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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Closet Slim Down

By Closet Slim Down I am not suggesting a diet to fit into the inappropriate sizes of clothing taking up space in your closet. The clothes we hold onto - with hopes of "one day fitting into/back into" or the various orphan wardrobe pieces that seemed like a good "deal" or "choice" at the time and now guilt over money spent is preventing you from setting the garment free, to go live another life. These items may actually be holding us back and causing undo stress when we need to get dressed for the day or a special occasion.

My journey to simplifying my wardrobe with garments which I am actually able to wear has been quite the roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs. I'm happy to say I'm almost there ... the latest Closet Slim Down, was perhaps the most difficult ~ the rolling rack of clothes (and even some shoes) holds the last of the size 2 and 4 garments that I have not been able to let go (fit into or if they fit - I did not feel comfortable in) , for the past 5 years. These items will be going to start a new life, either in the closet of friends who are the size of the clothes or onto to a women's shelter.

This has been a fabulous check list helping me simplify my wardrobe and keeping only clothes that fit both my life and size ... NOW!!!
 More tips on Editing (decluttering) Your Wardrobe can be found in this Post Here.

What tips and tricks can you share for keeping only clothes that fit your current size and lifestyle?


  1. I really liked this post Celia. I struggle with the same thing, what to keep, what to throw out. Your checklist was very good, I never thought about whether an item of clothing fits my lifestyle anymore. Finally, I can some more room for my shoes...:)

  2. Tailoring! If clothes fit...they will be worn! I've taken clothes that didnt work for me anymore, had them tailored and suddenly they have new life and are being taken out on the town again.

  3. Last Summer I attended an annual event a friend throws every year; a big BBQ party with a band and outdoor lanterns...the whole "Southfork Ranch" kind of thing! Anyway, when I saw some photos a friend had taken, I realized the outfit I thought was so great was, well, hideous! Lol! Really, the outfit was great, just not my style, so the whole thing got packed up and sent to a friend whose style it really was! I've often thought if we could see ourselves like others see us, we would have a whole different perspective on our wardrobe. I know that classic, tailored pieces will always be best for me, but sometimes it's hard when you want to step out of your norm and try something new.
    --Lee Ann


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