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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's all fun till the clothes come out!!

You know, I love my treats and will let Mommy dress me and 
EVEN photograph me in theses ridiculous  fun outfits,
 for a tasty morsel.

And it's not too hard of a job, when we are inside..BUT

Outside, the distractions are limitless
squirrels, chipmunks to chase play with 

I woofly hope my not running off will be rewarded with

hope the batteries run out soon!
I can almost taste that treat ...

These are always fun ... showing off my doggie side! 

Should have seen it coming...
Woof, a trip to my pal Dave the Groomer..

WOOF!!! WOOF!!! 
Where's the Treats?

What's your favourite Treat??


  1. Dearest Celia,

    Dolce is so photogenic and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Sure he deserved a treat; lots of them.
    You both are blessed with furbabies like you got.

    Love to you,


  2. Your doggie is the cutest little furbaby!! Gino goes to the groomer next week for his holiday cut. In fact, we both have hair appointments on the same day! Very cute post! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Cute, fun and witty! Love the photos! Fur babies are the best!

  4. Aw, how cute! When my dog, Josie (now passed over) was alive we lived in an area where we got a lot of snow and very frigid temperatures. Once, while I was watching my dog out in the snow which came up to the top of her paws, I could see that her poor little feet were frozen and she couldn't move. So, I went to the doggie store and purchased some dog shoes for her. LOL LOL...she hated those shoes and I had to literally chase her around our dining room table and catch her to put them on. It was like playing tag with a dog who was much quicker than I was. Don't you just love'em!


  5. That sure did make me smile..
    Lovely post! xo

  6. Oh, I'm having the best little chuckle over here. I swear Dolce is LOVING it... such a little ham! xo

  7. Celia,
    I will say it again....he is the cutest dog in the world! OMGoodness!
    Thanks for warming my heart today.

  8. Oh Celia, He is just SOOO adorable! And your little captions are just TOO perfect!!! Oh these little beings, they bring so much joy, don't they!
    xo, Nathalie
    i am happy to hear you are baking again!

  9. Oh my word! How cute are these pictures. xo

  10. prettyboy dolce groomerNovember 8, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    ha ha!
    that's my Docle.........

  11. Dearest Celia,

    Sorry but I've not YET made photos of that angel lamp, I will one day; promise! Just took all the angels that are on the mantle, hanging and standing, lying...
    We went today to the Country Club for a Low Country Boil supper from our bank. An annual event. So I was limited for working on preparing for this post. Next I will be listing all of my handcarved wooden angels, cherubs on my website so I plan to do another blog on that.
    Lots more angels to come...
    Oh and you have very well figured out WHY I chose my business name: Mariette's Back to Basics, with the emphasis on back to basics!
    Love to you,

    It is a treat to see that cute, almost human-like Dolce face here!

  12. He's so cute. I can't get over how much he looks like Peanut :)


  13. Celia!
    Those are about the cutest costumes I've seen.
    My little Ava would die!! She's a huge fan of little dogs. I think there might be one in our future....

  14. Thank you for the giggle!

  15. i wish i could just scoop him up!
    favorite treat? my kids!

  16. Hahaha That's the best!

  17. What we wont do for the little furry ones.

  18. ooh ooh ohhh - look at that cutie squishy ting. I love the costume. I had a dog growing up who looked a lot like yours. We called her Buffy.

  19. Oh my Yorkie goodness! He is soooo cute! And tolerant. Mine would have had fits! I can't believe how many costumes he has! And they are all so darling.

    xoxo, Adrienne

  20. Hi,
    Found you on Follow Friday list. Your furkid is just adorable! I just read your story...so inspiring. Glad to have found your blog!


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