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Friday, November 11, 2011

What's in Your Mailbox?

If you are among the majority of people chances are the only thing that is filling up your mailbox these days are...

Bills to pay
or Loads of junk mail
As our society's need for instant gratification continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Becoming the green monster that eats away bit by bit at the simpler things in life that bring so much happiness and smiles into our day.

Wouldn't it be great to discover a handwritten envelope addressed to you , its contents beautifully written by hand ~ not asking for a payment nor trying to sell you something. Instead filled with events happening in the part of the country/world that the letter originated from. Perhaps wishing you a happy birthday, anniversary or just wishing you a fabulous week. Knowing that someone took a few moments out of their to bring a smile to yours.

You can pick up that letter/card  many times, any time you wish and read it again and again. Yes, you can reread an email or text message, but often these are just tid bits of symbols, abbreviations ~ tell tale signs that not much care was put into it's content. Technical correspondence cannot compete with the emotional feeling one gets in holding a handwritten piece of paper in their hand!

There are many benefits to writing a letter/card to someone. Because it's for someone else you will take a few moments to sit and actually relax as you gather your thoughts and put them to pen and paper. Perhaps you'll even enjoy a cup of tea or other calming beverage.

Don't have anyone to write to? Would love to get something other than bills or junk mail, but your family or friends just will not put pen to paper. No worries, participate in BlogLand Pen Pal and start writing and receiving "GOOD MAIL"!!

Bring a smile to someone's day! Join Today...

Thank you to everyone who is already helping to keep the art of letter writing alive and bring smiles to the lives of others one letter/card at a time!!

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  1. I love writing letters!
    I have special stationary - ink well glass pens and for the final touch - my own wax and seals

    Thank you for all your love!

  2. Oh I want another pen pal for real snail mail. My best correspondent is my aunt who is in her 80s.

  3. I got a hand-written note in the letter just this week from my pastor. What a nice surprise indeed! I also send cards and letters often and know that letter writing is an art we don't want to lose! That's why I included it as a suggestion in my Sally List post: http://myplacetoyours.blogspot.com/2011/11/sally-list.html

  4. Yes!!! Completely agree...i miss the old day of letter-writing!

  5. So true, so true....going to your link to sign up right now!
    Big hugs from across the pond.

  6. Dearest Celia,

    What a lovely post with such well chosen images. Oh, we know the joy of such writings and others have appreciated our letters, cards or notes. This cannot be replaced by anything modern no matter what kind of gadget.
    Thanks for adopting the two angels. They are so beautiful in 'person'... ha, ha you say that of angels. Of course! To me they are very special and I would have kept them myself but our wall is full... The home is not that huge. So I'm thrilled you got them.
    Love to you dear friend and hope you stay cozy and warm all together!


  7. What is the penpal program??? How does it work? Celia...I love how you're reaching out to make a difference

  8. Mine is filled this time of the year with books filled with tempting items. I love going to the mail box even if it junk mail.

  9. Hello Celia, thank you for stopping by Red Scarf Diaries. Glad you liked my home improvement list. ;) Susan is so inspiring.
    I absolutely LOVE handwritten notes and letters, it just says a lot more effort to me. I exchange cards and handmade tags with blogging friends and it is one of my favorites things to do. Sure makes the mailbox trip a lot more exciting. I will most certainly take a look at Blogland Pen Pal. Sounds wonderful!
    PS-I LOVE your header!!
    Much love!

  10. In a world of emails nothing can substitute the affect of receiving a handwritten letter. There is something personal about actually viewing someone's script and special about the time they spent sitting down to write their thoughts. xo

  11. Thanks for the visit! I don't like junk mails, every time I receive many I think and I hope they recycle the papers or else our Mother Earth will be bald soon ^_^ Following you now! Happy weekend!


  12. I should really start writing more letters. It makes you feel good to know that someone took that kind of time to send you a thoughtful handwritten letter.

    Following from the 40 and over hop! Would love a follow back:)



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