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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Morning Skin Care Routine

My morning skin care routine begins with splashing my face with cool to tepid water and gently dabbing it dry with a face cloth. Lets face it ladies if you have cleansed (as you should) before going to bed - your face is not dirty, so no need to go through the cleansing process again. As Shopper's beauty consultant Gina and other skin care experts have told me over the years - cleansing in the morning strips all the goodness from your night time skin care.

Skin care products I'm currently using:

Clarins - Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate: which I also use as part of my night time skincare. Minimal amount of product is needed as it blends well and is easily absorbed into the skin. I have noticed fine lines at the edges of my eyes (think crows feet) appearing more blurred and less noticeable.

Roc - Pro-Define - Anti Sagging and Firming Cream: I have just start using this product and am impressed with the ease that it glides on and how quickly it is absorbed my the skin.

Depending on what is scheduled in my day - I may add:

Chanel - CC Cream: this has an SPF30 and blends easily, its light in feel and is perfect when you are wanting a little boost of color without using foundation. A great options for the warmer days of spring. I tend to use this more when I know I will be meeting with people throughout the day.


Dr. Renaud - Apricot BB Cream: this was a discovery on my trip to Paris last year. It blends easily, leaving skin looking natural and fresh. I tend to reach for this one when I'm working from my home office or dashing around the city doing research.

For both I use a blending sponge (this one is from Sephora) to apply and to achieve a smooth even finish.
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What does your morning skin care routine consist of ?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    So far I've been for decades using Chanel for my skin treatment and love their products.
    It is important to use something without any harmful ingredients.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter Weekend.

  2. Moisturizer - either Boom! By Cindy Joseph (Boomstick Glo, a stick of Boomsilk you can throw in your purse or luggage or Boomsilk in a jar). I still have tubes of Elizabeth Arden Extreme Conditioning creme (discontinued, sigh). My skin is very dry right now so these extra emollient types are good for me. I also use Paula Begoun (who has some really good stuff).

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