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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Give- Away Winners, and Writing Letters

Have you ever come across a letter written by your parents, grandparents or another family member ~ possibly written before you were even born. How amazing it must have been to learn a little more about their life, character, with each stroke of their pen; to understand perhaps what made them who they became.

Maybe you have come across a long forgotten letter written to you ~ by a childhood friend or a family member. The smiles, the tears, the laughter you must have re-lived, with each word you read. Unfortunately as more people turn to email, texting, face book and other electronic devices to communicate, the Art of Letter writing and the ability to reach back in time is fading. 

Last year I started hosting BlogLand Pen Pal (there were 65 plus participants) and now that the summer is over I'm hoping you will once again join in and help brighten someone's day by becoming a BlogLand Pen Pal. There is no cost or long term commitment (you exchange hand written letters, notes, with your Pen Pal - for as long or short a time as you both want); just email me at fallingoffahighheeledlife@gmail.com 
with BlogLand Pen Pal in the subject line.

~ Your postal address
~ if you have a Blog - please include it's site address
or say a little about yourself , so that we will match you with someone with similar interests.
~ When there is a pen pal match, an email with postal address will be sent to you (and them), 
the rest is up to the both of you.


To Thank previous participants for their support with BlogLand Pen Pal and for helping to keep the Art of Letter Writing Alive... Congratulations to the lucky past participants:

Set of 8 Treasures by Shabby Chic note cards with envelopes and an ATTEATUDE and Chocolate mug, to hold her tea or coffee as she writes her letters and cards. 

The 7 year pen, for years of card and letter writing, with a set of 6 Wishful Thinking cards and envelopes.

A 16 month, Scriptures of Praise 2012 Calendar to keep track of special dates requiring a card or letter and set of 6 Wishful Thinking note cards and envelopes.

 Congratulations ladies, please email me your info and I will get your wonderful goodies out to you. 
Stay Calm Keep Writing!!

BlogLand Pen Pal will officially start the first week of October, looking forward to past and new participants joining in keeping the Art of Letter Writing alive. Please email your info by October 15th, 2011 if you wish to participate. Open to all around the world and you do not need to have a blog to participate.

Please spread the word by placing this NEW BlogLand Pen Pal button on your blog 

with a link back to  BLOGLAND PEN PALS (link is below)

Don't miss a fabulous Give Away coming up this week to help Keep the Art of Letter Writing Alive!!


  1. this happened to me just recently. i was cleaning out my old stuff and i found my grandma's old letter to me. it definitely put a smile on my face knowing that we wrote letters to each other. :D

    Come and join!
    To Die For Jewellry Giveaway


  2. I keep old letters that my parents wrote me, and even some from other family members, it's always a different experience reading them again. The pen pal idea is a great one :)

  3. I have kept all the cards and letters from the last few years in a folder...I need to change to a big box soon!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway prize! I love a long lasting pen! I cant wait to try it! And the card are perfect for me :O) You always put such thought into gifts for people :O)

    I am loving your new mug! I still drink my occasional coffee from my HHL mug!

    You have me down for the October penpal right? I will post it on my blog tomorrow.

  4. Old letters are sooooo amazing. Once I discover the letters my father wrote to my mother when they were yet single. I loved them!!!!

    I hope you're having happy times (despite all) angel!!!

    Lots of Love, Joy and Blessings to you my darling.


  5. Celia,

    Congratulations! YOU have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. I love reading your posts and you certainly deserve it.

    You can find out more by visiting my blog.


  6. Dearest Celia,

    What a GREAT idea! Will email you soon, when my server problems have been solved... Since September 20 it has been a nightmare as my website is out as well. Hope this gets solved soon!
    Did put the button on my sidebar.
    Your random giveaway winners did receive some gorgeous items.
    Love to the both of you,


  7. What a fabulous giveaway! Sorry I missed it. Thanks for entering mine though and GOOD LUCK! Have a great day!

    Love, Kristin

  8. I'm gonna join in on this. I love pen pals and still correspond with one I get when I was a kid.

  9. Good Afternoon sweet friend!

    I love han written letters, my most recent was from YOU! Thank you:) It's always so nice to get something that doesn't require $$ to be returned, lol!!

    Congrats to your winners....
    Have a fab day!!

  10. I gave you an award on my blog. :)


  11. Hey Celia! Old letters are like finding a treasure map. They're neat in themselves and they often lead to more little treasures ... love them!

  12. Handwritten letters in a lost art form. I still write handwritten thank you's but it's not the same. xo

  13. Thanks so much!

    I love stationary, well any kind of paper!



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