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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ Dolce ~ A Winner ~ Upcoming Marc by Marc Jacobs Surprise ~

Dolce has recovered from his travels to Florida and
has been working very hard at catching up!
Look for his Florida trip adventures post this Friday!!!

Congratulations  Pink Maple

You are the winner of the cookbook
IN GREAT TASTE, by Evelyn H. Lauder

Please email me your mailing address and I will get this off you.


How great is this bag? Limited edition, was available only through
Holt Renfrew ~ My favourite store!!!
I made sure to reserve 3,
one for me, one for a special friend
and yes... one to giveaway to a lucky BlogFriend...

The lucky winner of this upcoming giveaway will be one of the few
who will actually have this great bag!!!

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE
I will ship to anywhere in the world!!!

The Giveaway post will be happening soon ...
so visit often and don't miss this fabulous giveaway!!!


Thank you to everyone who has signed up to participate in the


If you haven't signed up yet click here
to learn how you can be matched with a BlogLand Pen Pal!!!



  1. Dolce is sooooooo cute. Lily wants to be his penpal.;-)

  2. Dolce looks so cute...and very capable at the computer too! Miss Daisy would love to get together for a play date. Wish we lived close enough for that to happen.


  3. That picture of Dolce is absolutely adorable!

  4. So excited to receive the book! Thank you again for hosting such a lovely giveaway! I will email you with my address right now.

    p.s. what a cute pic of Dolce!

  5. I bet Dolce can create a nicer blog than I can:) He is wicked cute. I love your penpal idea. Letter writing is very important. I have 3 good friends whom live across the country. I try to write to them at least twice a month. Sometimes its hard to keep up with, but very worth it when you get that all important pretty envelope in your mailbox. Have a fantastic day - mine is over already - parent /teacher conferences (translated to - kids are off from school:(

  6. Wow what a sweetie and talented too.....maybe I could train the dog I'm looking after in France to type my blog for me....or better still the last few chapters of my book.

  7. Looks like you all had a great time in Florida!
    Such talent at your house too!!

  8. Cool giveaway - can't wait to hear more about it. Looking forward to the Florida pics!

  9. Looking forward to hearing about the Florida expedition! Has anyone ever told you that Dolce is incredibly adorable?!?!?!? My two little female doxies would just smooch him up!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. Your Dolce is sooo sweet! My kitties are London and Paris...think they are spoiled?
    (London sleeps in a bassinet)
    --Lee Ann

  11. Ooo, I love doggy-on-laptop photos! So cute!

  12. I love the photo of Dolce - adorable. Life really is so much fuller and lovely with our four-legged companions. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  13. Congrats to the winner!! How cute is Dolce? Love it!! xo

  14. You spoil us with your giveaways!! Congratulations to the winner!

  15. I am looking forward to reading all about Dolce's Florida adventures.

    Congrats to Pink Maple!

    ~ Tracy

  16. That is the cutest picture of Dolce and I love the idea of a blog pen pal. Thanks for the info.

  17. Hust discovered your blog - and the title made me smile: see my blog www.gardeninginhighheels.blogspot.com (though I think you would prefer my other one, "www.youarewittyandpretty.blogspot.com" I will follow you.
    Cute dog! Britta

  18. Dolce is too cute at the computer! Hope you are enjoying Autumn!


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