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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recovering from the Holidays ...

We've celebrated with family and friends; presents have been opened; we've eaten our share of turkey and sweets; and possibly enjoyed a tad or two of bubbly. Are you feeling a little exhausted, like me?

Here are some of the ways I find help me to regroup after a busy holiday season. ~

Find a comfy quiet spot ~lay back with a book, tea and a treat (you have earned it!). 
Spend an evening or an afternoon pampering your body. Start with a bath, surrounded by tranquil candle light and soothing music... lay back and let the water wash away all your cares. 
 We all have a movie that speaks to us ... no matter how many times we watch it, we never tire of it. Some fruit juice (or iced tea) and plain popcorn are healthy treats.

Handwriting whether a letter to a friend,loved one, or taking a few minutes to write in your journal is truly rejuvenating for both mind and spirit. 

How do you recover from the go, go, go of the holiday season?


  1. The bubble bath routine is a nightly thing for me! Helps me get ready for bed and washes away stress. I read in the tub so it's pretty safe to say I could easily live in there if it were possible. I feel sluggish over too much indulging in sweets and rich foods. I think I'm paying the toll and need to catch up on my fruits and veggies. Happy 2013 to you!! xo

  2. So far I've written a few thank you notes, watched a favorite movie, and caught up some blog visiting. Too much travel (with another trip this weekend) is keeping me from getting into a good routine, but hopefully soon... Your restful ideas are enticing!

  3. Hi Celia, I love your Keep Calm collages! Great post! I need to get back to my exercise routine. That always helps one to feel their best. Thanks for your sweet comment on my puppy post. We are enjoying her.

  4. I'm not sure why but this year, I am having an extra tough time getting back into the swing! I think it's because I'm not working so the holidays just kind of bleed over into my still being home which I'm not used to.
    Mind you, I'm kinda loving it. I've done a ton of organizing!

  5. My holidays were very quiet so I am looking forward to getting back to busy!
    Sounds like you have some great R&R planned!

  6. Yes! Keep Calm above all else :) WE..as women, do SO much. We work in and out of our homes, clean, meal plan, and cook 24/7. These are wonderful suggestions Celia and a reminder that tomorrow (may day off) I should probably do something to get myself back on track. Getting some exercise will be first on my list and then I need to get some shopping done .. for some healthier foods!

    I purchased a few of my favorite candles :) AND ordered a couple new books from Amazon.. so I'm set!

    Hope your next few days are calm and productive:)


  7. this was a holiday season I don't think I can recover from :(
    so I shall use your suggestions!

  8. I'm going to train for my next triathlon, working out always makes me feels less stressed, love your pics.

  9. Dearest Celia,
    Sounds like bliss but the only room with a tub is now in use by husband Pieter who bought a tile cutter at Home Depot in the After Christmas Sales. But never mind, once he's done with the tile base board (ripping out the wooden one) I clean up and than have my reward.
    Hugs to you and enjoy some cozy time yourself. Please let me know the reply to my email question.
    Hugs to you both,

  10. Hello honey! happy new year!
    I like your blog, maybe follow each other? Just let me know!

  11. Great ideas honey! I think I will pamper my tired weary body when the husband goes to watch West Ham tomorrow!

  12. Wonderful tips! All of the above are some of my favourite ways to relax. We watched Midnight in Paris the other night.. it's always a favourite. I had much sleep to catch up on and I feel so much better!
    Seeking the advice of a dermatologist is very smart. One that specializes in facial skin care is worth their weight in gold. The Retin-A Micro gel is half the cost in Canada as it is in the US. I think our prescription meds generally are.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend, mon ami! xoxo, B

  13. I am tired!! too many After Eights I think lol! Elle x

  14. I was really ill from 23 December, so Christmas and New Year just passed me by. I am starting to feel a little better know and plan to continue taking it easy. I bought a new juicer to plan on juicing every day as a way to rejuvenate. Also, bought quite a few books to read so can't wait to snuggle down with those xx

  15. Thanks for the tips,
    we do need all the relaxation we can get after the holidays.
    So much fun as it is the holidays
    takes its toll on me,
    I love watching movies to keep me relaxed
    and a day at a spa.

  16. Oh and shopping...
    shopping relaxes me so much.

  17. I love leather-bound journals! I love journals, period. So how did I recoup? Alpha Hubby and I sat down and watched our fave DVDs!


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