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Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Year Resolutions ~ how are you doing?

We all make them and most of the time some of us will forget what we set out as our resolution(s) or remember but took not steps/action to achieve. Well as the clock nearer the midnight hour on December 31st, 2009, friends and I made lists of our resolutions for 2010. I posted my on my tack board and may have looked at it once or twice since.

The fact that it is written and had been carefully tacked up means that they are there to be verified as achieved or not. I thought I would share a few and let you know how I’m doing.

1) Find the strength to admit I need more help than I let on. An agree to get extra help, so that Mr. G.’s role is more of partner than care provider.

- I finally admitted YES… I need more help and we have been working on getting someone in to take over some of the tasks Mr. G has been helping with.

2) Eat healthy and maintain a fitness program.

- well the year did not start out too good nor did it get better. My lack of energy really made this a tough one. I’m happy to say for the past 7 weeks I have maintained a fitness program of weekly yoga class, personal trainer at gym, reiki and reflexology and have recently added meditation. Also I have turned to a nutritionist for some help in the eating area.

3) To stay away from negativity both people and situations.

- so far so good. I try to surround myself with only positive people.

4) Travel to Tuscany, Paris and New York.

- made to Paris … but the year is not over yet..

5) Learn to accept my limitations since accident, focus on What I Can Do! Not let what I can longer do easily or without consequences (i.e. over doing it).

- This is a work in progress but I feel I’m doing much better at learning to pace myself.

6) Enjoy life ~ live in the moment. Slowly start putting my thoughts together to write a book, practice my writing.

- A work in progress. I do try to live in the moment and if anyone knows that we ALL do come with an expiration date ~ I certainly do. I started blogging to practice my writing and grammar skills. Slowly working on book as energy allows.

Do you make resolutions?

How have you been doing this year?

Have you started to think about 2011
and what you will try to achieve?


  1. This was an encouraging post for me...and confirmed my post today...I need to get back on track.

    Yea! for all you have done this year..that is so awesome...and even a trip in the middle.

    Enjoy the rest of your year and may you cross off more of your resolutions.

    I am now going to check on where I am with my resolutions.

  2. Good for you for doing all that you've accomplished.

    Me? Of course, like 90something% of the population resolved to get in better shape and eat healthier. And, like the majority, I have failed. Every night when I get in bed I think "I've done it again! Ate the wrong things and didn't do certain things I should have!". There's always a tomorrow.

    I hope you'll do a post on the things you're learning from your nutritionist.

    Happy weekend hugs,

  3. I write goals at the start of the year - I use Tony Robbin's method for using the right language to help make them become a reality.

    I know you have come a long way even just sing I met you!

  4. I love your resolutions .. I have long since stopped making them as I seem to make them every week LOL
    It was always "Stop smoking" and now that it has been six years along .. I have succeeded ..
    But I may make a few plans this year
    Wishing you a lovely weekend xx

  5. You are accomplishing so much day by day. I don't make one list of goals, but my notepads are full of things to do and I love crossing them off. I often ask God "what do you want me to do today?", and listen for guidance.

  6. Well done you! You have much to be proud of and still time to move towards your goals before New Years arrives. I didn't set resolutions but yesterday I started to think about all that I achieved this year and it is enough to make me feel like 2010 is a year to be proud of---and there are 3 months left. That'll give me time to get to my goal weigh. Woohoo!:-)

  7. a few hours ago i was just thinking how many of my 2010 new year resolutions have i kept so far... i'm ashamed but i must say i haven't kept any..:)

  8. You are my favorite source of inspritation. I need to review my resoulations.

  9. Oh girlfriend, I can't tell you how many times I have popped into you blog and been so inspired by your words! You always seems to strike a chord with your beautiful prose and thought provoking posts'!
    Thank you again dear friend!,

  10. Living in the moment certainly makes a difference. Ive found blogging has really helped that. Fiona


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