me. My voice had lost its pitch, clothes did not fit, I had to depend on others for most of my basic needs – showering, dressing, eating and sometimes using the facilities. A whole new team of people was hired to provide on-going care and the rehabilitation I required.

The past couple of years I have underwent various surgeries – I now have an artificial right elbow to compliment the steel bars and screws in my right forearm.

In a blink of an eye, I went from a completely independent, physically fit, career- driven, fashionista, adventurous, social person to someone who was completely dependent on others, pajama wearing, with-drawn home body. There were some break through moments – when I thought I could beat this and I would push myself, only to be beaten by exhaustion, pain and frustration. As weeks turned to months and months turned to years, the pain and torment at the loss of me pre-accident did not lessen, at times it seemed even more painful than the physical pain I deal with every day.

To this day I miss me terribly, but to move forward I must find the strength to close the chapter of my pre-accident life and embrace the process of creating a new life. By sharing my struggles, and triumphs, I hope to inspire anyone who is going through a life changing experience to keep going, to not give up (myself included). For those who live with or know someone who is going through a life changing experience, I hope to give you some insight into the world of learning to live again and creating a new life.

You can read more about the event that changed my life here In God's Hands.


  1. Yours is an incredible story! How brave you are to write about it and share with the world. I completely understand what you mean by "To this day I miss me terribly". I suffered from a severe bacterial meningitis 5 years ago and I had to rehabilitate, but I will probably never be the person I was before (health-wise).

  2. Your story speaks to many of us out there that has experienced trauma. I am humbled at your "life in detour", it seems that you have managed to guide and trace yourself back to your roots and rebuild your life one block at a time. Although things may not return to the way things were once upon a time,it certainly can reveal a new dimension into prisms of enlightening events. Your life has many fulfilling winding roads, turns and speed bumps to encounter and I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  3. Oh sweet friend! Words fail me.

    I'm new to your blog but could tell from the few posts I read that something terrible had happen so I decided to start at the beginning. I just didn't think it was something soooo bad. Bless your heart. What an inspiration you are now! I will be reading forward until I catch up to your current post so I'll be finding out more as I go.

    You go girl! Keep on keeping on!


  4. Like Kat, I knew that I had to start at the beginning. You'll forgive me for feeling overwhelmed, but I will return to read your entire story.

  5. Your blog popped out at me while searching (newly acquired addiction) for Contests & Giveaways....

    I am humbled.. I cannot imagine the pain you endure, and hope to learn much more about you! I think you have given me the courage to blog about my own life!!

    Thank you for that!

    Kelly :)

  6. Hello, I stumbled across your blog today. I read something that referred to your accident and how it's changed you and I had to read further. I too had a life changing accident two years before yours, mine on October 30 2004. Ironically a friend of mine was killed in an accident just after yours on October 30 2006. My accident was not quite as serious as yours, but I was left with a disfigued face and lost the vision in my right eye. I nearly lost the eye and may still. Five surgeries and six years later I'm still struggling with the new me. I need to catch up and read all of your posts but I wanted to say thank you, because my accident changed me in every way possible and I have been struggling ever since to put my life back together in the way the fits the new me. I feel I've found a soul sister... Thank you, thank you. Valorie

  7. WOW! Being new to bloggin since Nov 27th, 011. I have been having fun with blogging. I dont really recall how I stumbled upon your blog. But loved the title and what I was reading. I knew something bad had happened. Never did I decide to go back and find out why. I have been floowing you for a bit and today when I saw your story I of course had to read. then you refeered us to the first blog of your life. WOW! What an amazing journey you are on. I applaud you and what you are soing to share your story.
    I may not have been in any life chainging accident but I have had serve life changing trauma in my life. Thank you for your courage to sahre your jountey to help others. You are a gift and amazing woman.

  8. Hello HHL, found your blog by way of Mid Week Mingle Blog Hope and read your story-Mr. G is a special guy and I'm sure he would say the same about you. Your story is inspiring! Want to stop back again and read more. I like your choice of verses - mine is Jeremiah 29:11 - one that I remind my son of whenever I can. Life comes to us from all angles and angels help us along the way-glad to have found your blog : D

  9. Dearest Celia,
    Thought that I'd reacted to your early posts but that might have been on your previous blog.
    October 29, never will be the same again, at least not for you.
    But look at you; what a milestone you have reached in all those years!
    One never knows what lies ahead for us but you certainly have been a very strong and beautiful role model to so many others.
    Sending you hugs and feeling privileged for having met and hugged you in person!


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