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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little Black Dress ~ A Lesson Learned

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and help Ms. L with her selection of a black dress - not any just any black dress - but the holy grail of black dresses "The Little Black Dress" the investment piece of a one's basic wardrobe pieces. You can read the original post and see the choices here - The Little Black Dress ~ which would you pick?

Now for those who have been patiently waiting ~ Number #4 was the winner ... But wait there is more to this story and a lesson learned.

There are many reasons for why we throw the doors of our (often over stuffed) closet and declare "Darling , I have nothing to wear!!" Often, our closet is filled with orphans or pieces that we purchased because - We needed something to wear that an upcoming function - in desperation we bought something that we weren't crazy about, but at least we would have something to wear for "that" function. I use the term "that" function singular - as chances are you will not wear it again. Adding to your collection of "desperate purchases and orphans"taking over your closet.

Despite the fact that dress #4 fit as if it were made for her (no alterations required) and was a steal at 75% off, Ms. L could not justify the cost (in her mind) at the time. After waiting thinking too long - by the time this friend realized Ms. L had not called to have the dress set-aside, even when her husband had encouraged her and supported the investment - the dress was long gone and now hanging in someone's closet.

Since our trip to the city 2 additional events have popped up for Ms. L ~ so of course the "desperate" shopping outing took place. In which Ms. L returned triumphantly with 2 black dresses - both with an ok fit, but by her own admission not perfect and she probably will not wear them after each function. Oh in case you were wondering the 2 dresses are about 1/2 way to the value of #4. And when you apply the cost per wear - as she would be wearing #4 often as it made her look and feel like a million dollars. The #4 dress actually ends up costing much less than one dress - that she is "OK" with .. not over the moon with.

Ms. L has learned that when shopping for wardrobe basics you may need to spend a little more and that one never passes up the perfect fitting LBD, especially when it's on 75% off and all the black dresses you already own - you Don't want to wear - because you just don't feel great in them.

A look back at dress #4 ~
Have you regretted not buying the perfect basic wardrobe piece 
(LBD, white shirt, pencil skirt, dark denim etc.)?
Next time my closet decluttered  rolling rack items.


  1. Hi Celia, This is a wonderful post. Yes, getting a dress that truly fits well and makes you feel great is so worth paying more. #4 dress looks fabulous and you can see in the pic she feels great in it too.

    Thank you for stopping by the blog hop for Grow your blog and your sweet comment. You are a dear and I am so glad I meet you through blogging. You are an inspiration and a teacher.
    Blessings always, Celestina Marie

  2. My rule...it can always be returned...buy it when you see it!

  3. Love #4! It is perfect...so glad she took it home. This LBD is also classic and timeless so it will really be a long-term good investment!

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Too bad she did not get to buy this perfect fitting dress! BUT, we all have a similar story like that; either for a dress, a pair of shoes, boots or a purse... You are so right about that love at first sight. That means you should grab it and go as those 'darlings' will be worn and used.
    Fun post, love this kind of decision making!
    Hugs to you and hope you had a great Birthday.

  5. Oh my, that's too bad her dress was gone!I always consider my wardrobe an investment and try to buy unique and timeless pieces, which I can wear for years to come. When you find the perfect dress...a girl just has to splurge and get it while it's there.

  6. Celia, I cringe when you hit the nail on the head for something I've done. Yup, 2 dresses hanging in my closet with regrets for not paying the big bucks for a dress that looked and fitted amazing. Funny, I was just thinking about this recently as I still struggle to lose those pounds I want to, with no luck.

  7. Oh yes Celia, I have had that feeling of regret; thinking I could not justify the cost!
    Or I think there has to be something in my closet that will work!

    2013 Artists Series

  8. It was funny. After my mom passed away and I was left to deal with the household, I was amazed at the many "classic" pieces she was still wearing years after purchase. Because of the care she took with them, they looked amazing. I know some she purchased in the 60's and 70's and they were still current today. So buying something that may cost a little more yet you might get 30+ years wear out of it? Go for the best. And yes, I've walked away from LBD's I wish I hadn't!


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