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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sleeping Beauty ... Once Upon A Time

This is the 2nd installment of Once Upon A Time weekly series. To view previous Click Here ..

Much like Sleeping Beauty, the princess was in a sleep that no one could wake her from. Not even a Prince Charming could help. Everyone thought she would slip away and not awaken, but hours turned to days and days to weeks, and the princess continue to lay in a deep sleep. Tubes and machines aiding in her breathing, to keep her from completely slipping away.

While Angels hovered around her human body, making sure all was going as planned. Other Angels awoke her soul and guided it gently Home.
The princess was uncertain what was happening, the Angels assured her all would be revealed to her in time, to have patience. Some how the princess knew they spoke the truth ... and remained calm and silent as they glided upwards in the crisp night air.

In the distance a golden gate was emerging into view, then suddenly out of thin air the silence that embraced her throughout the journey was broken. The silence was replaced with a sound the princess could not place, and try as she might to describe it no words seem to fit. "Angelic" the word appeared in her mind's eye "Peaceful", "Magical", "Beautiful" all seemed to float inside her head. 
As the princess entered through the gates, she realized ~ Angels were creating this beautiful sound, that was filling her with warmth and a familiar peacefulness - but she could not recall where she had felt  it before.

Suddenly everything was a golden glow and the princess and everyone around her was dressed in the most lavish gowns and suits; the air was filled with the energy of strength and good health. Not one person appeared frail, old, tired, in pain or ill. Perfect! They were all perfect! Healthy and joyous.

As they entered, the enormousness of the room seem to continue infinitely. Suddenly with the next step she took, the princess realized she was not actually walking but floating across the room.
 Reaching out to get a passer-by's attention the princess was taken back ... suddenly everyone was transparent;  floating as golden, glowing energy, including herself. How could this be? she wanted to ask, but her mouth did not open. Instead she was communicating in thought and was receiving a response in thought. Is this a dream?
No, you are not having a dream. You are Home, it will take a few moments for all the memories of lives lived and lessons learned become accessible to you. Then you will remember everything. The words were received in thought by the figure who stood before her, shrouded in white. Just beyond where they were communicating, was a flowing river, a group of thousands seemed to be waiting. Where are they going? thought the princess ... forgetting her thoughts were no longer just hers. Again the figure shrouded in white before her responded " They have ended their earthly journey and have chosen to reunite with those who have returned Home before them."

What do you think will happen next? Will the princess join the waiting group? Tune in next week for a continuation ... of
 Once Upon a Time is a new weekly feature ... till next time..


  1. Oh....I'm sitting here with my coffee as I'm reading this and now I have goosebumps! I read the first story last night and thought about you and how awful it must have been to have your whole life changed in an instant! When I woke up this morning, I was thinking of you again. I went on my blogger dashboard and saw that you posted your 2cd.feature story so I went straight on over to read it! We never know what life is going to throw our way. You must be a very strong person! God bless you! I'll come visit again.

  2. Amazing... I am so glad that you are ok and that we have met xx even if only online xx

  3. Wow, just like the other reader, this gave me goosebumps! Thank you for continuing to share your story. You give so many folks hope by recounting your journey. I always look forward to reading your posts!

  4. I missed your first "installment" so I went back and read it. Whew, even though I know the outcome, it still gave me chills to hear it all in your words I love how you write.

    (btw...thanks for your sweet comment this morning. It meant a lot)

  5. Celia! These posts are so moving.
    I have heard such stories -
    Thinking of you.

  6. This is blowing my mind. Loving it!
    Hugs and love,
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Dearest Celia,

    You should keep your addresses for writing an exceptional book one day! This is the BEST I've ever read.
    You know how much angels mean to us... and to you!
    Lots of love to the both of you and a big hug out of admiration!


  8. Dear, dear friend,

    Please tell me now, is this what you actually saw???

    Please, when you post the next installment, come and drop me a message. I am unable to keep up with all the new postings that everyone does, but if you contact me, I will come. THIS IS BELIEVABLE...because I BELIEVE IN HIM.

    WOW......thank you for inviting him. There is no fear in love or eternity, is there????

    BLESSINGS! Anita

  9. Celia,
    That you are able to write about your experience in such a beautiful and poetic way is truly a miracle...you are such an angel yourself :)

  10. Goosebumps here, and every word written so very true. waiting.

  11. Wow....I know you're okay....but reading your journey is amazing....can't wait to read more. Hey...and stay strong okay...

  12. I guess I didn't realize until now how very close to death you were. It is miraculous that you have made such a strong recovery and are here today to share your experience with us. I am very grateful for it. Thank you...xo

  13. So beautifully written! AND the post after this one has me begging for autumn! I can hardly wait! Your photos and words are perfect!

  14. Dearest Celia & Mr. G,

    Hope things are well on your end.
    Lots of love to you,


  15. I like Anita would like to know if this is what you actually saw?! Amazing. xo

  16. Bonjour mon ami ~
    I need to know is this what you saw? I do believe in the next life and that is indeed very beautiful as you described.
    Although I know that your so many wonderful things have happened in your life since this terrible accident, it brings tears to my eyes as I read.
    I can't wait to hear of your trip to Ladurée. I, too, think a whirlwind trip of blogfriends would be fabulous!!
    Wishing you a most lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  17. Heaven is real. I had no doubt about it. Thank you for sharing this interesting interpretation.


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