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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Earth Angels ~ Adonis continued

Everyone Crosses Paths for a Reason ~

In  November 2010, I started going back in time pre-accident, and left you wondering who Adonis was ~ you can read the first part of Earth Angels ~ everyone crosses paths for a reason HERE.

During my time in the hospital post-accident, Adonis could not have been more wonderful. He stayed by my side as I worked my way from CCU to ICU to hospital ward and eventually to rehabilitation hospital. Each accomplishment meant I was one step closer to going home.

When the day finally came that the doctors agreed I was strong enough to continue my rehabilitation at home, I was beyond excited! I was going home… yes there would be someone there 24/7 with me, but I would get to sleep in my own bed, surround by my things.

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Walking (more like hobbling with a cane to steady my step) up the walkway to my home, a feeling of loss came over me. At the time I did not understand it. As we went inside I looked around. Everything seemed to be exactly as I recalled it. Even my tea cup and saucer sat on the side table, just as I had left it that day (thankfully I had drank all the tea, or perhaps it had evaporated, as it was empty); on the coffee table lay the October issue of InStyle magazine; the health coverage forms, I had intended on filling out and submitting that week-end remained scattered on my writing desk. Suddenly I was overcome with fatigue, the caregiver must have noticed, she quickly came over and assisted my sister with getting me out of my coat and slippers (yes, slippers ~ though it was winter – thankfully the snow had been very little that year~ I had no flat boots, let alone closed flat shoes).

Upstairs in my bedroom I again felt that feeling of loss. The duvet that I had once snuggled cozy beneath had to be removed, its weight felt like a blanket of bricks on my fragile frame ~ I think I was weighing 95-98 lbs. at the time (almost 15 lbs less than I did that fatal Saturday. On a 5’2” body frame that much loss looks and feels more like 25lbs).

That first night I hadn’t noticed that Adonis had not come by nor called (I would later learn that he had kept updated on my recovery through friends). The next few weeks would be consumed with in-home rehab, distraction by well wishing friends and lots and lots of sleep, But no Adonis.

Then out of the blue he was coming by to take me out for lunch. I had not been out of pajamas for some time. The caregiver lovingly and patiently helped me find clothes that added a little weight to my silhouette. She carefully pulled my hair back to conceal the bald spots that covered the back of my head. When Adonis arrived ~ I was dressed and ready to go. I thought I looked pretty good ~ I would later learn that my neighbor thought an elderly woman was staying at my house and was being helped by Adonis.

Through lunch I tried my best to not show the limitation in my right arm (at this point it was fused in a hand shake position), but I recall not doing a great job of bring food to my mouth with left hand. When we finished, it was as if no food had actually been consumed. Adonis returned me home and that would be the last I would see of him, though he did call from time to time to see if I needed anything.

I must say, though Adonis and I never spoke about why he drifted away … I knew that I was no longer “that girl”- whom he had been so taken back, by her confidence, energy, stunning smile, fit and full of life. In her place now stood (actually more often sitting), an unsure of herself and life, fragile being.

Looking back now, I know that he is an Earth Angel, who was giving me the strength I needed to make it back. For this I have always been and continue to be grateful that he chose me to help. Not once, and I can honestly say this, did I feel disappointed or angry that he drifted from my life. Perhaps on some level I knew he had been a gift from above.

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch with Adonis (3 years later) and …. well I think I will save the lunch story for another time.


  1. I always enjoy your post...even though you're a bad girl to leave us hanging. LOL


  2. Wow love your writting style! I am now following you!

  3. I cannot wait to hear the next lunch story! How could you leave me in suspense!

  4. Dearest Celia,

    YES, with all certainty Earth Angels cross our path for a reason! So glad you had this support in the beginning of your recovery as you needed it MOST.
    Lots of love and admiration,


  5. This was so poignant and beautifully written. Each time I read about what happened to you I feel I am there living it with you. I have said before that you should write a book and I am more certain now as I read this again.
    You know my feelings about angels. I posted my story partly with you in mind and now I am even more convinced. I am waiting with anticipation for the lunch story.
    As always I leave your blog reluctantly.
    Hope your day is bright and shiny.

  6. How lovely. I , too , believe in Earth Angels, having met a couple in the past and I am glad that he was there when you really needed him.
    It is good that he is not there now, as it is a sign that you are strong on your own and don't need him anymore.
    besos.. C

  7. Ooooh you are so coy! I had no idea you had lunch with him!!!

  8. no, no, no! you can't leave us hanging like

  9. I truly believe in earth angels :)
    I hope you are weathering the big storm that you got alright :(

  10. your story...your journal of healing really touches me. I feel your writing. I know what you mean by earth angels...I've had them too...they live inside me of....they're the ones that have pushed me to live my best life. Tons of hugs to you...Stay strong....

  11. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. You do write in an interesting way. I'm glad you're sharing with us.

  12. Beautifully written post…No such thing as a chance encounter, every encounter has a purpose. I believe that everyone we encounter in life is there to teach us something, or we are there to teach them something.

  13. Ah...continued stories. Know that I (and I suspect many others) will be waiting to hear more. I love the whole idea of earth angels. Beautfully written.

  14. so enjoyed your story and your suspense ")
    grace & peace ~

  15. Great post. Great writing. Like so many others I will be waiting for the rest of the story. Thank you.

  16. Hi HHL,

    Thank you for sharing this candid, honest, and touching piece. I find it interesting that in the orbital rotation of life, people move in and out of our gravitational pull. Their impact on us at times is memorable.

    Blessings and peace.



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