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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paris comes to Upper Eastside New York ...

Madison Avenue in NYC, just became a little more posh! If you have been to Ladurée, in Paris and tasted the wonderful delights produce by this Parisian institute since1862, when it first established a tea room near the Place de la Concorde, you know exactly what I'm speaking of. The inside is decorated as a fabulous designer boutique ~ providing the perfect background for displaying chocolates, tabletop items and, the most coveted 
macarons, worldwide.  
Each season much like in fashion a new collection of flavours is launched.  How perfect is it that Madison Ladurée will be celebrating the cinnamon-raisin macaron! To know that my passion for Ladurée is now just a modest drive or very short flight away, has me swooning! Especially after learning that the macarons are made in Paris and shipped overnight, to their locations outside Paris. It will truly be like biting into a little piece of Paris.
There is a small area were patrons can sit and enjoy some conversation while enjoying the most fabulous flavours of sweets to be brought together along with a cup of tea. I am absolutely crazy for their Marie Antoinette (one of the many flavours they serve) tea, which I was introduced to during our first visit to Paris and Ladurée, last year. My upcoming trip to NYC in this autumn just became a little more sweeter!!

Ladurée, 864 Madison Avenue (71st Street), (646) 558-3157, open Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 6. 

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Will you be planning a visit to NYC's newest dessert heaven soon?



    And that YOU sweet one, for making my Saturday even sweeter with your visit!

    BISOUS and I can't wait for the next installment of your TALE....so inspiring...just LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU POST...I will be out of my mind busy, but I will come...Anita

  2. I love macrons! I wish I were there! Yum! Please have a beautiful and safe weekend. Love and Hugs Anne

  3. Your next trip to NYC will be extra sweet, I can tell.

  4. How exciting. I was in Paris on New Year's Eve (my birthday) a couple of years ago and decided we should head to Laduree for a box of macaroons (my cake)! The queue of Parisians stocking up for the festivities was out of the door. But we waited, and it was worth it. Delicious.

  5. Oh my, heaven.....!!! Enjoy some for me while you are there :)

  6. To think, we used to live on E 62nd & Park ... sigh

  7. This place looks totally amazing. . You're going to have one fabulous trip. Haveasafe and happy trip

  8. Everything looks so delicious, I've gained 5 lbs. just reading this post. I love it that you keep us up to date on what's new in NYC, the good stuff at least..

  9. Dearest Celia,

    This is so LOVELY! Glad it is coming to the New World now as well.
    We had a lovely 2-day wedding with perfect weather. Our angels must have protected us from above.
    Lots of love to the both of you,


  10. Oh, I had no idea!!! Laduree was my favorite thing about Paris. I have been thinking I am overdue for a trip to NYC... now I simply must find the time to book a weekend getaway.... (plus, it's a lot less inexpensive then going to Paris)! xo

  11. Dying to go. Dying.
    Where can we get some good macarons in Toronto? There has got to be somewhere.

  12. Oh yes.. a whirlwind of BlogLand friends arriving at once!
    xoxo, B


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