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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Afternoon Tea and Amaretti Cookies

Welcome to Over a Cup of Tea With Celia M.

When I started blogging almost 4 years ago I couldn't have imagined the many wonderful and positive ways that this virtual world we call BlogLand would have on my journey of healing and re-discovering (creating) the new me. Meeting wonderful new people, (strangers) who some how were able to encourage and inspire me when friends and family sometimes just didn't know how has been a beautiful blessing - along my journey. 

One of these wonderful ladies has been Mariette author of the blog Mariette's Back to Basics. Perhaps it was her own journey in facing a life changing health challenge that she understood and related to my journey or perhaps it was just her caring personality. Over time I came to learn that she also had an on-line boutique also called Mariette's Back to Basics. Over time we have develop a true friendship and hope one day to meet in person.

For today's tea I'm steeping Egyptian Licorice from Yogi teas and using this garden mug - dreaming of spring after so much snow and cold temps.

To go with our tea I'm sharing with you some beyond delicious  homemade amaretti cookies, which Mariette bakes with love - and included in a wonderful care package she sent me  along with some scrumptious chocolate and a darling vintage book on French Tea...an amazing read. Along with all the goodies ... I received a handwritten note that I will treasure. Mariette thank you for your generosity and inspiration.

Tea was set in the kitchen at our country home ...

Help yourself to an amaretti cookie ... (they do not last long around here).

And just a little furbaby cuteness to get your day going ... Dolce was making sure he came for a car ride to the market.

Wishing you a beautiful blessed week...

P.S. if you have not stopped by Mariette's Back to Basics blog - you are missing out on some fabulous inspiration. And Mariette's Back to Basics Boutique is a fabulous place to find the most elegant treasurers for gifting and for yourself too! (I know I have found many great finds).

Hugs and Blessings,

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  1. we have yogi's egyptian licorice too :) smells so good

  2. Furbaby is adorable.. And the cookies would be yummy with some tea.. Lovely post. Have a happy week!

  3. Dolce is sweet in the shopping bag and your tea and cookies look yummy!

  4. I love licorice, so I'll be looking for that tea. Your photos are lovely! Amazing that it's been 4 years, isn't it? I love amoretti. Have a wonderful week!

  5. I have never had licorice tea but since I love licorice I shall have to look for some. And I like amoretta flavor in many things.....

  6. I always love reading Mariette's comments to you because they are so beautifully written. She does things so properly and has kept the lost art of a hand-written note alive (even online!). I like her blog, too. I guess I didn't realize she had a boutique so of course I need to get over and visit right away! Love the mug and fur baby!!

  7. A beautiful tea setting Celia!
    Mariette is on my "Top Ten" list - she really is the undisputed Queen of bloggers.
    She has extraordinary talents and a wide knowledge of the world having lived in many countries.
    She is an advocate for the Stigma of Leprosy - how many among us could take up that cause?
    Mariette is a woman to aspire to.
    You are lucky to call her your friend Celia.

  8. Dearest Celia,
    Oh my, what an early morning treat to find this blog post! Due to very bad internet for days I could not even get the posts on the sideline of my blog... IF I could get into a blog; photos would not load. A nightmare but I was active converting our Dutch down duvets by adding one strip of one foot wide (using one from The Company Store that was on sale years ago...) to each of them. We slept like a rose under them with the new flannell ocelot duvet cover that was on sale at Garnet Hill. Made me feel happy at least!
    So glad to see all the goodies here and that they arrived well. Mail is sometimes another hassle nowadays.
    Also good to read you are at your country home again. Spring will come to your area as well and once it does, you can enjoy your tea and cookies outdoors. Wish I could mail those Amaretti cookies regularly but the mailing is just too crazy.
    Sending you lots of hugs and many thanks for your kind shout out! You are a very dear friend; one that I certainly look forward to meeting in person one day.

  9. Hello Celia,
    Your mug is perfect for spring. I have never tried licorice tea but a blogger friend is going to have me try some. Generally I stick to black pipes and cigars when it comes to licorice. *smiles* Those cookies look delicious. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and have a wonderful day.


  10. Your tea sounds delicious and the garden mug does help one think of spring! Mariette has some wonderful products. Best of all though is your friendship.

  11. Love your choice of tea! I have never had that flavor before.....
    Your sweet mug is adorable!


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